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The Five Kaus: Part Five

by jacob133


"Oh no!" cried Yellow Metonot. "Jacob is fighting Judge Hog! What are we going to do?"

      "Run for it, as Jacob ordered us to do," said White Metonot. "Now let's get to business. Blue Metonot, you open the doors on the other side of the barn. Yellow Metonot, collect all the rope around the barn and meet me by the front of the wagon."

      "Why do I have to open the barn doors?" whined Blue Metonot.

      "I'll do it," sighed Grey Metonot. "Just get in the back of the wagon while we work."

      Blue Metonot pouted but did as he was told. They all went about their tasks and met up at the wagon, where White Metonot tied the lengths of rope to Yellow Metonot and the wagon.

      "What are you doing?" Yellow inquired.

      "I'm tying you up to the wagon, as you are going to pull us out of here as fast as you can. Jacob can't last long against Judge Hog, but it's all the time we need to put the miles between us."

      Finished tying the knots, White Metonot climbed up onto the wagon, where Whooper was jumping up and down excitedly. "Yes, Whooper. This is very exciting. Now, get us out of here, Yellow!"

      "But what about Jacob?" asked Blue Metonot.

      Before anything else could be said, Whooper blasted Yellow Metonot with his laser eyes, setting him off on a run with the rest of the gang in tow behind him. Within a few seconds, they were already half a mile away.


      Judge Hog was unable to see the wagon of Neopets rocketing off into the distance. Nor did he see the huge plume of dust it left behind. All of his attention was taking in trying to fend off Jacob's blows. He had heard gossip of Jacob's strength, but was surprised to deal with it first hand.

      "Jacob, if you don't stop this insanity I will be forced to retaliate."

      "Fine by me," said Jacob as he threw another punch. "I'm beginning to wonder if you can even-"

      Judge Hog silenced him with a punch that sent him twenty feet away. While Jacob struggled to his feet, Hog walked towards him saying, "You know it is fruitless for you to fight against me. Give up while you still can."

      "I guess I'm a glutton for punishment," said Jacob. He then threw a handful of dirt at Judge Hog, and attacked while he was blinded. "You better go all out on me, as I'm not going to hold back one bit."

      Judge Hog's next strike was an uppercut, which sent Jacob into a nearby tree. He tumbled through the branches for a few seconds before landing on the ground, and quickly got back onto his feet. "Nice one," wheezed Jacob. "But I think you can do better. You better realize that I have no intention or surrendering to you."

      "...So be it," said Judge Hog as he balled his hands into fists.

      They fought for only a minute, and it was apparent who the winner would be after Judge Hog sent Jacob flying a few more times. He had just thrown Jacob into a tree when the communicator on his belt went off.

      "Judge Hog, come in! This is Sergeant Brexis!"

      "I hear you. What is it?"

      "Abort your mission. I repeat. Abort! Jacob is an ally!"

      "What do you mean he's an ally?"

      "Someone within Faerieland is manipulating us. My advice is to find out what happened from Jacob himself. As I was informed, there has to be a reasonable explanation why he has four new Neopets."

      "I copy that. I'll inform you with new information when it comes about," and he set the communicator back on his belt. Right afterwards Judge Hog was hit with a boulder thrown from Jacob. He could barely stand on his feet and looked like he should have passed out already, but he was rushing yet again at Hog.

      "Jacob!" cried out Judge Hog, pushing Jacob off him one last time. "You can stop trying to fight me! I'm not going to take your Neopets into the pound. I'm going to hear you out."

      Jacob wobbled on his feet, and said wearily, "Well, that's good to know," and fell to the ground unconscious.


      Within one of Faerieland's barracks, a Techo messenger was visibly shaking. He had contacted the Defenders of Neopia and told them to call off the capture of Jacob and his Neopets, something which his superior wouldn't like. Sure, the order to do so came from someone even higher, but that didn't help him. He still had to give his report to his superior on what was happening. Being a Fire Faerie, Felicia had quite a temper, and the last thing he wanted was to have it directed at him.

      "What news from Judge Hog?" said Felicia as she suddenly appeared. "Has he captured Jacob?"

      The poor Techo gulped and said, "Jacob has not been captured yet. He-"

      "Well, that is odd," interrupted Felicia. "For being one of the greatest heroes in Neopia, you would think he would have taken care of someone like Jacob already."

