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The Fallen Faerie

by rebornluthia


Years ago, I was a light faerie. I was not as powerful as Siyana, but still, I was almost as strong as the uber light faeries. My hair was golden like the other faeries, but I also had white streaks within my golden hair, which made me recognizable inside a group of other light faeries.

     I spent all my days in the library, helping the Faerie Librarian, Livena, to tidy up the place. One day, an air faerie knocked the front door.

     "Kaelie, Fyonia called you to come to her tower," the air faerie said after she entered the library, "Livena, need any help?"

     "Yes, help me clean up here, please. And there, please," Livena said as I left silently. I was a little scared when I remembered that the last time I visited Fyonia, she asked me to go on a trip to Tyrannia and those rude Grarrls nearly burned me.

     "I hope this time it will be a better place," I prayed silently as I reached the pink tower.

     Fyonia was a very powerful light faerie, though she liked pink over yellow. She was very kind, and she often visited Neopia to help the Neopians. She was one of the secret council of Queen Fyora, therefore Siyana and I needed to protect her as a close bodyguard.

     Her tower was painted in pink, and her books and furniture were all in bright blue or purple to match her favourite colors.

     I stepped into the room and surprised to see Siyana, the most powerful of all the light faeries. I exclaimed, "Siyana! Why are you here?"

     Siyana replied, "Miss Fyonia has to have a visit with Darigan, and she needs your and my help."

     I groaned, "Another visit? Oh, no!"

     "There are starving people in Darigan and Miss Fyonia wanted to save them," Siyana replied.

     "It's time, Siyana, Kaelie." Fyonia turned to us and interrupted our conversation, her pink eyes shining mysteriously. "Go now."

     Siyana and I went to the roof of the tower with Fyonia, held the hands of the uber faerie tightly, and fled into the sky. Siyana pointed to the dry land in the east and said, "There's Darigan."

     * * * * *

     As we landed in Darigan, we saw the starving people lying on the ground. They saw Fyonia and begged hoarsely.

     "Please help us, wise faeries! We are starving and we need your help!" a Darigan Korbat said with her son, also a Darigan Korbat, lying beside her. "The heir of Darigan can't die, or the whole place will become ruins!"

     Fyonia didn't speak. She rose up her arms and began to form a gold orb. Her pink eyes glowed and the orb started to spin. The orb shone in golden light and stayed on a column in the Darigan Castle. Plants began to grow and raindrops began falling from the sky. The Dariganians cried happily and rejoiced.

     "What a charming orb," I thought. I tried to touch the beautiful little orb but failed, due to the light faerie that stood next to me. I looked at her angrily and turned my head away.

     "What's your name, Darigan?" Fyonia asked the son who just stood up.

     "Arolden Darigan, mistress," the young Korbat replied.

     Fyonia said seriously, "Keep the orb away from the strangers and never touch its surface, okay?"

     Arolden nodded innocently.

     "Go now, Kaelie, don't look at it so greedily," Fyonia turned to me and said.

     * * * * *

     Since that visit, I locked myself in my room and thought about that golden orb. I really wished to own the orb. I fled secretly in the strongest daylight of the day, sneaking away to Darigan.

     The first time I came to Darigan myself, I wasn't even able to see the orb, but I told this to a Kyrii seer in Meridell.

     But the second time, I sneaked into the castle successfully.

     Arolden Darigan, now the Lord of Darigan Castle, was looking at the orb. As he walked away, I swooped down onto the orb and tried to touch it. As my fingers touched the smooth surface of the orb, suddenly, my power escaped from me.

     I gave a little scream and managed to leave the orb, but my hand was stuck to the orb. Quickly, the orb gained a lot of light and began to give stranger magic back to me. My wings turned purple and my eyes took on a darker shade of violet.

     "Oh," I whispered and looked at my new face. "What in the world am I, a dark faerie?" I touched the orb again, and I felt strange. A strong power indeed; Fyonia was not as weak as I thought in the past. It seemed that the orb had its own thoughts, so that it turned all the light to the darkness.

     The orb seemed whispering to me, "Use my power, mistress. I've turned you into a dark faerie and you can protect me and find more power to control, lady."

     I laughed softly and evilly. "Yes, power. I must gain more power," I murmured.

     * * * * *

     Since that day, I became a guardian of the orb, and I had witnessed a lot of things, like the renaming of Darigan Castle, which changed its name to Darigan Citadel, and the foolish people who kept trying to take away the orb. None of them got it. Taumik, a Gelert knight from the Lost Desert, became my helper after I defeated him with a nice storm.

