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The Werelupe Saga, Chapter 1: Part One

by neojolteon2


I sighed as I stepped out of my shop and locked the door. It was another uneventful day with few sells. I began walking down the street looking up at the moon. It was a crescent moon at the moment. Barely any light coming from it. I sighed and continued walking into the night. Usually I would be on my toes in case some renegade neopet or the Pant Devil attacked me. But that was the old me. Now, I was the one to be feared at night.

      I turned a corner and was suddenly grabbed by a disgusting paw. It pulled me back into an alley and into the shadows.

      "Okay buddy. Hand over all of you Neopoints and I'll let you live," a mutant Lupe held a rusty and half broken iron Lupe sword at my throat.

      "I don't have any," I protested calmly, shoving his paw away with my muzzle. It was a lie of course. I always carried an extra two hundred Neopoints with me just in case.

      "You lie, Lupe! Now give me something!" He shoved the sword closer.

      "Oh, I'll give you something. Like the fright of your life!" I growled menacingly already allowing my change to occur. My muscles began to bulge, my fur turning from orange to a deep brown. My fangs lengthen and my ears and tail became longer. My grow deepened as a grew a foot or so in size. The Mutant Lupe released me right away seeing the transformation take place. I could smell his fear and terror as my senses enhanced. I turned and faced him, giving off a deep and menacing growl. The mutant Lupe's eye's opened wide as he turned and ran down the street yelping, "Monster!"

      I chuckled to myself and concentrated on turning back to my original self. I was finally getting the hand of the transformation. I could transform at will whenever I wanted to. During a full moon though, I was forced to change, but I could keep control of my Werelupe self and not have to worry about hurting anyone.

      I continued down the street heading home. It took awhile until that Lupe's words came back to me, "monster".

      It struck me hard. If anyone other than my friends knew about my curse, I would be hunted down like in the old days. I was something to be feared and untrusted. I began to remember when I had first transformed. I had almost killed my brother and my friends because I had no control over myself. I was bitten by Sinac Supul, another Werelupe who passed the curse on to me.

      I turned my head and looked at myself in a display window. Was I a monster? Couldn't I still be considered a normal Lupe? I had never tried to hurt anyone or kill for pleasure. Didn't that count for something?


      I then realized that my image was snarling at me. My muzzle curled back baring my teeth in a wicked looking smile. I blinked in surprise and it was back to normal. I tested myself out by moving my head from side to side and watched my double do the same. I shrugged, thinking of it as a trick from my imagination, and continued home.

      I woke up the next morning with my paw draped over the side of my bed and the covers kicked half way down my body. My nose already detected breakfast being cooked in the kitchen. I yawned and stretched in my bed, flexing my claws, and hopped out. I opened the door and padded down the hall to the kitchen where my brother Maylas, a starry Draik, was making bacon and eggs. He turned around with a plate filled with a huge stack of bacon.

      "Morning Colbolt. You know you forgot to take the garbage out last night when you came home," he said setting the bacon down in front of me.

      "I was tired. I really got bored at the shop. And after some thief trying to mug me, I-"

      "What!? Someone tried to mug you? Did you hurt them? Did they hurt you?" Maylas quickly cut me off.

      "I didn't touch him!" I roared back quickly. Maylas stepped back in fright. I could feel my fangs starting to lengthen as the transformation started to take place. I quickly placed a paw over my face and relaxed, forcing the transformation back.

      "I'm sorry Maylas. I'm tired. And what that thug called me is still going through my mind. A monster. Am I really a monster Maylas?" I said not removing my paw.

      "Of course not, Colbolt. You haven't done anything to prove yourself a monster. You've helped Neopets rather than hurt them," he encouraged. I sighed in agreement and picked up a piece of bacon. I began to chew on it slowly. Then I looked up at the clock and saw it was 11:12 a.m. I would open the shop at Noon. I grabbed a few more pieces of bacon and headed out.

      "You're leaving early?" Maylas asked half way through his egg sandwich.

      "I think I'll get there early and do some inventory," I replied heading out.

