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Edna: More Than A Witch

by get_a_life10


HAUNTED WOODS - "Hey, guess what? I just did a quest for Edna and all she gave me was this icky Toe Nail Soup!"

"Edna? Where have I heard that name before?"

"Ah, yes, isn't she that witch who lives in the Haunted Woods?"

Indeed she is. Edna lives in a tower which she calls her own in the Haunted Woods, right next to the Castle of Eliv Thade. Why would anyone live in the Haunted Woods? Well, first of all Edna is not a pet owner. Second of all, she is not a faerie. Who is she? She's a witch, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's a mean witch. All right, she's not exactly Illusen or Fyora but she's not all that mean either. How do I know you ask? Well, I went to her famous Tower and found out for myself.

When I decided to visit the Haunted Woods for a little researching, I came upon the huge gray Tower which has been talked about more than you can imagine. This Tower was the Tower in which Edna lived in. Neopets went in there in high hopes of impressing Edna to get a nice reward for doing her quests. And oh, how everyone wanted to get that random avatar that featured Edna. Anyway, I had never met Edna before so out of curiosity I decided to knock on her door and interview her.

Before I could knock on her door, however, the door swung open and there stood Edna, the short little witch with that black hat of hers. She took one look at me and grumbled, "I am too busy to give out quests right now so please come another time."

"Wait!" I said as she was about to close her door. "I'm not here for a quest, I'm here to interview you for the Neopian Times. If you're not that busy that is," I added quickly. I don't know what I expected but I was pretty surprised when I saw Edna smiling then. Seeing as how she was going to be interviewed and might be featured in the Neopian Times made her feel special I guess, and so she invited me to come in and this is how the interview went:

Me: Edna, I hear you're giving away quests. Do you give them away to anyone who wants them?

Edna: As I showed you when you knocked on the door, I don't give away quests whenever anyone wants them. I just give them away when I need ingredients for a potion because I hate to go out in public. I'd rather stay in this dumpy old place.

Me: Speaking of this dumpy old place, have you lived in it forever?

Edna: I haven't lived here forever. I just came to live here in the Haunted Woods which matched my gloomy mood all the time and I made this tower my own.

Me: So you haven't lived in the Haunted Woods forever. Where have you lived before that?

Edna: Oh I don't know, it's been such a long time since I came to live here that it feels like forever. Besides, who would care anyway?

Me: What do you think of the avatar based on you?

Edna: I'm truly flattered that anyone would want to dedicate an avatar by me but really, I'm not that ugly as I am on that avatar am I?

Me: Um...why don't you tell us about your potions?

Edna: I make all kinds of potions. I'm currently trying to find out how to make a potion that will transform me into a supermodel because that's what I want to be, but first I need to find the right ingredients for that. Finding the ingredients isn't easy you know. It's complicated, even more complicated than actually making the potion.

Me: I see. So did you go to a school that taught you how to make potions?

Edna: Why, yes, I did. I don't remember the name of the school but I certainly remember my first potion. I was trying to make a laughter potion and just to make sure that it was right before the Head Witchtress inspected it, I took a sip of it. That was a big mistake though because I had made a potion but it wasn't a laughter potion. It was a crying potion! So I burst into tears immediately and wished I had made an invisibility potion instead. I was humiliated.

Me: Oh yes, we all have our embarrassing moments now and then. *Pats Edna on the back* So anyway, what other mistakes have you made?

Edna: Well, I've accidently made a Meerca pie instead of harmlessly cutting out the tails of five Meercas for my "Bounce Incredibly High" spell, which I do not want to talk about, and I've also accidently made Snorkle pudding but that would make the readers puke so forget about it.

Me: No, no, please do tell us.

Edna: Well alright. First I got a quester to get me a Snorkle which he did. Then I sliced the Snorkle to pieces and mashed all the pieces ----

Me: Ooookay, moving on. Why do you make potions?

Edna: You might as well ask me why I'm a witch. Because it's what witches do!!!

Me: What potion or spell are you making now?

Edna: I'm making a spell that will make any person dumb enough to come to my Tower after midnight sprout pimples all over their face and a tail! I have to get my beauty sleep too you know! Oh and speaking of spells, I think I hear my cauldron bubbling! Well I got to go now but before you go, would you like to try my apple pie?

I kindly refused her apple pie after hearing her story about the Snorkle pudding for I had lost my appetite but agreed to take it home because I didn't want to anger her. I mean, who knows if she has a spell for people who refuses her apple pie?

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