     Later, a Skeith warrior from the Haunted Woods came. "Give me the orb," he said to Taumik. "It's useless to hide it here, you two. Give it to me so that I can make it useful."

     My eyes glowed as Taumik tried to distract the Skeith warrior. The sword of the Skeith contained light magic, a strong one. He had already trained his sword for the orb for about three months, I guessed.

     "Go die, you two!" he declared proudly and slashed towards me. I smiled softly and touched the sword. The flash of the sword vanished.

     Yemun looked frightened and Taumik had already pointed at his back already with his sword.

     "You forgot one thing, Yemun," I said as my new faerie wings bore the shape of the light faeries'. "You thought that I was a dark faerie from the time I existed? No. I was once a light faerie."

     Taumik said coldly, "Join us or die…warrior."

     Yemun's eyes lowered and knelt in front of us. He said, "I shall join you and protect the orb."

     * * * * *

     Some days after, the orb was brought away by a group of Meridellians when we were fighting another group of them. We followed them to Meridell Castle, which was poor and not as beautiful as Darigan. As we and the orb entered Meridell, the whole place began changing to a fertile and beautiful place.

     The orb seemed to whisper to us. "From now on, you are called the Three and you shall take away the power from here, and remember that if I am going to be destroyed, take all my power so that you won't be weak." We nodded and stood around the orb.

     I put my right hand onto the golden surface of the orb and whispered. "Give me one third of your energy, and then let me serve you forever." A sign of the treaty appeared on my hand. As well as Taumik and Yemun also touched their right hands on the orb and completed the agreement.

     We hid in the orb as the others came to it. That King of Meridell nearly fell before us, but a Lupe knight saved him by calling him away.

     We soon became bored of staying in Meridell. "Oh, why don't the Dariganians bring the orb home?" I asked. "Though their home was already high in the sky, they should fight and bring us back there!"

     Taumik watched the battles outside. "The Dariganians are fighting outside. They want to bring us back," he came back and whispered. Yemun took a little glimpse and nodded.

     After some extremely boring days, we came back to Darigan. We had a little party in the room for that. As we signed the treaty, the orb now refused to help any kingdoms now.

     * * * * *

     Lord Arolden Darigan observed the orb carefully after bringing it back. He still couldn't understand why the orb didn't bring the peaceful land back to Darigan. We waited quietly till he touched the orb. We were ready to mind control that lord.

     As Arolden Darigan nearly touched the orb…

     "Lord Darigan!" A voice arose that stopped Lord Darigan. We turned to the newcomer angrily and found that the newcomer was a Darigan Aisha. "Lord, General Galgarrath is back. I think you would like to see him." Lord Darigan left with him.

     I quietly came to the library and found the details about that Dariganian. Darrelen Elensar, the guard of Minion's armor room, had a wife called Wydura, and a daughter called Kari. My face twisted into an evil grin.

     Some days later, two Dariganians vanished forever in Darigan Citadel. Also, nobody noticed that a family disappeared from Darigan. Nobody noticed that there was a child missing. No one noticed that Darrelen, the loyal guard of Darigan, disappeared from his usual place.

     Days were passing, and we still couldn't control Darigan. We searched for the Darigan Aisha child left behind, but we couldn't find her either. The Dariganians lived in worry that Meridell would take away the orb, so they protected the Citadel well. But, the orb, as an illusion, slipped into Meridell accidentally in a battle. The real one remained in the citadel, actually. We did the trick to make the Dariganians angrier.

     Years passed, and we found the lost Dariganian at last. General Kass found the little Darigan Aisha in South Meridell and brought her back to Arolden Darigan. She would be a wonderful dancer, and maybe even, the fourth member of us.

     We had successfully controlled Arolden Darigan and made him turned into a monster by a little power of Yemun. He vanished in the hall of Darigan Citadel after a few days. We celebrated for that. Though the orb seemed to have broken, it had already given the power to us, that though now it vanished, we were still alive.

     Marvonold Kass became the newest lord of Darigan. We easily made him fall into the trick I made. He became greedy and tried to attack Meridell. We hoped he could do that. Hopefully, after Marvonold Kass ruled Neopia, we would overthrow him and rule the world.

