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The Kreludan Conspiracy: Part Four

by azellica


Davra and I were sitting across from each other on crates. I was trying to get her to recall what had happened to her.

      "All I remember is waking up and everything was dark. I couldn't remember who I was or where I was. I was terribly scared," Davra looked at me. "But the name Davra, that sounds familiar. It's as if I have heard it before."

      I nodded. "It sounds as if someone used a memory ray on you. Those are incredibly expensive though. I thought the only one in existence was at the space station. I wonder if there is one here somewhere. The Boss certainly wouldn't be too happy if he discovered that someone had secretly built one and was using it on his officers."

      "Who is the Boss?" Davra asked.

      "Dr. Sloth. He is a brilliant scientist and is the founder of Virtupets. You know, it is possible to restore someone's memory. When we get out of here I'll get you to the space station. I imagine with a few months of therapy you would remember everything."

      "I hope you're right," Davra said. "I am so confused right now. Have we met before?"

      "I've seen you in the past at a few meetings. Generally I don't associate with those of lower rank."

      Davra gave me a funny look. "Really? That seems a bit odd somehow. Why not?"

      "Because usually only the smartest, bravest, and strongest employees like me make it to be a commander. I don't see why I should talk to those who are less-"

      Suddenly all of the computer screens fixed to the walls lit up. A voice came over the base's intercom. "This message is being broadcast to the Kreludan construction camp and the Kreludan base."

      The computer screens flickered with an image of the Boss. He spoke extremely coldly. "I have reason to suspect that there is a conspiracy taking place on Kreludor. I will be arriving shortly with a squad of soldiers and we will be closing everything down until I get to the bottom of this. This is a measure that I didn't want to take, however, due to recent events, I feel it is necessary. All workers will return to the camp and wait for my arrival. Anyone who engages in any suspicious behavior will immediately be arrested. That is all."

      I was silent for a moment. Dr. Sloth was coming here. Did he really believe I was behind all of this, though? Davra was staring at the television screen.

      "That's the Boss?" she asked.

      "Yup," I said slowly. "If he's coming here, then we'll be free! I can explain what happened, glorify my bravery, and get a pay raise... maybe... he seems to think I've been causing problems. It was Hwex, though; I bet he's shifting the blame to me!"

      "What will happen to Hwex?"

      "I imagine it won't be very pleasant," I smiled.

      "That depends," said an extremely icy voice from behind me. "As far as the Boss is concerned, you have been causing all the problems."

      I spun around and saw Lieutenant Hwex standing behind me holding a huge blaster. Uh-oh.

      "I am impressed, Roack," he hissed softly. "I would have thought that you would've run off to one of the colonies. I see you've discovered Davra too. What a pity she doesn't remember anything."

      Davra stood up. "I know that you're an enemy and that's all that matters," she snarled.

      "Sit down Lieutenant," I told her. "That blaster is more than enough to put you out of action."

      "Very wise choice," Hwex said as Davra sank back onto the crate. "Now, it would appear that Dr. Sloth is going to pay us a little visit. He'll be here in less than an hour." I noticed that there were three Grundo workers standing behind Hwex also holding ray guns. "Now, as far as the Boss is concerned, Roack, it's you who is responsible for the little mishaps going on here."

      "You have nothing to prove that!" I said.

      "Actually I do." Hwex smiled. "The Boss has been waiting for a response from you for quite a while now. You never answered his message or gave him an indication that you were obeying his orders."

      "That's because you disabled my transmitter, and it still isn't enough evidence."

      "I know that," Hwex said. "So I got created some evidence. It looks exactly like you've been the one behind all of the sabotage that has taken place. I have all the false documents I need to frame you."

      "Why are you doing this?" I said angrily. "Just to see me get in trouble? Do you hate me or something?"

      "Actually, Commander, a while ago you spoke very rudely to me at a meeting and since then I have had a certain dislike for you. But really, you aren't a major part of my plan."