      "Wait up, I'll come and help," Maylas dropped his sandwich and followed.

      It was only a fifteen minute walk to my shop from the house. It was in Neopia city right on the outskirts. It got some business, but nothing like the toy shop or the Battledome shops. But it at least kept Maylas and I fed.

      As we passed a water fountain in the city, there was a yellow Eyrie standing on a soap box preaching to Neopets that stopped and listened, or walked by.

      "I tell you my friends! They are here! They are around us! Living with us, pretending to be our friends! Werelupes exist!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. I stopped right in my tracks. A quick whisper ran through the crowd, then died down when the Eyrie began to speak again.

      "They are real! They hunt down the weak, murder the innocent! They prey on fear and enjoy inflicting pain! These monsters are here!"

      Everyone who wasn't a Lupe began to look around at them. I could feel eyes darting onto me, as if expecting a change. Other Lupes seem to be looking at their own kind.

      "These creatures are evil, malicious, murdering cowards who will kill you the second you turn your back! They will use your trust against you, they-" The Eyrie was suddenly cut off.


      It took me a few seconds to realize my sudden outburst. All eyes darted to me, even the Eyrie's. A pit formed in my stomach.

      "No?" The Eyrie hopped off of his box and began to walk towards me. "And what is this 'no' to Lupe?" The Eyrie stood up to me, waiting for me to back up my outburst. He had power in his voice. His own presence seemed to dwarf mine. I stood my ground firmly though and tried to control my voice.

      "H-how do you know that all Werelupes are evil?" I asked boldly. The Eyrie laughed at my comment.

      "How? Look at history, Lupe! There has never been a record of a good Werelupe helping other Neopets. Only death and murder!" the Eyrie shouted. I grimaced to myself.

      "But what of the Werelupe that has been spotted around here? He hasn't hurt anyone at all. Doesn't that count?" I didn't realize what I had said until it was too late. The Eyrie's eyebrows raised.

      "A Werelupe around here? And this town has done nothing? This Werelupe must be stopped!" The Eyrie turned back to his audience.

      "Good Neopets! This Werelupe must be stopped! If anyone sees it, gather a crowd, go on a hunt, destroy the wicked beast! For if you do not destroy it, it will destroy you!" He shouted.

      "But-" My voice was drowned out by a roar from the crowd. Maylas grabbed my shoulder and turned me to leave. If I had looked back, I would've seen that glint in the Eyrie's eyes and the smirk on his beak.

      As the crowd began to disperse, the Eyrie took his leave. Out of the city and into the woods he went, deeper and deeper. There, a grey and old Werelupe emerged from behind the trees. He held an old looking staff at his side.

      "How did it go?" he growled. The Eyrie smiled an evil smile.

      "All according to plan and better. Colbolt was there. If the crowd ever found out he was one of us, they'll run him out of town or..." He let his voice trial off into another smile. The Werelupe Sage waved his staff in front of the Eyrie, removing the spell. The Eyrie's fur darkened, and his beak turned into a muzzle. His tail thickened and became bushier. His talons turned to claws as his ears lengthened with the transformation.

      "You have done well, Sinac. The King will be most pleased," the Sage said.

      "It was my pleasure to get back at that Lupe For what he did to me." Sinac rubbed his eye where there was a patch of lighter fur in the form of a claw scratch. "I only need the word and I will kill him by my own hands."

      "No such thing will happen Sinac, unless you rather face the wrath of the Werelupe King!" The Sage's staff was shoved at Sinac's throat and pinned him to a tree cutting off his breath. Sinac struggled and fought but couldn't move. This sage was strong despite his looks.

      "You will wait here with the other members until I return with orders. You will NOT enter the city or lay any harm to Colbolt. Do you understand?" The Sage growled angrily. Sinac barely nodded his head. The Sage released him and began to walk away, deeper into the woods. Sinac laid on all fours gasping for breath.

      "I'll get you Colbolt," he thought. "One way or another, revenge will me MINE!"

To be continued...

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