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Meerca Chase Colours: More Than Just a Background?

by barbie_girl_909


GAMES ROOM - Have you even wondered why, while playing Meerca Chase 2, you are allowed to choose your own background colour? Blue-Yellow-Red-Green-Grey-Peach-Turquoise-Purple and White. They could make or break your game, so which of our beautiful-backgrounds is the most popular?

According to a survey conducted by this reporter the results are as follows:

52% preferred blue

12% preferred white

10% preferred yellow

8% preferred grey

8% preferred peach

6% preferred purple

4% preferred turquoise

0% preferred red

0% preferred green

When asked why our participants chose the colours they did their comments ranged everything between the weird:

“I like yellow because it reminds me of the colour of my grandmother’s teeth.” - Hellohello2u

And the wonderful:

“My fav. background is the dark grey. Not because it's pretty or fun, but so I can see those dang red neggs.” - wolfgirl9898

What’s the point of all these colours? You ask, well here are a few pointers about how these colours can be useful to you.

1. It is widely acknowledged that many colour-blind people are blissfully unaware of what they are missing. Play Meerca Chase to discover if you are colour blind!

2. Make a n00b, or spammer, look bad by recommending that they use one of the least useful colours, such as red, which can be distracting. They will do badly at the game and will immediately be filled with remorse and shame. (We hope!)

But the third, and final use for the colours of Meerca Chase is the most important. Using Meerca Chase as a swift and accurate character assessment! The internet can be dangerous; picture this scenario: you have just been contacted by a fellow user who requests to be your neofriend. How do you know what they are like? Well, fortunately Meerca Chase provides a useful and relevant test. Simply ask the hopeful neofriend what colour they like best as a background, and compare the results with the following diagnosis. With one easy move, you will be able to discover whether this bond will make you neofriends for life, or have you fleeing neopets for your life!

BLUE: Congratulations! You have just stumbled upon a calm and friendly neofriend, who will doubtless provide you with many useful tips on games and trades. Look forward to a peaceful friendship; they will only reply when you contact them, will not plague you with neomails, and will be useful and helpful.

WHITE: You may not have all the fun in the world with this neofriend; granted, they provide no threats to your items or neopoints, but they will not provide any fun for you either.

YELLOW: This neofriend will provide you with endless fun, in the form of new games, funny and witty neomails, and fine jokes. While they may not be particularly useful, they will certainly provide amusement.

GREY: Oh dear…well, as such there is nothing wrong with the person who chooses grey; however, do not expect a happy and blissful friendship with this person! At best they will ignore you completely after you accept their offer of neofriendship. At worst, they will send you brisk and snappy neomails whenever you dare to bother them.

PEACH: If the person you are quizzing answers peach, I suggest you accept their neofriendship immediately. A peach person is mild and kind and will never forget to neomail you back. While they may not be as fun as a yellow person, they will be far more loyal even than blue. Expect a long and happy relationship.

PURPLE: Saddle up for a lecture! A purple person may be perfectly nice and very knowledgeable about neopets…or at least, they will be more knowledgeable then you, and will not let you forget it! Expect endless emails of advice and tips on how you could play trade and shop better. Choose this person for a neofriend only if you feel you are easy going!

TURQUOISE: A turquoise neofriend will certainly stick around, to the point of not leaving you alone! Friendly and desperate for amusement, they will neomail you constantly and expect a reply! While they are fun in small doses, note that you will need to be online a lot of the time to deal with a user who chooses turquoise!

RED: Useful, amusing, fun and a good person to know, red choosers are easygoing and witty. Accept their neofriendship at once, though don’t feel too hurt if they constantly contacting you, only to ignore you for a couple of months. Red choosers are flighty, but if you can put up with the long stretches of silence, they are a good friend to have.

GREEN: If, when quizzed, your hopeful replies green, you must take a gamble. They're helpful and seemingly friendly when you need them, but you never know what goes on in a green's head. Be too persistent or annoying, and you will find yourself snapped at and cut-off. Not for the sensitive or weak hearted!

I hope you will find this guideline useful, and don’t forget, if you really want to know a person, just remember to pop that deep and insightful question; “On Meerca Chase which colour do you prefer?” And never plunge into an unknown neofriendship again!

By Barbie_Girl_909

Please note; the guideline is just a bit of fun, don’t take it too seriously, and certainly don’t base your future friends on the test; that would just be silly!

No, if you really truly want to find out who your neofriend is, you can either send them a personality quiz, or……..( to take the faster, cheaper and in my view more scientifically accurate approach) you can ask them which faerie they choose on Faerie Cloud Racers!!!! If anyone asks a possible future neofriend this question and gets a reply, feel free to neomail me for a full guideline on the friendship you can expect! I am always more then willing to provide detailed character analyses on unsuspecting hopefuls of yours! (Here is an example; if they choose the space faerie; you’re in for a wild ride!)

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