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Neglect's Revenge: Part Four

by ewagon


Their owner was acting insane; she was unable to think or function once the two days promised were up. Something had happened to Innocenza, and Vendette was gone too. Nothing else could go wrong. She stayed in her room, hardly eating as she waited for her pets to return. She was so sorrowful that she had lost the will to even stand and walk downstairs unless it was absolutely and completely unavoidable.

      When Innocenza finally woke, her head was pounding as if she had been knocked over the head a few times. While she tried to orient herself with what was going on and where she was, she remembered bits and pieces of her day. When she was going to the bank, and that little Aisha. It had obviously been painted baby, as it was no fool. It must have been part of a plan, but who would want to kidnap her? Other than Vendette, she didn't know.


      As Edna equipped Vendette, she also searched through her recipe books until she found the one she wanted. She found it and called Vendette to her.

      "The last time you went into the pot you came out Darigan. Now you will go in there as you are and emerge with as much protection as I can make for you. Will you take the risk?"

      Vendette thought about that, pondering the potential consequences. "I have to save my sister, and I can't do it alone. I need your help."

      Vendette stepped into the pot, unsure of what to expect. When he finally came out, he didn't feel any different.

      "So what was it you did to me?"

      Edna responded simply, "Everything that I could." Edna chuckled then added, "It's some added defense and attack power. I'm not sure how much, but it should be enough to make a difference. I also have a few more weapons that I haven't shown to you. They were too expensive to throw in with all of the junk items. I'll be right back."

      Edna hurried off into one of the long corridors and returned about ten minutes later carrying a huge box filled to the brim with weapons that Vendette had only dreamt about.

      "Where did you get all those?"

      "It's irrelevant, and a long story. The point is that these will be the only weapons you need. Take all that you can carry."

      The box in front of Vendette was filled with a Ghostkersword, a Ghostkershield, a Ghostkerbomb, H4000 Helmet, Faerie Slingshot, Jade Scorchstone, Super Attack Pea, and a Pirate Captains Cutlass. Those were the Battledome weapons he had wished daily to own. Now they were basically his, at least to use for the time being.

      "These are yours now and you know it. I have no use for them. Now get out of here and go save your sister!"

      "As you say, miss Edna boss ma'am sir."

      Edna rolled her eyes and said, "I'll live without your humor, now get out of here!"

      Edna could hear Vendette as he ran off laughing, due to his nervousness, towards the Deserted Fairground.


      Jhudora walked into Innocenza's room in the dead of night as Innocenza was waking. "I see that you're finally waking up. An odd time to do so, but it's of no matter. You are the missing piece of the puzzle. Well, you're one of them. Your brother is the other one. Get up, we're going to the Deserted Fairground."

      Innocenza just stared at Jhudora with eyes filled with fear and worry. This was no nightmare, this was worse. It was real.

      Innocenza stuttered before Jhudora, "Wh-what are you ta-talk-talking about?"

      Jhudora rolled her eyes, "It doesn't matter to you. In fact, I'm almost doing something nice for you." There was an evil light in Jhudora's eyes as she added, "Almost."

      Innocenza knew better than to ask again and didn't struggle as Jhudora chained her to their transporting cloud. Apparently Jhudora was planning one heck of an entrance and she wanted to be waiting somewhere for someone. Usually she just transported herself there instantly. Now she was sitting on a cloud with different shades of purple.


      When Vendette got closer to the Deserted Fairground, he started shaking slightly. He knew he was strong and had some amazing weapons, but he didn't know what he would be up against.

      When he finally made it there, he lightly sighed in relief. All he saw was a Grarrl and a baby Aisha. This should be easy. Then, as he approached them, about to ask them what they wanted from him, Jhudora materialized right before his eyes. Chained to the cloud that was under Jhudora was Innocenza, looking both frightened and bewildered.

      Jhudora approached Vendette while she started to quote from her book, "Neglect to one pet and attention to another. A fierce warrior and a helpless child. The Kougra and Aisha shall meet and become one. The scarred one would scar even a sibling to receive riches and wealth. Of Darigan and Royal blood the breeds shall unite, to form one with only one master, the one who unites them."

      Jhudora rolled her eyes when she saw the confused looks on the pets' faces. She thought that even a mere pet would be able to understand it.

      "For those of you weak minded enough to not understand that, it means that through this little family reunion, I'll be more powerful and royalty and Darigan together. You two have been a great help."

      Jhudora decided that to test out her power, she would create a storm all over Neopia. It wasn't anything fancy or extravagant, just enough to see how much more powerful she had become. However, her storm was hardly enough to go over the Haunted Woods; it certainly wasn't enough to go over Neopia.

      Jhudora muttered to herself, "I don't see where it went wrong, I didn't everything I was supposed to… Oh, I see. Vendette hasn't scarred Innocenza for a price. Well, I know how to fix that."

      Jhudora spoke to Vendette, soothingly, "Now I know that Innocenza is your sister and that you came here to save her, but if you scar her like you have been scarred, then I'll make it worth your while. How does a nice Battledome set sound?"

      Vendette was about to protest with all the strength that he had left, but he decided to play along with Jhudora until the time was right.

           Innocenza thought to herself, Vendette, don't do it. She's just using you, she's using us. Don't do it, it's not worth it. I don't care what happened in the past, you're still my brother!

      Vendette walked up to Jhudora and asked smoothly, "What are you suggesting?"

      "Well, I have this medallion that you could have. I'm wearing it now. It's not like I don't have others. I also have some Battledome weapons that I'm sure you'd love."

      Vendette started fingering the necklace. "That would make a wonderful gift, and it looks marvelous on you."

      As Jhudora looked up just the slightest bit to appear humble and thank Vendette, he slashed her across the throat with the claw that had the ability to scar. He didn't want to hurt her, just scar her. It worked.

      Across Jhudora's throat a blue jagged line started to form. She was unable to speak clearly in her anger, but before she left she managed to gurgle, "You will pay for this, you insolent fools!"

      The Grarrl and Aisha vanished with Jhudora, leaving Innocenza and Vendette alone to talk things out, maturely, for the first time.


      Jhudora looked in a mirror. This jagged scar was hideous! That rotten Vendette would pay, but for the time being she had other matters to attend to. Jhudora Day or not this scar was irremovable… or was it? Jhudora disappeared to her hidden library and once again started fingering through books until she found the one she wanted. A Dark Faerie's Guide to Birthday Advantages.

      Jhudora started flipping through the chapters, faeries- annoying (light, air, earth, water, fire), some other useless chapters, then she found the one she wanted. It was titled: Scars and restraints.

      In there she saw exactly what she needed: a way to transfer the scar to an object, thus making the scar disappear but the object irremovable. Well, it was better to be unable to take off a necklace than to live with a bright blue jagged scar across her neck.

      So Jhudora read the words that the book said would work and she chose her necklace, not like she'd ever take it off anyway. Thus the scar disappeared and consumed the medallion and necklace as one.

      Before leaving her library Jhudora wrote in the cover of the book Neglect's Revenge. She vowed to always have revenge for what Vendette and Innocenza had done to her.

      "So she never told you about me?"

      "She couldn't, she missed you so much. She went out looking for you every day. It wasn't until I threatened to run away that she told me your story, but even then she didn't tell all of it to me. It hurt her because she knew that she was the cause, but she was afraid that I would think it was my fault. I don't think that it's anybody's fault per say. What happened happened, and there's nothing we can do about it. What do you say we go home and stay there?"

      Vendette smiled a smile full of pure and unaltered joy and pleasure, "Nothing would make me happier."

The End

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