      "And what is that?" said Davra.

      "Do you really think I'd tell you?" Hwex's voice echoed with amusement. "You'll find out soon enough. Now, we have little time until the Boss arrives."

      He nodded to the workers behind him and they immediately began to open some of the crates behind them. They pulled out what appeared to be small flashing globes. I recognized them immediately as mining explosives. They placed them in small fragile cardboard boxes and they stacked these everywhere around the room.

      "That's about two hundred explosives," Hwex commented while flicking dust off of his blaster. "It should be more than enough to bring down this base."

      "Why do you want to destroy it?" Davra asked.

      Hwex looked at her with an expression of annoyance. "Do you think I want Sloth to succeed and control Kreludor? Of course not! I should be the one in command."

      "So all you want is power?" I said savagely. "Destroying the base won't get you it. Dr. Sloth will still rule all!"

      Hwex chuckled. "I intend to destroy the base and Sloth. And you as well." He smiled. "You aren't going to leave."

      Two of the construction workers came over and tied Davra and I back to back. I tried to struggle, but Hwex simply pointed the blaster straight in my face.

      "Don't move, Roack," he warned me. "I have no reason to keep you alive now, so just hold still."

      The Grundos placed magnetic handcuffs on my wrists and wrapped steel rope around me chest. I could barely move, let alone escape.

      Hwex grinned. "There is no way you're going to escape, Roack. This room has four tons of explosives in it." He pulled a control out of his pocket. "All I have to do is wait until Dr. Sloth arrives. Then I will inform him that you are holding Lieutenant Davra in here as a hostage. He'll come in to negotiate with you and BOOM! I will press the button."

      "You'll never succeed," I snarled. "Let me go, this is your last chance!"

      "Or what?" he sneered. "You certainly don't seem like you're in a position do to anything at the moment. Now, I'll leave you two here to wait patiently. I imagine the Boss will be here shortly. Until then, sit tight." He strolled away with his workers following faithfully behind him.

      "That little pile of sludge!" Davra cried from behind me. "How dare he do something like this!"

      I glanced around the room. Every few feet there was a cardboard box hiding explosives. I could hear the faint humming around the room. I sighed. "This is hopeless! There is no way to escape."

      Davra struggled against the bonds for a few moments and then gave up. "I wish I could remember everything," she said. "Maybe I used to know something that would help us."

      "I doubt it. I've been through the most vigorous Virtupets training and I never learned anything for a situation like this. The only possibility I can see is if we find a way to warn Dr. Sloth before he enters the room, but even that is impossible."

      "We can't give up yet, Commander!" Davra said. "As long as we're alive we can do something."

      "What?" I said quietly. "There is no way out of this. We're trapped."

      "I don't know, but we'll find a way. I am not going to die here!" Davra cried passionately. "I was trapped in that prison for months. I thought I would go crazy. It was always dark and I could barely move, but you freed me. I am so grateful, and I won't allow us to die as long as there is a chance of escape!"

      "There is no chance of escape."

      We were silent for a while. I was thinking about everything that had happened. Davra was right; we couldn't give up, but I couldn't see any way to escape. I couldn't move and the Boss would be arriving soon. Even if I did miraculously find a way to get free, Dr. Sloth believed I was the one behind the sabotage that had occurred. If I was lucky, I would be placed in jail, if not...

      "There's someone coming!" Davra exclaimed suddenly.

      Uh-oh. Fear seized me. What if it was the Boss? I was aware of the hundreds of explosives surrounding me; humming gently in their boxes. I tried to twist around to see of it was Sloth, but I was held too tightly by the ropes.

      "Who is it?" I cried.

      Suddenly Irt appeared in front of me carrying several bags of food and water. His eyes widened as he saw Davra and me tied up. He immediately dropped the load he was carrying and rushed over. "Sir!" he exclaimed. "What is going on?"

To be continued...

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