      "He stopped fighting Jacob and is now helping him!" the Techo nearly screeched.

      All the color drained from the faerie's face. "What did you say?"

      "I contacted the headquarters of the Defenders of Neopia and said we made a mistake, and Jacob was an ally." The Techo let the words flood out of his mouth, as he was sure he would be unable to speak any second now.

      "How DARE you do such a thing!" screamed Felicia, her face blushing crimson. "I never gave you such an order. Who said you could be such a thing?"

      "I did."

      Felicia spun around in fury, intent on retaliating against whoever interrupted her, and immediately went cold. The Techo sighed with relief, knowing that everything was going to be okay. Fyora stood before them.

      "What is the meaning of this?" said Felicia, gaining back some of her composure.

      "I stopped by the infirmary earlier, as I was told several of our soldiers required medical attention after they tried to subdue Jacob," said Fyora.

      "They were acting in self defense, Fyora!"

      "That's not what I heard. Alana, one of the healers present, questioned all of them, and they all agreed they had struck first. It was no wonder really, since you had instilled so much fear into them about Jacob. They assumed the retreat of a scared Neopet was an attack against them."

      "Alana is a friend of Jacob and you know it! She could have lied to save him."

      "That's not true, my lady," said the Techo to Fyora. Felicia turned to him in fury, but he didn't mind. He knew she couldn't do anything to him anymore. "Felicia made it well known that Jacob was extremely violent and should be taken with extreme caution."

      Fyora nodded and looked back at Felicia. "I will not doubt that Jacob has done questionable actions at times, but it does not entitle you to treat him as a criminal. So he has four new Neopets? We go and ask him what happened. We don't try and kill him in the process."

      Felicia looked down to the floor, obviously wanting to shriek out at Fyora, but held her tongue. Fyora took a step forward. "Yes, Alana is a friend of Jacob's, but so am I. And seeing that you have used your position for your own gains, I have no choice but to demote you."

      "What!" All desire to hold her tongue was gone. "You can't do that!"

      "I certainly can, as I am ruler of Faerieland, and I am within my reasons to do so. I know perfectly well you are good friends with Cassie, and what you have done to Jacob while he was young. I have no tolerance for your behavior. Report to your superior and receive your new orders." Then Fyora looked toward the Techo with a smile. "And you can follow me if you wish. I have a feeling she might be a little angry when I leave."

      Fyora started walking away, and the Techo took a few tentative steps after her before looking back at Felicia. The look of fury within her eyes was enough to get him running after Fyora.


      Back upon the plains of Neopia, the four Metonots were walking briskly. White Metonot lead the way, Whooper dancing around him, while the other three followed in their own fashion.

      "Where are we going?" whined Blue Metonot. "And why do we have to walk so fast?"

      "Time is of the essence," replied White Metonot. "We need to find Red Metonot as fast as we can, and seeing as our cart is now useless, we cannot rely on Yellow Metonot's speed."

      "It's not my fault one of the wheels went over a rock," said Yellow Metonot. "It's not like I could have slowed down going at that speed."

      "No one is blaming you Yellow Metonot," soothed White Metonot. "I am simply stating why we are now walking to Blue Metonot."

      "But you didn't say where we are going yet," said Blue Metonot.

      "We are going to Red Metonot," said Grey Metonot.

      "But we don't even know where he is," whined Blue Metonot.

      "Were you not paying attention to Yellow Metonot as he ran?" said White Metonot. "He had no idea where we were going like the rest of us, save away from Judge Hog. And yet he followed a path that made him feel safer the longer he went upon it."

      "He's right," said Yellow Metonot with a nervous laugh. "I just started running wherever it felt right."

      "Right over a boulder," mumbled Blue Metonot.

      "As Yellow Metonot is a broken piece of Metonot's essence, it's only natural that he would want to be whole again. To be safe. So he ran in the direction to which Red Metonot is in."

      "I'm actually surprised you didn't feel it yourself, Blue," said Grey Metonot with a smile. The only smile he had given thus far. "Can't you feel the distance we are closing with Red?"

      He didn't say anything, as he did feel it. They were slowly getting closer to Red Metonot. He just wished they didn't have to walk.

To be continued...

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