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Math In Neopia

by firefeather


Before you read this article, I just want to say a couple of things. This article is about math, so if you are young and do not know about multiplying and dividing, well, I’m sorry to say that this article is not for you, due to the multiple problem solving. However, you may get your parents to come and help you with the math problems.

If you like math, you’ll probably like this article. If not, well don’t stop reading now. I didn’t write this article to torture you, that’s your teacher’s job. Anyway, this article will show you how to figure out some math problems in Neopia. Many people have wondered when they will finally get 20 NP bank interest, how much they need to play a game to get 1000 NP, and many other problems. Before we start, grab a pen and a piece of paper, or a calculator, so that you can try some of these things out yourself. Well, here goes…


GAME ROOM- Playing a game? Trying to earn some neopoints? Well, we’ve all been there. But have you ever wondered just how long you need to play? Well now, with your best friend math, you won’t have to play any longer than you need to. With some basic dividing and multiplying, you can get the answer in seconds!

Let’s say you have a game that gives 100 NP for every 100 points. Well, this means that for every 100 points you score in the game, you get 100 neopoints that you can use and spend. Well, now that we have that cleared up, let’s get down to the math. This time, it’ll be 125 NP for every 100 NP scored.

The maximum you can get for a game is 1000 NP, so why play the game longer if you don’t have to (unless of course you are just playing the game for fun). So you need to do:

1000 (the max NP you can earn) divided by 125 (for every 100 NP scored). So 1000 divided by 125 is 8.

8 multiplied by 100 ( = 125 NP), so that then equals 800. That means to get 1000 NP, you score 800 points in the game. Understand? I’ll do 1 more example just in case, this time with a decimal.

120 for every 100 NP

1000 divided by 120 = 8.33…

8.33 multiplied by 100 = 833

When you reach 833 you will receive 1000 NP. Get it? Now try to do 150 for every 100 NP. What is your answer? Did you get 666? If not, look at the previous examples. If you did get it right, bravo! Give yourself a hand! Now you know when to stop playing and send score.

But some games, like Hannah and the Ice Caves, have 2 for every 100 NP. (I promise this is the LAST example… for games.)

2 for every 100 NP

1000 divided by 2 = 500

500 multiplied by 100 = 50,000

Therefore, it takes 50,000 points to equal 1k in the game Hannah and the Ice Caves.

Remember, you don’t HAVE to stop when you reach the score; you can just keep on playing for fun or because you want to get a high score! Well, now that you’ve mastered that, what now?


THE NATIONAL NEOPIAN BANK- Many people wonder just how that friendly little Skeith decides when to make your interest go up. Well, I have the solution, once again, from my friend math! This time, you will need to know some algebra, percent, multiplication, and division, and make sure you have a notepad handy.

In this equation x = the amount of neopoints you have in your bank. Let’s say you have 10k (10,000) NP in your bank, so x = 10,000. If you have 278,946, x = 278,946, get it?

Second of all, i = Interest Rate (i.e. for Super Gold Plus, Interest Rate = 7% per year). Remember that it’s a percent, so 7% = 0.07; you need to put it into a decimal. So if you have Super Gold Plus, i = 0.07. If you have Diamond Deposit, n = 0.09. Remember, ask an adult if you need some help. Okay, so here goes.

First do x multiplied by i. Then take that answer and divide it by 365 (the number of days in a year). That will give you your interest.

Now that you know how they do it, let’s try something out. This time, we’re going to try to figure out how many NP you need to have to get 60 NP interest per day on Diamond Deposit.

This time x equals the number of neopoints you need to have. There is no i.

60 NP (the interest you want to get) multiplied by 365 (the number of days in a year) divided by 0.09 (your interest rate). When you do all that, you’ll find that you need 24,333 NP to have 60 NP interest a day.

Wow. That was kind of hard! Hope you understood it all. If you don’t understand this, that’s okay, lots of people don’t. Just ask your parents or a friend that knows a lot about math.


Now, a GREAT game to test out your math skills would be MATHS NIGHTMARE. Basically, you play as a sleeping Aisha who has a big math test coming up. Well, math problems come down with Babaas, and you have to solve the problem before it reaches you. This is great for exercising your mental math, and if you are already good at math, you’ll have great fun playing this game! There are even different difficulties.

The easiest level is addition. This is basic math that you should have learned right when you started school. If you don’t know addition, it looks something like this…


+ 10


The second level is subtraction. You should have learned this when you learned addition. Subtraction is the opposite of addition, so it shouldn’t be too much harder…


- 10


The third level is multiplication. It is a bit harder than the other two…


x 2


The fourth and final way to do things is division. It is the opposite of multiplication…

You can write it like this…

10 = 2| 20

or like this (as a fraction)

20 = 10


The final level of the game is all of the four combined, so make sure you are very familiar with all four of the above. Hope you have lots of fun with this game!


Well, that’s all for my guide. I hope now you appreciate what all the different things math can do. Hope you liked my guide and goodbye! Also, thanks to loupdessteppes and cool_man168 for reading it over!

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