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The Kreludan Conspiracy: Part Five

by azellica


Irt twisted and pulled at the steel rope binding me, but it was no use. The rope had been tied in huge strong knots.

      "I can't get it, sir!" he whined. "And the handcuffs won't unlock unless there is a certain code."

      "You have to do it, soldier! The Boss will be here any moment, and when he comes this whole room will explode!"

      Irt tugged savagely at the rope and then fell over. "I'm sorry sir," he said with tears in is eyes. "It won't budge at all."

      Davra suddenly sat up. "Your name is Irt, isn't it?"

      "Yes, why?" the orange Grundo asked.

      "I know you!" she said excitedly. "I remember you. You were a member of my team during the Neopian wars! You saved my life once!"

      Irt looked at her for a moment and then smiled. "Lieutenant Davra? I didn't recognize you!"

      "I lost my memory, but I do know you. I'm so glad to see you again."

      I coughed gruffly. "It's nice that you two are friends," I said grumpily. "But I don't think I need to remind you that we are about to blow up. This isn't the time for reunions!"

      "Right." Irt continued to pull at the rope.

      "Irt, do you have an ionic beam with you?" Davra asked.

      "Of course I do," he answered. "Ionic beams are standard equipment."

      "Well then, use it to cut the rope. Turn the intensity up and carefully aim it at the steel."

      "Of course!" Irt exclaimed. "I should have thought of that before."

      "Did you just remember ion rays?" I asked Davra.

      "Yes, every time I see something I remember what it is now. Everything is coming back to me." She pointed at the boxes. "Those contain mining bombs that are used for creating controlled explosions in the rock. I just remembered that."

      "Well, good for you. I hope we can get out of here."

      Irt pulled out a tiny ray gun and slowly began to slice through the solid steel.


      "My watch!" he exclaimed. He turned off the ray and opened the mail on his computer.

      "This message is being broadcast to all residents of the Kreludan camp," the computer's voice said. "Dr. Sloth has arrived and is traveling to the construction site. All employees are asked to remain at the camp until further notice."

      I paled. "The Boss is coming now!"

      "Hurry, Irt!" Davra urged him on.

      Irt grabbed the ray again and sliced through the first bond. He pulled it away and then began to cut the next one. I felt my heart pounding in my ears. Any moment now the doctor could arrive. The second bond fell away. Irt grabbed the last one and pressed the ionic beam against it. I thought I heard the sound of a space ship landing outside somewhere. The third bond fell away and I sprang to my feet with my hands still tied in front of me.

      Irt helped Davra up and we ran as fast as we could from the room. We were making good progress when Irt suddenly tripped and fell onto a pile of rocks. His leg twisted under him.

      "Help me," he gasped. "My leg... I think it's broken."

      "Go on!" I told Davra, "Keep running, I'll help him."

      I tried to pull Irt to his feet, but my hands were tied in front to me. Davra stayed behind.

      "I won't leave you two alone," she said. She offered her bonded hands to Irt and he slowly and painfully hobbled onto one foot. I shuffled beside him and he leaned between Davra and me.

      "Hurry!" I cried.

      As fast as we could, we moved down the hallway leaving the room farther and farther behind. Irt was pretty much hanging between us. The exit came into view.

      There were lines and lines of soldiers blocking it.

      "Move!" Davra screamed at them. "The whole base is about to explode! Get out of the way!"

      "Freeze!" one of them demanded. "You're under arrest for treason!"

      We continued to hobble towards them as fast as we could. "Run!" I yelled hoarsely at them.

      "This is your last chance. Stop now or we'll open fire."

      At that moment Irt fainted and fell to the ground. Davra and I tried to pick him up, but our hands were cuffed in front of us. I grabbed one of his arms and Davra took his good leg. Together we stumbled towards the exit with Irt swinging between us.

      "Get out of the way!" I roared at the soldiers.

      They must have gotten the hint, because they began to retreat. The ground suddenly shook and I almost fell over.


      Somewhere behind us, the explosion went off. A ball of flame erupted behind me and the force of the blast knocked me off my feet. I let go of Irt and I found myself flying through the air. Suddenly the ground came up in front of me and I fell onto the dusty rock. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the Boss towering over me.

      "Commander Roack, you are under arrest until further notice. I have had reports of your treachery and I will deal with it most severely," he said coldly...


      ...I finished talking and looked up at the Boss. His face showed no trace of emotion. He surveyed me silently for a few minutes. I fidgeted uncomfortably in the metal chair. I had told him the truth, but would he believe me? Lieutenant Hwex had gone to a lot of detail in those false reports.

      I gulped nervously and tried to calm down, but my heart was pounding in my head. I felt terrible.

      At last Dr. Sloth spoke, "Well, Commander Roack, it would appear that I have misjudged you."

      "Y-you believe me, sir?" I was shaking.

      "I have heard a very similar report from Lieutenant Irt and Captain Davra. There is evidence to support your allegations against Lieutenant Hwex as well." He watched me closely. "You will be pleased to learn that I have arrested the former Lieutenant Hwex."

      I nodded with a feeling of relief slowly spreading over me.

      "Also," he continued, "I have ordered your release from prison."

      "T-thank you sir," I stuttered.

      The Boss pierced me with his cold red eyes. "You showed a great deal of bravery. When Lieutenant Irt fell, you went back to help him; you risked your own life to save his."

      "I felt that it was the right thing to do, sir," I mumbled.

      "I misjudged you, Commander. I didn't think you had the strength of will to do such a thing."

      I stared at my feet. I don't know why I stayed behind to help Irt. It wasn't something I'd normally do for a soldier.

      "I feel you deserve a promotion," the Boss said.

      "I-I'm already a Commander; that's the highest rank." I hoped he wouldn't think I was arguing, but it was true; I was at the top.

      "Do you think so?" Dr. Sloth asked in an amused voice.

      "Well, I suppose you could-"

      "I am making you admiral of my star fleet," he said simply.

      "Huh?" I trembled. Admiral? Me?

      "Yes, you're an Admiral now. Obviously you will receive a pay raise. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some important business to attend to. I will call for you later and we'll discuss a little ceremony for your achievements." He turned towards the computer monitors.

      I slowly stood up and left the office. I closed the heavy door softly behind me. I was an admiral. Before I could prevent it, I felt a grin spread across my face.

      "Did it go alright, sir?"

      I looked up and saw Irt and Davra standing in the hallway. Irt was leaning on a pair of crutches, but he was beaming.

      "I'm a lieutenant now, sir."

      "I heard." I smiled. "And you're a captain, Davra? Congratulations to both of you."

      "Thank you. I hear that you've been appointed to Admiral. That's quite an achievement."

      "I never expected it. I thought I was in a lot of trouble," I said slowly. "I was so surprised!"

      "Well," Davra said. "We were both interrogated after we returned to the space station. The Boss learned what had really happened. You didn't really think that he'd believe Hwex did you?"

      "No... I was just worried. For a while I thought I'd end up in prison... or worse." I shuddered.

      "We'd never let that happen, sir," Irt cried. "After all you did for us? I'd sooner shift the blame to myself than allow you to be punished for crime you never committed."

      I chuckled, "You always were an enthusiastic soldier, Irt. I am sorry for the way I might have treated you. I've learned a lot in the last few days."

      "It's alright, sir. You weren't ... that bad."

      Davra smiled. "I have my memory back now, and I seem to recall Admiral, that you were rather rude to everyone before."

      "I know." I frowned. "But I have gained respect for so many people now... especially you two. Thank-you."

The End

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