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The Search for Petpet World: Part Two

by darkfaerie700


The Diamond

*Yawn* It had been a long day for Jobo the Boween and Ted the old Miamouse. You see, this double is looking for the world of Petpets. They would have to find a ruby, a diamond, a sapphire, an emerald and an amethyst. The wise one on Mystery Island had already given them an amethyst so they only needed 4 more gems. So the two of them had woken up from their sleeps and decided to go back to the Wise Ones house. So they drove and reached the Whoots house. Well, actually the Whoot lived in a hut. Oh well. They went in and like yesterday they immediately saw the Whoot. The Whoot led them to the same room as they went to yesterday.

     "So what can I do for you today?" asked the Wise One.

     "We need to know if you know where the gems are. Or if you have any riddles that can tell us," said Jobo.

     "Oh yes, how could I have forgotten? Silly me, I must be getting old," said the Whoot. He got up and went to the back of the room. Then the Whoot came back and with 4 scrolls.

     "Here you go! All 4 scrolls for all 4 gems! I advise you do this one first. It is much easier than the others," said the Wise one.

     "I will rather get the hardest," said Jobo. The Whoot pointed at a scroll. On the side it said: SCROLL FOR D, which probably meant SCROLL FOR DIAMOND. Ted opened it and it said:





     "Okay," Jobo said. "We need to first find out what E , N, S, and W means."

     "Maybe they are the starting of some places?" suggested Ted.

     "N for Neopia Central, --- umm I don't think its that. They thought and then finally Ted got it.

     "I know! N for North, S for South, W for West and E for East!" cried Ted.

     "Of course! Now-" said Jobo, "East would be the Space Station or Tyrannia and west would be Terror Mountain or Neopia Central. Now which ones have monsters?" asked Jobo.

     "Well, Neopia Central is a peaceful place, Terror Mountain has the Snowager, the Space Station doesn't have much and Tyrannia has that unknown monster," said Ted.

     "So that narrows it down to the Snowager in Terror Mountain or the unknown monster in Tyrannia," said Jobo.

     "The question is which one shall we pick?" asked Ted.

     "I think we should take the unknown Monster because the way is shorter," said Jobo.

     "But still, if we went to the Snowager, I bet we could get a better diamond," argued Ted.

     "But if we go there we might get blasted by a stream of ice!" cried Jobo.

     " Yeah but he would be sleeping at 3:00-4:00 and then we wouldn't have to get sugar to lure him out!" said Ted.

     "But we would have to bring warm clothes which we don't have," Jobo pointed out.

     "Oh yeah. Fine, fine we WILL go to Tyrannia But he might have special powers so we should watch out," said Ted. Jobo nodded. So, the two of them climbed into their buggy and headed off the closest edge to Tyrannia

     "Okay. Now we are going to ride of the edge and I'm going to press the water button. Were going to go high speed so we should probably put our belts," said Jobo. Ted nodded. They buckled their belts.

     "Now, on the count of three I will do exactly what I said. Okay?" said Jobo. Ted nodded again. "One, two, THREE!" Jobo yelled. He rode the buggy off the edge of Mystery Island and quickly pressed the water button. The wheels of the buggy went inside of the car and floats replaced them. "Wow!" Jobo exclaimed. "This buggy is good!" Ted smiled.

     "Okay, no talk just walk. Or should I say float?" joked Jobo. Ted laughed.

     "Okay, okay lets just go!" laughed Ted. Jobo smiled and drove the buggy/boat to the way to Tyrannia

      * * *

     Jobo and Ted had reached Tyrannia very quickly. They were both hungry so they took a rest and pigged out. Another ten minutes past and then they were done snacking.

     "I was thinking . . . . . if we could take a break from this whole-this whole Petpet world thing. Lets just settle down and enjoy the freedom! Imagine the other petpets out there, having to be kept inside, and away from the world. Imagine how lucky we are getting to do an adventure! We could just explore Tyrannia for one day. One day! And then we can go back to the whole petpet thing. Okay?" asked Ted. Jobo thought about it and finally agreed. Ted was happy and they explored Tyrannia in the buggy. First they visited Tyrammet, Tyrannia's village. Next they visited the Grarrl Keno. But they did not stay long for the Grarrl reminded Jobo of the bad Grarrl owner he used to have. Next they went to Tyrannian food. The shopkeeper was on lunch break so they went through the window and snuck some food out. Next they went to the Mini Golf center to watch Neopians play. It was quite boring. Until the a Neopian whacked the ball so hard it flew out of the Mini Golfing area and hit Jobo on the head.

     "Ouch!" cried Jobo, "That hurt!"

     "Quickly! Before the Neopians see us!" Ted said. Ted dragged Jobo into a bush. "Phew!" said Ted, "That was close!" Jobo stood up and walked off with Ted. The next thing they went to was the Tyrannian Plateau. First in the Tyrannian Plateau, they visited the popular Giant Omelette. They able to squeeze through the crowd and grab a slice each.

