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It's All in the Wrist: a Dice-A-Roo Guide

by neojbc


ROO ISLAND - The game of the kings is Dice-A-Roo. Or at least it is the game of King Roo. Like other dice games, the object is to win, and who does not like winning? Dice-A-Roo is not only a game of luck, but it can also win you an avatar, and who does not like avatars? Dice-A-Roo is, however, a game of luck. If you are lucky enough, you may not only win an avatar. You could win the jackpot.


The objective may vary among the player. Most people's goal is to win the jackpot on the front page. Others may want to win items to sell or use. Some Neopians may use it to win free lottery tickets, which could lead to millions of neopoints. If you are going for the jackpot, you want to roll the dice until you land on the jackpot symbol.

Every time you roll a dice, you have a chance to add or subtract neopoints from your individual pot. This means that if you play one game you can only lose the five neopoints that you paid to play. If you lose, you lose all of the neopoints in the pot. That means that you don’t win anything. The only way to win the neopoints in your pot is to click on the button that says, “Stop playing and collect (however many neopoints you have gained).” You usually don’t have enough neopoints in your pot that you would want to collect. If for some reason you have a pot that is big enough for you to keep, then keep it.

The Levels:

There are five different colored die. Each color represents a new level. Level one is represented by a red die, level two by blue (ha ha that rhymes), level three by green, level four by yellow, and level five by silver. Obviously, the higher the level the better the prizes become. For example, the green level would give away different, usually better items, than the red level. Silver is the last level. It is on this level that you could win the Dice-A-Roo jackpot.

The Symbols:

There are seven different faces you may encounter. These symbols you can encounter through the whole game. The first is the check mark symbol. The check mark will give you a number of neopoints. You will gain more neopoints when you reach higher levels. The next symbol is the X. The X means you lose neopoints from your pot. As with the check mark, the higher the level you are on the more you will lose. Then there is the symbol you will learn to dread. The skull symbol means that you have lost the game and all of the neopoints in your pot. It also means you have to restart the game on level one. So you could be on level five, the silver level, and get the skull. Luckily, getting the skull doesn’t mean you lose. Don’t panic too much because there may be nothing for you to worry about.

You may most likely encounter a triangle that is tilted a little. This is the level up dice. This is what moves you up from red to blue, blue to green, etc. Unfortunately, this rolling a triangle will not guarantee a level up. It would say something like, “You were so close... but you didn't manage to proceed to the next die. Keep trying!” So don’t get too excited because you may not move up.

The question mark symbol you may see, but it doesn’t do anything until the fourth level, the yellow level. When not on the yellow level, the question mark dice will say “A mystic wind blows feel different somehow.” When you get the question mark on the yellow level, however, you win a lottery ticket. On the silver level, the question mark can make the Pant Devil steal an item of yours. Another symbol that is there from the blue level is the O symbol. The O symbol never does anything. It always says, “Nothing happens at all. Honestly.” So getting the O symbol isn’t good or bad. There is also a symbol, which you start encountering on the green level. This is the gift symbol. The gift symbol can give you anything between a cheap food items like BBQ Pork to more expensive items like a Bottled Earth Faerie.

Finally, there is the one that most people go for. This is winning the jackpot. On the silver level, there is one symbol that will make all your drea- -actually, it will only give you the jackpot of Dice-A-Roo. Or you can be super lucky and get the ten times multiplier. This means that if the jackpot is 4,390, then if you roll the jackpot symbol, the one that looks like a bag of neopoints, then you win 4,390 neopoints. If you get the ten times multiplier, then you would win 43,900 neopoints.


Unfortunately, you can’t strategize to this game. It is completely random and totally lucky. If I were you, I would still play. Personally, I like the game because if you are spending 250 neopoints on playing Dice-A-Roo, you can play- -ok, wait a second. Let’s see. You take the 0. Carry the 1. You get 50 times. Now in that 50 times you could win the jackpot, get some cool items, or even get a lottery ticket. Dice-A-Roo is also a fun game. I am so happy when I get a question mark for the lottery because I always forget to play. It is also fun to roll a skull symbol and lose on the first round. I have won the jackpot twice. The first time, I won the ten times multiplier and won 122,050 neopoints. And the second time I won the jackpot, I was writing this simple guide. Unluckily, I didn’t win the ten times multiplier and settled with 1,574 neopoints. I always have fun while playing Dice-A-Roo. So just play it and let the good times roll.

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