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Skeiths; Malicious or Misunderstood?

by katiecoo802


When most Neopians hear the word ‘Skeith’, the first thing they think of is the lazy, rude, and greedy dragon-like image that most of us are familiar with. And they wouldn’t be all wrong; many do fit this exact description. In fact, no more than a few days ago this was my exact view on the mistrusted and shunned Neopet. But I am here today to tell you the entire story behind the scales, the very true story of the few Skeiths that simply long to love and be loved. This story is for them.

Now in all honesty, I have myself never owned a Skeith. I usually go for the cute and rarer pets, like many Neopian pet owners. However, the other day my opinion of Skeiths altogether completely and utterly changed. The day was not extraordinary; my pets and I were taking a very pleasant stroll around Neopia Central, poking around in shops and such. We had just passed the Pound, when I realized my dear Kougra was missing. I found her soon after, staring through the window of the Pound. The Neopian Pound was always chaotic, owners running about in an attempt to find that special, rare, abandoned pet. As I followed her gaze, my eyes met a terrible and pitiful sight. There, huddled in the corner, (as much as he could be, for he was rather large, even by Skeith standards), was a Skeith who was silently crying while being ignored. My heart simply broke for the poor creature, but having four pets already I knew adopting him would be out of the question. But talking to him, I told myself, couldn’t hurt anything. I sent my own pets home (for fear of them being adopted without my consent) and approached the miserable beast.

“Um, hello there…” I said, not knowing what else to do. He looked up at me with tear-filled eyes and simply grunted a very small “Hello.” He turned over on his large stomach, trying to hide his pain. I attempted to speak to him again. “My name is Katie, I noticed you didn’t look very well, and wanted to see what I could do to help.” His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

“You mean you would adopt me?” He asked his voice filled with hope. When he lifted his head, I could see he actually looked rather underfed.

“Well, I do already have four pets,” I said slowly and somewhat regretfully. He drooped back down in disappointment.

“No one would ever want a horrid creature like me.” Another fat tear rolled down his blue cheek. Obviously this Skeith was different from most of the others, and I knew I just had to help him. Just then, I had an idea.

“I happen to be trying to write an article for the Neopian Times; perhaps if I interviewed you Neopians would see how kind some Skeiths really are.” He promptly agreed, and soon we found a quiet place in the Pound where I could ask him some questions.

Me: “Have you ever eaten a petpet?”

Skeith (He chose to remain anonymous): “Oh gracious never! I’m strictly a vegetarian. Horrible taste, petpets have. Actually, most Skeiths are allergic to petpets; they give us terrible rashes and sores if eaten.”

Me: “How long have you been in the Pound?”

Skeith: “Oh for many many months now. I had an owner briefly a month or so back, but as it turns out she only wanted me for an avatar. I’ve never had a real home. I’ve only heard stories from pets that pass through the pound having had owners once. It is supposed to be the most wonderful thing that could happen to any Neopet.”

Me: “Have you ever forced another Neopet to retrieve food or run errands for you?”

Skeith: “No, I usually keep to myself. I’m actually kind of shy when it comes to meeting other Neopians for the first time. That’s part of why no one really knows I’m not mean; I’m afraid I’ll be shunned if I approach them.”

Me: “How many other Skeiths would you guess are in the Pound currently?”

Skeith: “Oh far over a hundred at least, but many if not most are actually kind and lonely like me. Everyone just assumes we’re all the stereotypical monsters like the ones portrayed in games like ‘Hungry Skeith.’”

Me: “That’s simply terrible! How many would you guess are ever adopted?”

Skeith: “I’d wager a few dozen a year, but the majority are repounded or forgotten after a matter of months.”

Me: “You make the Pound sound like a horrible place! Is the Pound really that unpleasant, or is it just not as nice as a home?”

Skeith: “Oh, I’m very thankful for the warm bed and meals I receive here at the Pound, but it could never compare to being loved by a real owner.”

Me: “Just out of curiosity, if you could be painted a rarer color, which would you choose?”

Skeith: “Oh, well, I’ve always rather admired the Rainbow Skeiths. Their scales are so many colors, and their owners always look so fond of them!”

Me: “Do you have any Neopian role models or idols you look up to?”

Skeith: “I’ve always quite admired Kings Hagan and Skarl. They are both wise and prosperous rulers, and Skeiths themselves.”

Me: “Okay final question, is there anything Neopians can do to help?”

Skeith: “Yes. If you have room in your heart for another pet, instead of searching restlessly for a painted or rare pet, adopt one who just needs to be loved. As impolite and brutish as we may seem on the outside, on the inside we are very kind and loving pets. One click is all it takes. Please don’t wait any longer, save a Skeith now, and make a new best friend for tomorrow.”

Well folks, there you have it. The truth is out. So don’t make these poor, mistaken creatures suffer any longer. If you have any heart at all, save a Skeith today and always remember; in the long run, it’s not about how many Neopoints you earned or pets you painted, but about how many lives you yourself changed by just that one little click.

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