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Pea Chia Survival Guide

by enigma97


Due to the increase of Fountain Faerie quests over the course of the Faerie Festival (of course I didn't get one!), I started noticing the increase of pea Chias. Made in hopes of getting the elusive Attack Pea avatar, these lil green darlings have been seen throughout Neopia. Having owned my own pea Chia for a few months now at this point, I began to wonder how these miniature Neopets have managed to survive the wilds of Neopia as long as they have. After all, can you think of anything smaller? While tucking Genovia in bed, I began to formulate a survival guide for pea Chias, so they can enjoy Neopia despite their ahem, tiny proportions. Hopefully the tips below will help your own pea Chia survive the wild world that awaits them!

Tip #1: Just because a Lupe won't eat peas does NOT mean it won't eat a pea Chia

Face it. Lupes LOVE to eat Chias. No matter HOW often that Lupe may balk at eating his peas and carrots does not guarantee he will shudder at the site of your pea Chia. Play it safe: No matter HOW nice the Lupe seems, don't trust it. Period. Even while they are looking squeamish and turning green themselves, the Lupe will have no qualms with eating your precious green pea. Sadly, a pea Chia is useless if it has become dinner.

Tip #2: About those Lupes…

Before adopting or creating that pea Chia, remember this. Just because your sweet, adorable, baby Lupe LOVES everyone, does NOT mean he will adore your new little bundle of pea joy. TRUST me on this one. Lupes and Chias are like oil and water when forced into close quarters together. You are better off looking for a nice, safe sibling. Maybe an Aisha or a Krawk. Neither of those breeds have been known to harbor ill-will against a Chia.

Tip #3: If you missed Rule #1- do NOT hide in the kitchen.

Many a pea Chia (and thornberry, lemon, and orange) have had near death experiences in the kitchen. All it takes is one absent minded owner *coughs* and a craving for pea soup to put your pea Chia's life in danger. Crispers, fruit bowls, and cupboards are ALL bad hiding places. (So is the Meridell Food Shop, but well, errrm...that's a different story). Hide in safe places: like your bedroom. Oh, and don't hide under a cushion. Can you say mushy pea?

Tip #4: Chose your petpet carefully.

Drackonacks, Pwerkos, and Tarmacs are bad. They eat anything they get their paws on. This could include your Chia. Faellies and Feloreenas are good choices. They can fly and act as a taxi service for your peas. If size is an issue (and ALL petpet's will be bigger then the pea), then try an abominable snowball. Let it sit in the sun for a few hours until it is the perfect size for your Chia! Speaking of petpet's, it may not be wise to let your Chia take its petpet to visit Turmaculus. As tiny as they are, the ever hungry Turmy may mistake your Chia for a midnight snack.

Tip #5: Battling? Chose the weapons carefully!

SOS and Jade SS are heavy. Sparkshooters and Basic Wooden Shields are not. It's rather difficult for a pet to fight when it can't even hold up its weapons. Oh, and did I mention that an awful lot of lupes fight? o_O

Tip #6: Speaking of battling…

Chia Flour is NOT a good thing. Pea Chia turns into a plain yellow Chia. Do you want that to happen? Oh, and did I mention Kacheek flour?

Reading and eating gourmet are much safer activities.

Tip #7: Taking a pea Chia restocking is NOT wise.

Restocking can be a traumatic experience for any pet, let alone one that can't even see above your shoe. Imagine all those owners and pets running around the stores trying to snap up bargains, while your pea Chia is trying to avoid being turned into a can of mushy peas. Not a pretty image, is it? Leave the restocking to your bigger pets (like say ohh.. a Darigan Skeith) and yourself.

Tip #8: While we are on the topic of mushy peas….

May I suggest you NOT send your pea Chia on the daily Tombola trip. One has to wonder how the Tombola Guy gets all the peas he uses in those cans of Musho Mushy Peas he passes out. It's a LONG trip to Meridell, the home of fresh peas and I doubt he can make that trip often as he is always guarding the Tombola game. So, he has to get them from somewhere. Meep.

Tip #9: WHATEVER you do…do NOT mention pea soup or fresh peas for dinner!

For some odd reason, this causes most pea Chias to cringe and ask for directions to the nearest pound. You may want to consider removing peas from the menu and adding carrots or asparagus. Hey, maybe remove veggies all together and serve cookies and ice cream every night! While it may not make your pets the healthiest, it will keep your pea from thinking it may be eating a cousin or getting traumatized by thinking it is next on the dinner plate!

Tip #10: Back to those Lupes…

Did I mention that many lupes have been petitioning TNT to add a pea flavored Lupe treat to the food shops? And carrot flavored, and tomato flavored, and orange flavored, and asparagus flavored…

Well, I hope this tips will be helpful; whether you own a pea Chia now or are considering getting one. Due to their tiny size, they do require more care then most other pets. (Don't forget to keep the floors free of obstacles like well ummm.. socks and colored pencils.) However, over time, you will be so used to catering to their needs, you'll have forgotten how frazzled you were in the beginning!

(Special thanks to fleecer for helping me cook err think up these tips!)

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