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Discovering Geraptiku: a Guide to the Lost City

by mazoku_kuiin


MYSTERY ISLAND - So, you still are looking for the perfect place to spend your next vacation. Maraqua is too wet, Roo Island is too playful and since you read about Qasala, you see swarms of undead monsters everywhere, even under your bed. Well, instead of going to a crowded place today, I’ll advice you to go to a place where there is no one to bother… well, anymore. I am talking of course, about the “Lost City” (Shouldn’t we say the Found City?) of Geraptiku.

Chapter I: What is Geraptiku

Located in north Mystery Island, Geraptiku was discovered by a team of archaeologists led by the eccentric Professor Edmund Glockyrii. According to the stone tablets and clay objects recently found, the city was actually quite prosperous around 400 years ago.

Geraptiku was founded by tribes of reptilian Neopets, namely Techos and Krawks. As you know, the southern Mystery Island climate is quite hot, therefore making it difficult for lizard Neopets to live during summer. Therefore, some of these went north to establish the bases of the Geraptikuan civilisation.

There were three tribes in this city. The dominating and most numerous one was the Tikuan tribe. (According to studies, Geraptiku would mean, “City of the Tikuans.”) This tribe was formed of peaceful Techos, whose alimentation was based on fishing and hunting small petpets. There was a single leader, who was selected by wit, rather than strength. The leader chose five co-leaders to create a council, to help him or her (Females could also be leaders) make the important decisions.

The second clan came from Krawk Island during the first Red Pirate Wars. These were mostly renegades from the Red Pirate clan, which was disbanded by Captain Escobar, nearly 400 years ago. These pirates were more into commerce than the Tikuans. They did trades. Not only did they invent the concept of the trading post, they also invented what we call restocking today, with their food and weapon fairs. Tikuans and Renegade Reds were getting along very well; in fact, most of the documents written about Geraptiku were written by pirates.

Finally, let’s talk about the Clan of Ka. Unlike the peaceful Tikuan Techos or the scurvy Krawks, these guys were not friendly. These nomads were rather prone to thievery, kidnappings and violence. Many of the conflicts in the City of Geraptiku happened because the Kaans disagreed with the way of business of the Renegade Reds.

Chapter II: What happened to Geraptiku

No one is really sure about what happened in Geraptiku. However, the most popular theory would be the presence of a violent, yet short, war between the Renegade Reds and the Kaans. Around one hundred years ago, the Kaans started to pillage everything smuggled by the Renegade Reds. One night, some of the sneaky pirates decided to seal off the caves and other lairs of the neighbouring Kaans with rocks, leading to the disparition of this tribe.

Of course, the Kaans being nomads, some of them were not trapped alive in the caves. Therefore, during six months, the remaining Kaans not only destroyed the crops and the houses from the Tikuans and Renegade Reds, but also poisoned the water and burnt the forests near Geraptiku. The Renegade Reds fought bravely to defend their commercial partner, but alas, they all died during the fight. Therefore, the Tikuans decided to go back to the south to be under the protection of Jhuidah, faerie of Mystery Island. They managed to escape the wrath of the Kaans. (No bad science fiction pun here. At least, not on purpose.)

Chapter III: What can you do in Geraptiku

Even though there are no inhabitants in Geraptiku, there is plenty to do there. First, the work team of Professor Glockyrii managed to open a temple, used by Kaans to worship a yet-unknown faerie. Many Kaans were trapped alive in the temple, known as the Geraptiku Deserted Tomb. This tomb also hides the precious loot the Kaans stole from the Renegade Reds many centuries ago. However, and be warned, the Kaans managed to put quite a few traps to protect their lair, including numerous curses and flying arrows.

You can also try to see rare Geraptiku petpets, namely the Lizark, which is rumoured to be a cursed form of the remaining Kaans, the Tekkal, a living representation of a prophecy plate used by Tikuan shamans, the Chuchuanas, who lives in gloomy caves, using their glowing eyes as only source of light to see their surroundings.

You can also see the shy little Mimbi, a quiet herbivore petpet, used to eat poisonous plants by the Tikuans, the Quetzal, which was brought as a pet by the Kaans and can fly, swim and slither on the ground, and the Tapira, used by the Renegade Reds to get rid of the colonies of Veespas and Moaches that were in their territory.

Ornithologists might appreciate seeing the rare Tuceets, Fleepers and Ponkas in their native territory. Finally, if you go north-west enough, you can see the small, yet dangerous Crocalus swamps, infested with those little nippers.

Chapter IV: In conclusion

Even though the city of Geraptiku is, in theory, totally inhabited, you shouldn’t have to deal with etiquette issues. However, carefulness isn’t uselessness in Geraptiku. First, some toxic weeds, which can cause Itchies Scratchies, are common, namely near the Deserted Tomb.

Then, when you are exploring in the Deserted Tomb, always watch out for traps, dangerous petpets and/or petpetpets, always take note of where you are, and never panic. Rumors say than giant ghosts of undead Kaans are slithering around the tomb. Never eat anything that was left in the sun too long. Any food labelled “Best before January 135 BN” is therefore inedible. Taking risks is fine; however, don’t try to impress your friends by eating.

Finally, before leaving for Geraptiku, always check if you were given all the injections to avoid tropical illnesses, such as Meercalaria, the Sloth Illness, usually given by evil mutated Mozitos and the Mad Lenny fever.

A question remains about Geraptiku. If the three tribes living in the limits of the city were proven un-cannibalistic, what do all these skulls come from?

Always watch where you put your feet and “bon voyage”!

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