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Help Save Jolly Jugglers’ Sister

by aznchboi627


BREAKING NEWS!!! A mutant Chia, jealous of the Jolly Jugglers’ talents, has just kidnapped their sister. To save their sister, Jolly and Olly now must work together and make their way up a huge tree to the evil mutant Chia’s lair. Will they survive? The fate of their sister rests in your hands.

Welcome to the J.J.H.L (Jolly Jugglers’ Help Line). This is aznchboi627 speaking and I will be your guide for today. I am here to help you defeat the mutant Chia and save the Jolly Jugglers’ sister.


First, let’s start off with some few basic concepts. You need to learn how to play before you can defeat the mutant Chia.

In Jolly Jugglers, you play as the characters, Jolly and Olly. If you cannot tell them apart, Jolly is the green Chia and Olly is the purple Chia. The simple objective of the game is to climb the tree and save their sister. Use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. For jumping from one platform to another, use the up arrow key.

Along the way, you will encounter many enemies. Use the “X” key or the spacebar to shoot them down. Here is where you need to know if your active character is Jolly or Olly. An enemy can only be defeated by the Chia with the same colour. For example, a green slorg can only be defeated by Jolly, the green Chia. Olly can shot the green slorg twenty times, but the green slorg will not be defeated. To switch between Jolly and Olly, use the “Z” key. You cannot switch characters while the characters are jumping. If you do not know which one is your active character, look to the right. The picture of the active character, along with its stats, is shown.

Now, let’s talk about the stats on the right. At the top, it says which stage you are currently on. There are eight stages in the game, including the stage where you fight the mutant Chia.

Below the stage number is your score. I will talk about scoring later on in this guide.

Below the score are your lives. Unlike Chia Bombers II, if you die in a stage, your score will not reset to the score prior the current stage.

Below your lives are your character’s stats. Be aware that Jolly and Olly have separate stats.

The first item in the character’s stats is the ammo. This is very important. If a character runs out of ammo, that character cannot defeat any monsters of its kind. How do you get ammo? After defeating a monster, it will randomly drop an item. You collect items by running past them. Sometimes, the monster will drop ammo. The ammo looks like nine circles in a box. The colour of the circles determines if Jolly or Olly gets the ammo. Jolly can only pick up the green ammo, while Olly can only pick up the purple ammo. Each box replenishes five ammo.

Below the ammo count shows an ability that is currently boosted. After defeating a monster, it might drop an ability boost. There are three boosts: jump power, gun power and shield power. Be aware that an ability boost is not permanent. It lasts only a couple of seconds.

The first boost is jump power. This allows the character that retrieved it to jump higher. This makes jumping from one platform to another much easier. If a monster is above the active character, it can also cause the active character to hit the monster. This causes the active character to lose health.

The second boost is gun power. This allows the character that retrieved it to fire two ammo at once. Do not worry. It does not cause the ammo count to decrease twice as fast.

The third boost is shield power. This boost is probably the best. The character that retrieved it will temporarily be invincible. No monsters can hurt that character.

Below the ability that is currently boosted is the active character’s health. Remember that each character has its own health. If Jolly has 100% for health, it does not mean Olly has 100% for health. As stated earlier, if your character hits a monster, you lose health. Each time you each a monster, your character will lose 25%. There are no items that replenish health. Also, health does not replenish even if you beat a stage.

Where do you get items? After defeating a monster, it drops an item. In stage eight, items randomly fall on the middle platform. Here are items you can get in the game: ammo, fruit, ability boosts, or an extra life.

The Boss:

In stage eight, you will need to battle the mutant Chia. How should you defeat him? Remember, only the character that is the same colour as the mutant Chia can hurt him. When fighting the mutant Chia, make sure you are ALWAYS on the opposite side of the mutant Chia. For instance, if he is on the right, you are on the left.

The mutant Chia has only two attacks. He will either roll to the other side or shoot energy balls. When the mutant Chia rolls, you just have to jump on the platforms. The energy balls are a little trickier. The mutant Chia starts the attack by opening his mouth. This is a sign that you must get to safety. Where is safety? There are four platforms: the left, the right, and two in the middle. When the mutant Chia uses the energy balls attack, stand on the far end of either the left platform (if the mutant Chia is on the right) or right platform (if the mutant Chia is the on left). Do not get what I mean? For instance, the mutant Chia is on the right side of the screen. He opens his mouth. If you were paying attention to what I said earlier, you should be on the left side already. Since you are on the left side, go to the far end of the left platform. Do not fall off the platform though because you will get hurt. You cannot be on the far right because this attack will still hit you. Got it?


How do you get points in the game? Here is how you get points.

Defeating an enemy (a slorg, a tenna or a draconack): +2

Pink Fruit: +5

Orange Fruit: +10

Blue Fruit: +15

White Fruit: +20

Hitting the mutant Chia: +1

Beating the Game (that is saving their sister): +200


1. Always defeat enemies. In rare occasions, enemies can drop really good items. Even if the item the monster dropped is not good, you still get points for defeating it.

2. Remember who is your active character. At times, you might have only a second to defeat an enemy. If you have the wrong active character, you might lose health.

3. If one character is low in health, use the other character. Use only the character with the low health when you have to. If one character dies, you need to start the stage over again.

4. To me, jump power is not really good. With practice, big jumps can be made with ease. Jump power might cause you to lose health.

5. Use either the spacebar or the “X” key. Do not use both. If you use both, it will get confusing. I personally like the “X” key a little more.

6. PRACTICE!!!! This is not a game you can simply master. It takes a lot of time and patience. At first, it might seem easy, but it will get harder.

Thank you for calling J.J.H.L. I am aznchboi627 and I hope to serve you in the future again.

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