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Our Ooey Gooey Neopia

by purplepassiony2k


Imagine yourself walking into a place that is filled with the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked goods. And the toppings - oh, the array is endless. Mmmmm... You choose the stickiest, gooiest concoction and as you take your first bite with drizzle drips down the sides, your taste-buds explode, leaving you hungry for more! Does this sound good to you?

I hope so, because I felt our Neopian Times wouldn’t be the same without having some OOEY GOOEY tantalizing story! These amazing foods were driving me crazy so why not have some fun and write a story! I've done my research and I know writers have written about the Chocolate Ball, etc. but have you ever stopped to examine some of the other Neopia’s favorite forbidden [guilty] pleasures? Let’s face it, NEARLY HALF THE TIME people eat something to satisfy a craving, they're not hungry but can't resist certain foods, like pizza or chocolate and other comfort foods. Restocking at the Neopian Shops has me running for the kitchen cabinets every time!

Currently, I've counted over 100 tempting foods smothered with drippy toppings, and/or made with very messy fillings, and I decided to write up a piece showcasing what I feel are Neopia's top ultimate indulgence confections, but you don't have to worry, as my enticing story comes complete with drool-proof pages! So much so, if you have a sweet tooth, you'll notice I'm trying to use every word possible to make your mouth water while you read my story! Do you know how many words there are for "yummy"?! I'm sorry, I did warn you, right? I've even dedicated my delicious gallery to these unforgettable tantalizing ingredients, so feel free to go check it out while you read! [Mine, all mine!] All right, so it's not exactly diet food, but every once in a while you gotta indulge... don't you deserve a little reward for all your hard work?

It's no surprise to anyone who plays Neopets on a daily basis that Adam can't resist the soft ooey-gooey-ness of Cheesy and Chocolate Asparagus, but let me begin by telling you, I too have an obsession for the flavorful. Nothing makes me happier than imagining myself eating some of these ooey gooey sticky, messy foods. For the love of food, I don't want any 'boring' treats, because I think there is something very satisfying about drippy messy foods! How about rolling up your sleeves for some ooey, gooey fun? MMM imagine OOEY, STICKY melted CHOCOLATE drizzling over YUMMY GRAHAM CRACKER AND MARSHMALLOWS... OH MY! Please forgive me for being dramatic... the Faerie Fondant is my favorite item! *deep breath*. Let's continue, not forgetting to give a big shout out to the artists (you know who you are) who keep these heavenly items coming!

Let’s Take A Closer Look At What I Believe To Be The Top Luscious Indulgences!

*drumroll please*

1. FAERIE FONDANT: Perfect for those with a major sweet tooth! Just the simple gooey pleasures that a graham cracker, a chocolate bar, and a marshmallow smooshed together can bring. This is truly an old fashioned taste of goodness, but then again, they're sooo delicious you can't resist!! [OK-I can't resist!] Hehe.

2. CHOKATO VOLCANO: Your wish has been granted! This bite-size little creamy decadent 'jewel' is sinfully chocolatey! A breathtaking gooey creamy chokato centre, coated with a harder dark sumptuous chocolate shell. Yum! I recommend sharing them with a special someone, especially your neofriends.

3. PEPPERMINT MINCE PIE: I’ve NEVER tasted, (or even seen), a pie like it, the filling is exquisite! When you bite through the outer coating, it will unbelievably, make you feel like royalty! Savor the velvety smooth cool peppermint filling flavored with the purest oil of peppermint, but not too minty for an extra delicious experience!

4. CHOCOCHERRY SURPRISE: I can't stop staring at this treat since what's not to love with its creamy crunchy chocolatey delicacy? The top is loaded with delectable fruit, and incredible frosting is dripping down the sides; it’s just begging for you to stick your finger in it for a taste! I’ve never heard so many people say, "It’s too pretty to eat!"

5. CARAMEL MYNCI APPLE: Caramel and apple – the perfect pairing in one scrumptious dessert. Treat yourself right... this healthy apple is submerged in creamy smooth caramel and just melts in your mouth! A rich, classic taste without all the fuss! Imagine that!

6. SPICY SALSA JACKET POTATO: The delicious, familiar combination of potato covered in a wonderful blend of tangy, spicy salsa and finely chopped spices. Served with sour cream too. Or, you could always enjoy a topping of cheese and bacon (and lots of it). Thus, comfort food is food that makes you feel good, right?! Mmmm.

7. STRAWBERRY FAERIE SUNDAE: A scoop of colorful ice cream is an irresistible delight to linger over any time of the day. It always takes dessert to a whole new level and promises to keep your tastebuds tantalized. It doesn’t get any better than this. *Drip* ... Oops... *wipes drool off the keyboard* ;)

8. GRUISBERRY MUFFIN: It can get kinda messy, but who cares when it tastes that GOOD! This muffin is drenched with of a perfect blend of delicious pure bubbling…ummm…whatever the combination, it works well and tastes great…now if only someone would reveal the ingredients! *sigh*

9. ICED BOROVAN CAKE: What’s to explain? Adam looooooves to eat it and a slice partners fabulously with a cold glass of milk! Definitely a popular melt-in-your mouth dessert among brown-nosers! [Oops, that would be me too! LOL]

10. MEAT FEAST PIZZA BLOCK: Crave pizza? I adore it like none other! Oh, yum. Ah, the crispy crust, the sweet sauce bubbles through the mounds of melting, oozing cheese forming a perfectly delicious pizza making this a double decker taste sensation – now, that's fab-u-lous! Hold the anchovies!

11. CHOCOLATE CRACKER: This is a scrummy dessert you'll not easily forget as each delicious indulgence will bring a smile to more than just your Neopet. Who can resist the lovely surprise of the creamy center that will ooze out when you cut into the cracker? Perfect for after-dinner or any time you want!

12: STICKY STACK: The next time your stomach says "pancakes," why not think "Sticky Stack"? For a little extra ooey-gooey fun, this generous breakfast treat has layers of yumminess! You’ll find it hard to believe you’re not dreaming, so go ahead drown the pancakes in thick golden syrup! Buahaha!

While we are on the “it's all scrumptious” subject, these games also make me hungry! Now you know why I say OOEY GOOEY Neopia!

Attack of the Slorgs: Mmmm. Marrow…Chocolate Marrow Slice anyone?

Extreme Potato Counter: I’m thinking Buttered Jacket Potatoes!

Hasee Bounce: Hmm… got cheese for that Doughnutfruit?

Hungry Skeith: Who can resist the temptation of playing?

Ice Cream Machine: What’s your favorite ice cream and flavor bonus topping?

Lastly, my thoughts about messy foods and desserts! (Everyone's got an opinion right?)

1. Be honest! Who doesn't love desserts?

2. Have fun; eat only delightfully messy foods first!

3. Stressed spelled backwards = desserts. Coincidence? I think not!

4. The Obvious? Mmmm!!!

Am I missing something? Got a favorite? I'd love to hear 'em!

Well, with that said, have a tasty day! ;)


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