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The Symol Hole: What Lies Within

by freyaoe


The Symol Hole. It's a hole in the ground that supposedly has 'treasure' hidden inside its winding tunnels and rooms. But is there really anything down there? Maybe it's just a hole where Turmaculus stepped a little too harshly. Maybe it's a hole where a crater from Kreludor hit Meridell. Well you never know, but some people have been lucky in their quest of treasures hidden beneath the earth. Most come out disappointed, with a mere "(Your petpet) jumps out of the hole a few seconds later... Wasn't that fun? Maybe you can do the same tomorrow!"

Some people have the avatar, but exactly how did they get them? I asked a few people the following questions: "How did you get the avatar?" and "Do you consider your petpet talented or just lucky?" One person, dcat303, said, "Well, it was pure luck on my petpet's part. I got the avatar immediately, as soon as it came out in the news. All four of my pets have petpets and I don't remember which of them was the lucky one... it might have been my plushie harris, but I'm not certain." And blossom_16_10_1991 responded, "CANNONBALL!" and she said it was "a little bit of both" when asked if she considered her petpet lucky or just talented.

I've been after this treasure and avatar for a while now and I've decided to make this guide based on the most logical ways your petpet can get into the hole. (This may or may not increase or decrease your chances of getting anything (or avatar) out of the hole. :D)

Climb down slowly

Now, I think this is the best chance of you getting something out of the hole. If your petpet can climb down slowly, then he can look around all of the passageways and tunnels carefully as not to miss anything. But, alas, there is a downside to this choice. As the petpet slowly makes its way through the tunnel, your pet is left at the top, waiting and watching for their petpet to jump out of the hole. Waiting and watching. Watching and waiting. It may take as much as an hour, wandering through the tunnels looking for the treasure that so many know of but can never seem to grasp. This choice is also the best because all the others involve plunging into the darkness, and I suppose a sore rump or head after they finally hit the bottom. I give it a:

8 out of 10 This is probably your best choice.

Dive in with eyes open

Now logically, let's all think about this one. It's a tunnel. With ground at the bottom. This is pretty much jumping in head first, except your poor petpet has to have its eyes open throughout the whole process. The petpet now has to roam the tunnels with a sore head, and considering the circumstances, will probably not be successful in finding the treasure. This choice is however better than diving in with eyes closed, because if the treasure is right at the start of the hole, your petpet will not see it because his eyes were shut tight. This choice is okay, but it has a lot of downsides and consequences for your poor petpet. I give it a:

4 out of 10 This is one of the worst choices you can make, but not the worst.

Dive in with eyes closed

This choice is very odd. Very odd indeed. You see, like the previous choice, this involves plunging head first into a dark hole (with ground at the bottom) but also with your petpet's eyes closed. This choice is better for your petpet because this way they cannot see their impending doom. Think about it, as you jump into a dark hole, would you open or close your eyes? Yeah, I thought so. I'm sure you petpet feels the same, too. There really isn't a lot to say about this choice. I figure it's just an okay choice... painful, but okay. I give it a:

5 out of 10 Better than the previous choice but still a low success rate.


Once again, your poor petpet must suffer. Instead of the Symol Hole it should be the Torture the Petpet Hole. I'm sure when you tell your pet to tell its petpet to do a cannonball it will look at you very oddly, you know, with that look that says, "Are you crazy, woman/man?!" Tsk tsk. But the petpet does it anyway. So loyal. So calm. Whatever would we do without petpets? As your petpet hits the bottom, its poor rump will be sore for weeks! As your petpet crawls around looking for treasure, it will be rubbing its rump and not even thinking about the treasure. Poor petpets. It really makes you appreciate the fact that you are too big to fit inside the hole, doesn't it? I give it a:

4 out of 10 This is a just mean... why don't you cannonball off that cliff onto that cul-de-sac over there? Uh-huh. I thought so.


Just as bad of a choice as CANNONBALL!, a belly flop into the Torture the Petpet Hole is bound to stick in your petpet's brain for ever, haunting it in its life and dreams. How dare you even think about this. You poor petpet will probably get the life knocked out of him! This, I think, should require no further discussion. I mean it. I give it a:

3 out of 10 I thought I told you no further discussion!

So, as we all can see, indeed the best choice is to by far climb down slowly. Next time you visit the petpet hole, make sure your petpet climbs down slowly; it's the best choice. And if you are reading this, it must mean I made it into the Neopian Times! I'd just like to thank everyone who helped out and gave me input for this article! Thanks for reading :)

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