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Allysialover and the Root Beer Barrels!

by allysiasrock


I looked throughout the shop. See, my owner had taken my brothers, my sister, and me all around to look for shops in the Marketplace. Of course, since we LIVE in Mystery Island, we went to the Mystery Island MarketPlace. This shop was pretty boring. It had had one of those cool banner things talking about how much cool stuff it had, like Bottled Faeries, Codestones, and Weapons. However, it seems the banner lied, because all I saw was tons of old rotten boots and some kind of gross-looking cheese. As I looked through the junk, I saw a bag, which seemed to just glow and shine. Maybe that was because it was near tons of dull, ugly boots, but I was interested anyway. I went over to the bag and picked it up. Inside the small bag were approximately ten little Root Beer Barrels. I stared at the Barrels, my mouth watering. I had always LOVED Root Beer Barrels, but I rarely got them. I ran up to my owner with the bag, jumping up and down. I begged for around five minutes before she told me to be quiet.

     "No, Allysialover, you can't have the Root Beer Barrels."

     "Why??? I NEVER get Root Beer Barrels!" I whined. Whining never does anything with my owner. Well, except make her angry.

     "Look at the price," she replied.

     I read the price tag, and saw it was only twenty neopoints.

     "What about the price?" I asked. Most Root Beer Barrels cost around one thousand.

     "Allysialover, it's twenty neopoints! We're saving up, remember?"

     "It's only twenty neopoints, though! Most cost one thousand, and if we're saving, then why are we shopping?" I told her. I should have kept quiet after she said no, but there are times when EVERY neopet doesn't think. Right?

     "ONLY twenty neopoints? If we spent twenty neopoints, that would be twenty less than we already have, and if we waste twenty neopoints EVERY day, we won't get to buy your Fire Paintbrush, now will we?" she told me. I could tell she was angry. I should have been quiet by now, but I guess my brain wasn't working right.

     "You didn't answer why we're shopping though. That's wasting neopoints too! Why waste one thousand on a dumb snow globe?!? You should spend the neopoints on food if you're going to shop! ESPECIALLY if it only costs twenty neopoints, and usually costs around one thousand, and is REALLY delicious!" I shouldn't have said that. NOW my owner, Allysiasrock, was REALLY mad. She doesn't like to be yelled at. No one does, but she especially hates it when her neopets yell at her.

     "WE AREN'T GETTING THE ROOT BEER BARRELS, AND THAT'S FINAL! Now when you get home, you're grounded for a week!" she screamed. See what I mean? Well, it's not like the shop had people in it, but she rarely screams at us. When we got home, I was sent to my room. I jumped onto my bed, and sighed. I guess I should introduce my family. My owner is Allysiasrock. My sister is Allysiagirl. My youngest brother is Allysiasrule. My other brother is Allysiasrock. Now, my brother and my owner have the same names, so we call my brother "Rock" so no one gets confused. Allysiagirl is kind of girly, and wants to be painted baby. Allysiasrule is normal and wants to be painted Mystery Island. "Rock" is normal too, I guess, and wants to be painted ghost. My name is Allysialover. I'm a girl, of course. I want to be a Battledome master, and I would LOVE to be painted FIRE! It makes Kougras cool looking, and it'll make me look fiercer than I look now. I should mention that my brothers, my sister, and I, are ALL Kougras. (Our owner LOVES Kougras.) Okay, now being grounded, I have nothing to say during that time, so I'll skip to AFTER that.

      Of course, after seeing those Root Beer Barrels, they filled my dreams. They had only been TWENTY neopoints!!!! A couple weeks went by, with me dreaming about them every day, and then one morning, my owner announced that she had to go to Faerieland to heal Allysiagirl, who had gotten hurt the day before. Since Allysiasrule and "Rock" had a couple hit points missing, she said they could come too. She told me she trusted me not to get in trouble and to watch the neohome while they were gone. After they left, I noticed that my owner had left some neopoints on the floor. I counted them, and it equaled… twenty neopoints! I suddenly had an idea. I remembered EXACTLY which shop had held the twenty neopoint Root Beer Barrels, and here I now had twenty neopoints. So, off I went to the Mystery Island Market Place…

      When I got there, I immediately went to the shop that held the delicious Barrels. I looked through the piles of trash that didn't matter, until finally I saw a bag that seemed to glow and shine. THE ROOT BEER BARRELS! I thought to myself. I then pictured myself eating them. Mmmmmmm… Root Beer Barrels...

      I picked up the bag, ran to the shopkeeper, and paid him the twenty neopoints. When I got home, I popped one into my mouth. It tasted SO good. I tried to eat it fast, because my owner and my siblings could have come home in a ny minute. Afte I DID finish the barrel, I hid it where I thought no one would find it. For a couple hours I waited, and then when they got home, I told them how nothing had happened and everything was fine. My owner looked so proud, I felt kind of bad for using the money. Well, actually, I felt REALLY bad.

     "Allysialover, as a reward for being so good, I'm giving you twenty neopoints to buy those Root Beer Barrels you wanted so bad. Hmm… that's strange, I left the neopoints RIGHT here before I left." She had walked over to the spot on the floor I had found the neopoints on. Oh no...

     I walked up to where I had hidden the Root Beer Barrels.

     "There's something I need to show you." I took out the candy and handed the bag to my owner.

     "I saw the money and remembered the where the shop was," I explained. My owner stared at the barrels in her hand for a minute, then told me how proud she was that I told the truth. At first I thought she'd let me keep the barrels, but then she told me that even though she was proud, she was disappointed, and then she told me I was grounded for a month, and then she shared the barrels with my brothers and sister. She didn't leave ME any. After I was done being grounded, she kept talking about how DELICIOUS they had been. The point to this story? Don't trust Root Beer Barrels. Their deliciousness will cause you to do crazy things to get them. Then, you'll get in trouble, and you'll most likely get grounded for a month. Believe me, being grounded for a month is EXTREMELY boring. So as I said, don't trust Root Beer Barrels.

The End

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