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Now How Did This Happen?

by xzx_kittie_xzx


"Great going, Reffernand! We're stuck." Brabant pointed a paw at his brother, then looked around the large cave once more, ears flipped back in agitation. The Cybunny wasn't afraid of dark places, exactly, but he preferred more lighting than this dingy place. His paw dropped onto the ring of fluffy fur around his neck, and he stroked it down absently.

     Reffernand sighed, exasperated with his sibling. "Well, I really am sorry, but wasn't it YOUR idea to go to the Wishing Well in the first place? And wasn't it YOUR idea to go jump in that bucket and get lowered down? Oh, and wasn't it YOUR pudgy self that broke the rope and dragged us all down with you?" He raised a brow, frowning at the Cybunny.

     Brabant's shadow cheeks turned a shade lighter than their usual black, and he twitched his nose before going deeper into the cave, mumbling something to the degree of 'I'm not pudgy.'

     Apparently Luccinna was the only one not in a bickering mood today. Boys are so melodramatic, she thought with an exasperated sigh much similar to Reffernand's, and glanced back to watch the two. Reffernand was keeping a cool head, despite his tick. The poor thing had gotten more than two species changes from that lab ray, which had messed with him already, but now he had this habit of rubbing his paws... er, flippers together. The Moehog came to stand beside her kin. "Try not to get too angry with him, Reffernand, you know how he is."

     "Yeah, well... I'll stop being angry when he finds a way to fix this mess. There's no way out except the hole all the way up there, and all we're getting is neopoints dropped on our heads!" The Tuskaninny dodged a point as it fell, landing with a sharp clink on the ground and rolling into a puddle.

     Brabant nearly leapt into his siblings, face lit up and ears flopping like crazy. "Guys, there's a way out! There's this door a little ways down in the cavern!" And just like that, he was off, feet sending the piles of Neopians' wishes scattering.

     Reffernand and Luccinna looked at each other, shrugged, and raced off after their brother. Unfortunately for Reffernand, however, Tuskaninnies aren't all that fast galloping through piles of neopoints that are slippery from the dripping of the stream above and beside the well. After a few gallops, he lost his footing and crashed to the floor, sliding a little ways before falling through some hole they'd happened to look over.

     Luccinna froze, turning on hoof to watch as her brother's red flipper disappeared beneath the ground. She was by the side of the hole in an instant, looking into the pitch black that allowed her no visual of her brother.

     "Reffernand!" She shouted into the blackness, looking pointlessly into the void. How in the world were they going to get him out of there? Where was he? The Moehog shouted her brother's name once more, then turned back to see that Brabant was once more racing back to see what the problem was. Her ears drooped.

     Now, if a Tuskaninny could slide while he was galloping, then you readers should know what Brabant's brilliant self can do. For those who don't, let's continue...

     As Luccinna held up two hooves, shaking her head and trying to tell her kin to stop, the wonderful shadow Cybunny crashed into his sister, causing her to yelp as they both toppled over and into the dark abyss after their sibling, whether they wanted to or not.

     The pair landed with an 'Oof!' on something large and cold, and strained to see around, their eyes not adjusted. There was an inkling of light in front of them, though faint and not enough to aid them. Luccinna sighed, shoving her brother off of her. "Get off, you dolt."

     "Shh! Don't move, guys. Don't..." Reffernand squeaked out the warning as silently and urgently as he could manage, flippers up as if he could hold them in place from his position. Brabant was the one to regain his vision first, and squinted down at what he had landed on.

     With a growl, a large eye opened and looked straight at him. Brabant's ears shot up, straightened from their normally floppy position, and squealed as only a brave man knew how, leaping from the large wyrm's head to shoot off and out of the cave, towards daylight.

     Reffernand rolled his eyes, and scrambled of of a pile of items, ignoring them and flopping after quickly, yelling behind him, "Run, Luccinna! Run!"

     The Moehog just about turned white as the Snowager's head reared and he hissed, causing her to latch onto him. The beast shook its head in an effort to get the brown menace off, and roared, firing the infamous icy blast straight out of the cave in anger.

     The Neopians outside shrieked, all coming to the entrance of the cave. The lighting became infinitely better then, and a collective gasp echoed through the chamber as they discovered a little brown Moehog clinging to the icy eyelids of the great, beastly Snowager.

     Luccinna clenched her eyes shut, letting go finally after the wyrm shook her towards the group of people. With a cry of alarm she flew right over their heads, crashing into the Ice Arena and causing a piled of snow to rain down around her.

     The Snowager roared yet again, causing everyone to flee as another icy blast erupted and filled the chamber. Reffernand and Brabant were beside Luccinna instantly, and looked deeply concerned... until they got pelted with a snowball. The pair looked surprised, then wiped their faces off and looked to their sister.

     The Moehog chuckled, grinning from ear to ear, "You're lucky you're my brothers and not just random idiots. Otherwise I might have to tie you to that big roaring monster one day."

     The brothers looked at each other smugly, then Brabant smiled in a fakely sheepish manner, his ears flopped down once more, "Yeah, but we'd never want to take the glory from you, Lucy." The nickname hit home and she frowned at him.

     "Yeah, you made yourself a new Neopian record there. A new sport, even!" Reffernand helped his sister up, laughing. "Wyrm wrestling!"

     "Okay, maybe I will tie you two to the Snowager. Now be quiet and let's get home before Mom finds out we're gone." Luccinna shook her head, started for the path to Happy Valley. "How did we get from Neopia Central to Terror Mountain anyways? We'd had to have crossed the entire ocean."

     "I've got no idea, but we can do it again and maybe figure it out when we get home. I'm starving. Is anyone else starving?" Brabant rubbed his stomach, looking to his siblings with a pained expression on his face.

     "Only you, Brabant. Mother has all kinds of food at home for you, though, so wait until then, Pudgy." Reffernand laughed again, and Luccinna soon joined in, while their Cybunny brother glared at them and grumble something to the degree of 'I'm not pudgy, darn it.'

     But of course, dear readers, you and I, and perhaps all of Neopia... All know he was.

The End

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