     Kari Elensar was one of the steps to let Marvonold invade Meridell. She was controlled by a Ghost Aisha called Ireth Phylora Xinjie and became the Court Dancer. Morguss helped Ireth to change her outlook, to turn her to a Brown Aisha. Unfortunately, Lisha Borodere, that yellow Aisha with the red glasses, discovered the truth and removed the spell from Ireth. We didn't know what exactly happened about that case, but the truth was that we hadn't see Kari Elensar since that accident. Maybe she escaped to somewhere we didn't know.

     Marvonold Kass couldn't defeat the Meridellians that those soldiers of Meridell went onto the Citadel. Surprisingly, Arolden Darigan came back suddenly and destroyed the charm we gave Kass.

     Marvonold Kass lost the power we gave him. We never failed to guess what others did, and this time, we were not disappointed. We knew that he couldn't do the project, and we wouldn't expect that he could win. He was punished and would never appear again.

     We tried to control Arolden Darigan again but failed. He swore that he wouldn't need us anymore, and asked us to leave him. Anyway, after he gained power again, he might change and accepted us again.

     * * * * *

     We were so surprised to see that Kari Elensar had come back ages ago. That silly girl, she even didn't know that the Zafara Double Agent protected her secretly. That agent was suffering from a curse that she wouldn't remember her name forever.

     I remembered her name, though. She was once called Cinekasa Trufate. I taught a lady called Morguss Xinjie to do that curse, and it came out well.

     After two years, I was so sad to say that the double agent remembered her name and broke the curse. I screamed annoyingly and decided to find the Aisha in anger. The agent noticed the danger and warned the Elensar. I saw it on the roof.

     As we snuck to the room of the Elensar, she was called away by a Meridellian Seer who saved Sir Jeran's life, and was not punished by Yemun. I cursed the two girls angrily as I saw Kari left the Citadel.

     * * * * *

     Two years later, Kari Elensar went back to the Citadel with scars on her left eye. She quickly asked for the information about where we were and tried to find us. We observed her appearance and decided to go to the old hall where Arolden Darigan fell.

     Taumik asked me as we went to the old hall, "Do we still need her, Kaelie?"

     "Sure we do, Taumik. We need more power, and this Elensar and Cinekasa Trufate, that agent, can give us power once they join us," I snapped at the Gelert. "Don't you forget why we're finding her?" Taumik didn't reply. "Then go!"

     We waited in the old hall till the door opened and a Darigan Aisha went in, wearing a cold face at us. I spoke in a cold low voice, "You've grown, young Elensar, but you still can't beat us for revenge."

     "Join us and you can gain even more powerful power, girl," Yemun said in a ghost-like voice, trying to frighten the girl. "Join and rule Neopia with us."

     Kari Lacine Elensar simply laughed sharply. All in a sudden, her appearance began to change. Her light-brown hair turned into golden, and her eyes were burning from blue to red. The strangest thing was that, her hair floated in the air mysteriously.

     She held two short swords and said coldly, "I come to here because I seek for revenge on you!" Her swords glowed dangerously. "It will be the last moment of you all!"

     My eyes widened and remembered a paragraph I read when I was a light faerie: "Noya the Hidden Spirit, who only appears when the revenge is thinking very strong in someone's mind. She will disappear after the revenge is done. Once she affirms which person is she going to fight against, she will never give up. She often comes up with the shape of a Darigan Aisha with golden hair."

     "Noya?" I said surprisingly and saw the Aisha began a sword dance. "It's… the Dance... of Death? NOOO!"

     I quickly made a defense wall but failed to resist the power of the dance. The red sword burnt in fire while the blue sword froze the little swords Yemun threw to the Darigan Aisha.

     As the dance finished, Yemun and Taumik became a gem and a skeleton, respectively, and fell onto the ground and vanished. They never reappeared. I was clarified and became a light faerie again.

     Noya came out from Kari Elensar and was vanishing, and so was I. After Kari talked to Noya, she turned to me and was surprised to see me changing back to a light faerie.

     "Kari Elensar, thank you for releasing me," I said calmly, but tears already fell from my eyes. Faeries never cried except they were very unhappy or they were going to leave. "Kari, I must thank you a lot. If it's not you, I won't get away from that swamp of power." My body vanished quicker. I increased the speed of my speech. "I shall bless the Aisha before me: She will have my last wishes and she shall be blessed in the light..."

     I could see the bright light in the sky now. "Farewell, Kari Elensar," I said and vanished.

     Light shall live, and darkness shall hide. The last words I said to Kari. The light shall bless you and you won't be frightened from evil...

The End

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