     "You know that Sabre-X guy isn't so bad after all," said Ted eating a bite of his omelette.

     "I know! He saw me and he let me take a piece! He didn't even try to report us to the FPS!" said Jobo.

     "The WHAT?" asked Ted. Jobo rolled his eyes and said:

     "The Faerieland Petpet Shop! Duh! I thought you were supposed to know everything!"

     "Well, now what just happened told you I don't know everything," said Ted calmly.

     "Whatever," muttered Jobo. They went off back because it was getting late in Neopia. They drove around and found a good spot to camp in. And then Jobo remembered.

     "Oh and I just remembered, at the Toy Shop I also grabbed a pop up tent which when you pull the trigger it blows up and becomes a miniature tent," said Jobo.

     "Then what were we doing those days sitting in the cold?" asked Ted.

     "Well,, sort of forgot," said Jobo sheepishly. Ted rolled his eyes and asked Jobo to pull the tents trigger. Jobo nodded and - BOOM! The whole tent burst into life with every inch of it blowing up.

     "Wow," Ted said amazed "That is one big tent!" he exclaimed. Jobo nodded again and slowly walked in. It was full with two sleeping bags on the floor, candles waiting to be lit a, there was stairs leading to a small upstairs, there was four sets of P.J. s on the floor, two designed for girls, and two sets designed for boys.

     "Amazing!" said Jobo excitedly. "Awesome clothes! Hey, now we don't have to be cold in the night! And we actually have some where to sleep! And there's a TABLE! And there's so many rooms, there's an upstairs!" said Jobo.

     "Ah yes, the 15th version, seventeen rooms, comes with 4 sets of P.J. s and a two inch table I assume?" said Ted. Jobo quickly looking through the tent seeing if everything Ted said was true.

     "How did you know?" asked Jobo questionably. Ted smiled and said:

     "Right here on this label," answered Ted. Jobo sighed and said:

     "We should better be going to sleep now," yawned Jobo. "We have a long day tomorrow!

      * * *

     The next day Jobo and Ted woke and both immediately thought about how they were ever going to find the flour they needed to lure the unknown creature out. They decided that if they first checked the whole tent they might be able to find flour. That would be a good start. So they searched the tent but all they could find was some food that has flour in them.

     "Maybe the creature will take meat?" suggested Ted. Jobo shrugged and thought they should try it. So they took the buggy, filled the back seat with as much meat as they could find. It took five minutes to reach the lair but when they reached there, they could here loud roars, which came from the inside of the lair. They both took deep breaths gathered their courage and traveled into the lair of the beast. When they could here the breathing of the creature they took some more deep breaths and put the meat just out of the hole. To their surprise a small thing came out took a bite thought for a moment and started to gobble it up. Before the creature could eat it all up, Jobo said: "Stop!" The creature turned its head smiled and said: "Hello! Are you the one that put this here? Well if you are I thank you because my dad, the beast hasn't been giving me my daily food. I am so HUNGRY, I was starving!" The little creature started blabbering on about how its father would not give it any food.

     "I was wondering, if we give you more food, could you give us something?" asked Jobo. The creature broke into a big smile and exclaimed:

     "Would you? My dad he has this really small diamond and like, he totally does NOT use it. I do not really know why he has it. You can have it IF you give me some more food," said the creature. Ted and Jobo smiled and said: "I WILL give you food. If you make a deal that you will give me the diamond," said Jobo. The creature said yes and made a deal that they would never break their promise. So luckily, Jobo had food in his bag. He gave the creature half of what he had in his bag. The creature said that he would get the diamond. It ran off into the lair and in five minutes he came back with the diamond in his hand. Jobo smiled and thanked the creature. The creature said he would try to help them if they needed any help.

     "Take this whistle and when you need help, blow on it," said the creature. So they waved goodbye to the creature and went on with their trip. When they were heading back to the campsite Jobo heard a voice. It was crying. He stopped the buggy and went to see what it was. Ted came along and they at the back of the Tyrannian Petpet center they found a crying Barbat. Jobo asked the Barbat what was wrong. It said:

     "I was flying when something hit me. It was a rock. Down below me some Neopets throwing rocks at me. They threw rocks for a long time. I had fallen down to the ground after a while so the Neopets had ran away. Now my wings are broken and I cannot fly anymore. My muscles are aching so I cannot really walk. But now you have found me so I am happy," said the Barbat

     "We can help you! We will take you to our tent and we will fix you up. You can also help us find this place called Petpet world. And by the way, what's your name?" said Ted.

     "My name Okley. And what is the Petpet world?" asked Okley. Ted and Jobo explained everything to Okley and by the end of the day, the Petpet group finding the Petpet world, now had three Petpets.

To be continued...

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