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Werelupes: What's Really Going On

by garousadako


Over the course of my stay here in Neopia, I've often enjoyed reading the Neopian Times with my werelupe, MasterKeiDor. And, more than once, this has ended up in him sighing and trudging off sadly to the bookstore, to find a less insulting tale. If you've ever had your pets' feelings hurt, then you know the pangs it causes, and you'd want it to stop too, wouldn't you?

In case I'm confusing you, let me explain. I've read a lot about werelupes, too many articles, stories, and propaganda shooting them down, making them look like mindless monsters. This simply isn't true. I'm here to state the truth about werelupes, and hopefully smash some rumors once and for all. I'm going to use MKD as an example for most of these; although results from various werelupes may vary, he considers himself of the most common garden variety of these creatures (meaning that he's your average neighborhood werelupe).

So, here are the top ten horrible, awful rumors I've heard about our friends, the werelupes!

Rumor One - Werelupes hunt people/neopets down and eat them.

MKD has never done anything of the sort, and neither have any of his werelupe friends. True, some villainous Lupes have in the past, and there may be feral packs... But this is true for any breed of neopet. I've also heard tales of rabid packs of Gelerts attacking innocent pets, therefore, this shouldn't be held against werelupes.

Rumor Two - Werelupes are slobbering, drooling monsters, incapable of normal intelligence or reasoning.

Definitely not true. MKD has read, to date, 57 books, and his statistics clearly state ULTIMATE GENIUS. He's actually teaching my buzz, Taliune, how to read. Werelupes are of course capable of intelligent speech and reasoning and are just as smart as any other pet is. We've spent hours at the book shop together before and believe me, he's not illiterate.

Rumor Three - Werelupes hunt in vicious packs, transformed by the full moon.

Not really. MKD's always a werelupe, not just under the full moon. I have seen werelupes who changed at certain times, and I believe the big difference is whether the pet was bitten into being one, or painted. The lovely fountain faerie gave MKD his coat, so kudos to her!

As for them hunting in packs - I have heard of werelupe packs; indeed, MKD's currently a part of one. But as for them hunting down other pets in packs, see rumor one. Lupe packs are a popular trend here in Neopia, and although I somewhat disagree with the idea of only one species of pet getting together to frolic, it gets him out of the library once in awhile.

Rumor Four - Werelupes are incapable of any emotion besides anger, rage, or hunger.

Are you joking? MKD loves his Anubis, his family, and reading. He also despises anything pumpkin flavored. He gets sad when it rains, and happy when it's sunny. He gets bored if he has nothing to read. Therefore, werelupes are capable of a wide variety of emotions.

Rumor Five - Werelupes have an insatiable hunger and will eat anything.

Nope. MKD is actually very picky, and gets full easily. He doesn't like fish or spicy foods. Skeiths and Grarrls, on the other hand, are ravenous eaters, and will consume anything you offer them, almost. Lupes are mostly omnivorous pets who enjoy the occasional Chia treat.

Rumor Six - Werelupes are single-minded beings. (They only want to hunt, only want to eat, etc.)

I almost shoed this in with number two, then I realized - there are many intelligent pets that are, sadly, single-minded. MKD has a mind for a lot of things, including playing the saxophone, gardening, and trying to keep Chubli's horrible, awful temper under control. He has hobbies just like other pets do and is a very active young Lupe.

Rumor Seven - Werelupes are only good for that spiffy avatar.

...What? No. Werelupes are as loving as any other pet, and don't deserve to be passed around to different owners simply so you can have a picture of one displayed when you say something through neomail or on the neo-boards. This is my least favorite belief among people, that certain pets - not just werelupes - are only good for the avatar they provide. Yes, it is a very nice avatar, but werelupes are also very nice pets!

Rumor Eight - Werelupes are natural-born powerhouses.

Okay, so this isn't really a bad rumor, but it's not that true, either. MKD has gotten his Kougra's share of beatings in the Battledome, and isn't the best sparring pet. True, many werelupes are built, but I've seen more muscle on some baby Wockies than MKD has. My other pets are much better suited to this rumor than my Lupe.

Rumor Nine - Werelupes bite pets and turn them into new werelupes.

As far as I can tell, no... Not for my pet, anyways, or seemingly any non-natural werelupe (morphed, painted, etc). MKD has bitten his brother DarkShadowDarigan countless times while they were horsing around, and DSD is still not a werelupe. So, if you're planning on trying to get a werelupe, having one munch on your Lupe is not the correct way, and may cause damage to your pet, as well as odd looks from the werelupe in question.

Rumor Ten - Werelupes capture/hunt/eat faeries.

I think this rumor was brought on by Balthazar, but it's still not true for most. Werelupes have the same chance of going into faerie-dealing as any other pet. MKD doesn't care for the tiny sprites, since when blessing him, they often have a harsh word, even though he's freeing them. I suppose he'd be sour if he was locked in a bottle and sold, too.

Hopefully, this has changed whatever bad feelings you had towards werelupes. They can be just as loving as any other pet and they make excellent guard Lupes when called upon, if treated correctly. These "monstrous" creatures can be among the sweetest of beings in Neopia, and I highly encourage spreading the word, or even adopting one yourself! Thanks for reading!

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