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The Five Kaus: Part Six

by jacob133


Within a day, Red Metonot had learned all the details within Commander Garoo's operation on the Virtupets Space Station. It was simple, but cunning and deadly. And now with Metonot on the squad, they were three times that. Nay, countless times. With him leading them into battle, there was nothing they couldn't win.

      But that would have to wait, as Garoo would soon find out. While Metonot sat upon one of Garoo's personal bean bags, Garoo was going to find out a lot.

      "We are ready to seize the Space Station whenever you are ready, Metonot," said Garoo as he was done pepping up the troops.

      "Then we are going to wait awhile, as I don't feel like moving yet."

      "It seems you misunderstood. What I meant was we are ready to go right now."

      "No, YOU misunderstand! We aren't going anywhere because we don't need to! Jacob is coming to US!"

      Commander Garoo rubbed his forehead with frustration. He was beginning to be annoyed by this talk of Jacob, even though he himself wanted to exact revenge against him for what happened in Faerieland. Priorities had to be set though, so he played along just to enlist the help of Metonot.

      "How can you be sure Jacob is coming here? We have no equipment surveying the outside of the Virtupets Space Station, and you made it clear that no one has tracked you here."

      Red Metonot got a distant look in his eyes and said, "I feel it. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel him getting closer. Or something is. Either way, we are waiting here until it gets within the Station, THEN we shall strike. After that, do with me as you will."

      Never in his life did Garoo feel so insulted. A powerful yet still lowly Neopet was calling the shots on his operation? And all because he had a "feeling" that someone was coming?

      "No you listen here, Metonot. You do not call the shots around here. I do!"

      "Wrong!" said a sinister voice to the side. "I do, so you better not escape you bounds, Commander."

      Both Garoo and Red Metonot turned swiftly at the voice, and all thoughts of arguing faded. Stepping out from one of the many secret entrances was Dr. Frank Sloth.

      "When did you arrive at the Station, Dr. Sloth?" said Garoo as he bowed.

      "I heard this place was in shambles after an enraged Kau broke in," said Sloth as he looked at Red Metonot, who was snarling at him. "I used the confusion to sneak in. I heard you were in need of some leadership."

      "Yes sir! I have assembled a small army of Mutant Grundos in your absence, and-"

      "That is enough, Garoo," said Sloth with a wave of his hand. "I do not need the details of what you have done. I am sure you have made a very formidable squad. I'd expect no less from you. And this," pointing to Red Metonot, "is the Kau I spoke of, is it not?"

      "You bet I am," said Red Metonot. "And you better watch your tone with me."

      "Feisty, aren't you?" laughed Sloth as he turned back to Garoo. "We shall do as Metonot asks. We shall await the arrival of Jacob, as I have a score to settle with him as well."

      "As long as I get at him first!" said Red Metonot.

      "Of course, Metonot. You shall get you chance," at which Sloth began to laugh.


      Sneaking into the Space Station was fairly simple to the other four Metonots. They didn't even have to hide in a ship's cargo to get inside. The entirety of the Station was in shambles, and the security was more concerned with finding the perpetrator than keeping others out. They slipped into the infrastructure of the Station unnoticed.

      Now they were navigating the ventilation system, feeling the pull between them and Red Metonot grow stronger by the second.

      "How much longer do we have to walk," said Blue Metonot.

      "Not that much farther now," said White Metonot, pondering the quickest path for them to follow. "I measured how much stronger our attraction to Red Metonot became with every step we took. And if my calculations are right, we should be within a mile of him...maybe even closer."

      "Finally. I'm tired of walking for so long without a break."

      "It's going to get worse before it gets any better, Blue Metonot. These secret paths within the Space Station are not safe as I'm sure they are inhabited by fringe survivors of Dr. Sloth's army."

      All the Metonots looked at Yellow Metonot upon hearing that, but were surprised to see that he was only shaking a bit. It was to be expected though. Being this close to Red Metonot not made them all feel...like Metonot not again.

      Suddenly, the walls in front and behind the Metonots burst forth and a mob or Mutant Grundos had them surrounded. They were all battle ready within a second, knowing they could defend themselves against this squad as they did Faerieland's troops.

      "Get out of my way, you stupid Grundos!" said an angry but oddly familiar voice coming behind the wall of Grundos. Several of them began to be thrown into the air as the voice got closer. "You hear me, Jacob! I'm coming for you! You hear-"

      Red Metonot broke through the ranks of Mutant Grundos and stopped, completely stunned. Before him wasn't Jacob as he hoped, but four differently colored Kaus. Not only that, but Whooper, his Avabot, was with them.

      "You're ambushing us with Sloth's Mutant Grundos?" whined Blue Metonot. "Why are you doing this?"

      "Be quiet, Blue Metonot," said White Metonot, who then focused back on Red Metonot. "We've come to being you back, Red Metonot. We need you to make us whole again."

      "Who are you?" whispered Red Metonot. He was beginning to shake with fear at what his gut instinct was telling him to do: join them, and stop being angry. He couldn't do that. He had every right to be angry.

      "We are YOU!" cried out Yellow Metonot. "Please come back to us! I don't want to be scared anymore!"

      "SHUT UP!" yelled Red Metonot, broken from the trance he was going under. "I don't know who you are or why you are here, but taking my Avabot like it is your own is something I will NOT tolerate. Get over here, Whooper!"

      Whooper made a few beeps and fired his laser beams at Red Metonot's feet. While Red Metonot tended to his burned feet, Whooper danced upon the back of White Metonot.

      "I always knew you were a defective piece of machinery," said Red Metonot when he settled down. "It's about time I do what I should have done ever since you first danced on my head. Destroy you! Attack!"


