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50 Ways to Succeed in a Neopian Spelling Bee

by hamsterpassion123


Have you ever thought of your pet's knowledge of spelling all of the words in Neopia? Have you ever wondered what could possibly help you with helping them? Your Neopets are very important, and SO is their education! A spelling bee is perfect for a pet that is up to the challenge. Many pets today could have trouble with reading, SPELLING, confronting fears, self esteem, imagining people in their underwear, stage fright, and dressing right for events! A spelling bee will help your pets with ALL of these issues, but then you have one question. How on Neopia am I gonna do this??? That is EXACTLY why I am here to help you with your problems, as I have been in a spelling bee myself. (Didn't turn out so well…) I have been inspired to write this, so sit back and read all of the 50 ways that you could succeed in a spelling bee. (I mean your pet! That's right!) Note: These should really help! (Duh)

1. Be familiar with Neopian language. (Please don't spell the word "fairy!!!")

2. Read plenty of books to your Neopets. (No BABY books, really!)

3. Throw away ALL of the un-educational games in your pet's Neohome. You just hear your Neopets crying, can't you?

4. Ask to repeat the word in the event.

5. Ask the definition of the word in the bee.

6. Ask to put the word in a sentence that really explains the definition.

7. Try asking, "Can you spell the word for me?" (WARNING: This might not work!)

8. Get your pet to be a Quiguki boy or girl. (They seem responsible, don't they? Plus they are just soooo cute!)

9. Force them to practice their ABC's every day. (Do it in the childish song, it might actually work!)

10. Quiz them on the hard words. (Not anything TOO hard, OK? They're not rocket scientists!)

11. Make them stay up and study. (Torture may work, don't you think so?)

12. Offer treats or prizes if they study. (NO GLAMOUR NEGGS!)

13. Keep in mind to also reward them for actually having the gut, nerve, and geekyness in them to actually participate in a nerve-racking event such as one of these!

14. Push ups while spelling! Exercise may work! (This is not fully guaranteed!)

15. Scare all of the other Neopets not to participate, and spell the first word correctly!

16. Cheat and get a copy of the words.

17. Cheat and make the contestants laugh.

18. Cheat and make the contestants sneeze or forget what they're doing.

19. Feed everyone in the bee to eat a Glamour Negg painted in gold!!!


21. Let your Neopet speak their mind. LET THEM COMPLAIN!!!

22. Let them eat cake! (While they're studying, of course!)

23. Mmmm, brain food.


25. Remind them of the trophy! (Yes, the SHINY trophy.)

26. Get an earphone, a buddy (maybe a Meerca or a Cheat! player), the list for the spelling words in the competition, a microphone, and you're good to go!

27. (The trick is to keep it a secret [duh])

28. Sorry, but if you're a Grundo, go look for a miracle. (No offense, Grundos of Neopia!)

29. Stay in School!

30. Try to paint yourself Halloween to scare off the contestants. (Hey, did I mention that?)

31. Read Basic Spelling Songs (Those songs ought to get to your head, won't they???)

32. Keep notes and info in a spiffy little notebook full of tacky colours.

33. Paint yourself gray and tell the judges that you lost your mommy.

34. Your Warf ate your practice list!

35. Say you have mental problems.

36. Practice imagining that everyone is in their underwear.

37. Uhh, make sure that you can do this by telling everyone you're practicing with to pull down their trousers, pants, skirts… (The list goes on : ])

38. Practice talking in front of large crowds.

39. Check list: Recorder, spelling list, and a microphone. Record yourself spelling the words and go to sleep; listening to yourself.

40. Example: Speller: "Uhh, OK. Faerie. F-A-E-R-E-I?" Judge: "Sorry that is incorrect."

Speller: "Uhh, no it isn't?"

41. Stock up on Genius Neggs!

42. Befriend the Brain Tree! (Come ON! You can do it!)

43. Remember, it's only a competition. If you lose, YOU DIDN'T READ THIS ARTICLE!!!

44. Meditation will ALWAYS work, won't it?

45. …Just let the peace consume you…


47. Cover the contestants up in bees! It's a spelling BEE, now isn't it?

48. Just DON'T get your education in Meridell's potato fields…

49. Don't learn anything at a baby Neopet nursery either, just DON'T.

50. You get the main point, right? OK! Whatever, just study for a stinking spelling bee, will you???

Thus, with all of these resourceful tips, I'm guessing that you're going to do just fine. Just don't tell anyone the cheats… *Shifting Eyes.* Every single 50 of these tips are guaranteed (Mostly… Kind of… Not really…) to work, or your Neopoints back! If your pet uses these tips in a spelling bee, be prepared to bring in a SHINY trophy for your succeed. (What's with me, I really mean your PET!!!) In the spelling bee you and your pet encounter, they may have accomplished to learn a LOAD of words that nobody cares about to spell day and night, SPELLING in general, confronting their many fears, imagining people in their underwear and boxers, actual self esteem, stage fright, and actually dressing in something that isn't ugly or tacky for the spelling bee!!! You (Sheesh, I mean your PET) will have learned if they actually followed any of the instructions, and they will probably be successful later on! WARNING: These pets should NEVER participate in a spelling bee: Uni, Grundo, and Usuls.- Why you must ask? They are too distracted with other in things in the wonderful (yet small) world of Neopia! Good luck with any Neopian Spelling Bees that your pet may ever encounter in school!

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