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Chia Bomber II: a Real Blast!

by lili483


Tyrannia: A world so bathed in history that it... well... became it. Despite the apparent incivility of the inhabitants, this Neopian world offers wonderful things from food to concerts, wheels to petpets, and some very fine games. You could try playing an old favorite, like Pterattack, or a game of chance, like Grarrl Keno, or a multiplayer game of strategy, like Kacheekers. However, as far and wide as you go from the Jungle to the Plateau, you just won't find another game as full of blasting fun as Chia Bomber II!

Now, while the old Chia Bomber was nice, the new Chia Bomber is definitely an improvement. There are plenty of changes between new and the old, some of which will help you out. An even better thing about this game, that was also true with the old Chia Bomber, is that if you get a certain score and send it, you'll receive a spiffy new avatar! Who in Neopia could resist such a magnificent combination, of a great game and a great avatar?

Starting Off

You start out with three lives, and Geoffrey the Chia in the lower left hand corner. There are two things important about this:

1. The first is that when you have zero lives, your game is over.

2. The second is that if you hold down your right arrow key when pressing the begin game button, you will start in the upper left hand corner. This will help you rack up the points you need, quickly!

Starting the game in this manner, continue to hold down the right arrow key and the space bar. This should mean that you are moving right, firing shots. Remember that if you hold down the space bar, a shot will be fired from your water balloon gun every time your previous shot hits something. (Practically, this means that you can always have one shot flying!) This will enable you to kill all of the green Chias that are in the top row. Now, continue about killing the Chias. Make sure that you end up in the top row when they are all killed.

Since you were careful to end up in the top row at the end of the last level, you can employ this nifty little trick. When pressing the space bar to get to the next level, hold down the right arrow key as before, and you will end up in the upper left hand corner again. Proceed to kill all of the green and blue Chias in the top row as you did in the first level.

Continue this way until you reach level four.

Level Four: the Yellow Chias

At level four, you will encounter two yellow Chias. This means that if you were to move forward while holding the space bar, and the Chias were to be following each other coming at you, your shots would not come fast enough to kill both of them before you ran into one or both of them.

So, you can still kill a lot of the Chias in the same manner as in levels 1-3, but you have to remember that if you have two yellow Chias or higher (as in, a yellow Chia and a red Chia, a red and a red, a red and a black, a black and a black, or a yellow and a black) coming at you, you have to stop at double the safe distance for the color(s), and hold down the space bar to fire many shots at once. Then, continue on your way killing the other Chias in that top row.

Level Eight: the Black Chias

When, during level eight, you encounter your first black Chia, be wary. In previous levels, you might have started to get the impression that with a few little tricks, you can quickly get rid of all the Chias that stand between you and your goal. However, the black Chias, and their five lives, are quite hard to kill. You can still get rid of them quickly by using the rapid-fire technique, but you have to stay much farther away from these Chias if you want any chance of survival.

These next few levels are going to be quite hard. Some people might even go so far as to say that this is the most difficult part of the game. You must try your hardest not to use mines until Level 10, because otherwise you need to have a certain number of lives left after the last level (Level 12) to get a high enough score for the avatar. I still don't recommend using mines until level nine in that case.

Using Your Mines

When you reach level ten, you can start using mines! This level, make sure not to start the level by holding down the right arrow key when pressing the space bar to start in the upper left hand corner, as you have in all of the previous levels. Simply press the space bar, and you will start off in the lower left hand corner.

Then, place your five mines. I find that the pattern below is quite effective, although you can place them wherever you want. (The m represents the mines, x represents a blank space, r represents a rock, and g represents where Geoffrey should start firing from.)







Continue in the same style as Level 10 until you finish the game.

Now, pat yourself on the back, because you should have ample points for that spiffy new avatar! Congratulations!

One last reminder: BEWARE OF ENEMY MINES!!!

Author's Note: There are other little useful tricks that you'll learn only with practice. These are tricks that everyone uses differently, so that is why I didn't put them in here. I hope that you all found my guide useful. Inspired by auruchan. Thank you Starry for making it even better =)

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