      Commander Garoo had heard word that Metonot came into contact with Jacob (or whoever it was), but was concerned with his own matters at the time. While a large chunk of his forces were with Metonot, he was with only a small force to fend off an attack that was breaking deeper into their base from the other direction.

      He now lay in wait with his troops in a wide room used exclusively for ambushing. When whoever was attacking arrived, they would be surrounded without escape.

      The entrance to the room was busted down, and Garoo was filled with fear to see that it was Judge Hog, followed in by someone else he didn't recognize, save that he seemed to have the style of dress as his master: black.

      "We should expect an ambush in here," said Judge Hog. "Be on your guard, Jacob."

      "If the troops here in this 'ambush' are anything similar to those we faced earlier," said Jacob, "we shouldn't have that much to worry about."

      'So this is Jacob?' thought Garoo. 'It would seem Metonot was wrong on where he would appear. No matter. He is mine now.' And when Jacob and Hog were in the center of the room, Garoo and his Mutant Grundos had them surrounded.

      "Surrender now," mocked Garoo, "and you may be able to escape with your lives."

      Judge Hog smiled. "You are in no position to make threats with me, Commander Garoo. I am perfectly capable of taking you out on my own, so don't-"

      Judge Hog was cut short by a punch from Jacob.

      "What do you think you're doing?" cried out Judge Hog in disbelief.

      "The way you were going there, I didn't think I could let you see reason any other way," said Jacob as he looked straight at Garoo. "Leave Garoo and his goons to me, and go find the Metonots. I'll catch up with you when I can."

      "Jacob, if you should be harmed-"

      "Do I have to punch you again, Hog?"

      Grunting in frustration, Judge Hog dashed through the wall of Grundos, swatting them away as if they were flies. As he dashed off deeper into the Station, the opening was quickly closed off, leaving Jacob alone against Garoo and his Grundos.

      "You honestly think you can best us in combat?" asked Garoo.

      "Maybe, maybe not," Jacob said as he smiled. "At least I can satisfy your urges to have a duel with me."

      "That you can," said Garoo as he placed his war mask on. "I've waited a long time for this. Ever since you foiled Dr. Sloth's attempt at conquering Faerieland, I've wanted a chance at fighting you. I'm really going to enjoy this."

      "I have a feeling you are going to be really disappointed, Garoo," mocked Jacob, hands still at his sides. "Give up, or you are going to regret ever coming face to face with me."

      "Will I now?" He raised his axe and shield. "We shall see who regrets what when I defeat you!" He rushed forward at Jacob, axe raised over his head.

      Jacob stood still until the last second and made a quick slide to the right, dodging Garoo completely. For several more swings this was how it went, till Garoo swung a little too wide and Jacob was able to throw in a punch. Garoo smiled and merely raised his shield, which absorbed the blow. His smile faded however when he realized that he was flying into the wall of his Grundo troops.

      He crashed into them, knocking them off their feet. Those that tried to help him up were shoved off angrily. Receive help from a lowly Grundo? He was Commander Garoo! He needed help from no one! Turning around, he saw Jacob holding the shield that used to be held in his hands.

      'He grabbed my shield after his punch, using my strong grip to it against me!' thought Garoo with outrage. 'He moved so fast I couldn't stop him!'

      Jacob smiled and threw the shield aside, where it landed in front of some Grundos on the other side of the ring. They made a move to pick it up, but Garoo cried out, "Leave it be! I do not need my shield to defeat the likes of this one!" and pulled out his blade from his belt, holding it underhanded.

      "Do not expect the same trick to work twice, Jacob. I am not that foolish."

      "I never said you were…yet," and he got into a battle stance.

      Garoo's next assault was incapable of being countered. When he swung his axe and seemed to leave himself open, he followed through with a slice of his blade, which in turn he swung his axe again, repeating the process over again. Yet even though this was the case, Jacob made no moves to attack. He kept dodging with the same fluid motions as before. This continued for thirty seconds or so till they stood near Garoo's discarded shield. Seeing an opportunity to have the battle turn in favor of his master, a Mutant Grundo kicked out at the shield, sending it sliding under Jacob's moving feet, tripping him.

      Garoo cursed under his breath. He wanted this battle to be his own victory, and not have any credit given to a lowly trooper. He would deal with the insubordinate later. For the moment though, it would have to wait. He had more pressing matters. While Jacob with sprawled out on his back, he swung his axe down with all his strength.

      And Jacob stopped the blow, slamming the palms of his hands on opposite sides of the axe blade, mere inches away from him. Before Garoo could retaliate with his blade, Jacob fiercely pulled the axe to his side, sending him to the ground as well. Garoo quickly got to his feet, and saw that Jacob was now holding his axe.

      "What do you know?" said Jacob. "It seems the same trick can work twice. Guess that means you really are foolish."

      Garoo cried out in fury and rushed at Jacob, blade raised. He stabbed down but cut nothing but air as Jacob jumped backwards, taking a swing of the axe as he went. The axe struck the blade, knocking it out of Garoo's hand, leaving him speechless and defenseless in front of Jacob, who dropped the axe to the floor and punched him right in the face. Garoo flew once again into the ranks of his Grundo troops as his mask went clattering to the crowd.

      "I'll get you yet!" screamed Garoo as he got himself up. "Just you wait!"

      He was silenced when Jacob kicked his dropped mask right at his head, knocking him unconscious. The Grundos surrounding Jacob all began to murmur to each other, wondering what to do next now that their leader had fallen.

      "So who else wants to stop me?" said Jacob, raising his arms to them in challenge. "Do any of you think you can take me?"

      Thinking this was an order, they all began to charge at Jacob.

      "I suppose you guys aren't smart enough to be intimidated. Oh well."

To be continued...

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