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A Trip to the Pound

by czenko28


By Silver

THE ADOPTION CENTER- Have you ever been abandoned? If you did, then you would feel the pain that I felt and all of the other abandoned pets felt. It’s not a nice feeling. In fact, this feeling is horrible. It’s the feeling that you don’t exist in the world. It’s the feeling that we are worthless. Nobody wants us including ourselves.

One of Neopia’s flaws is that so many pets get abandoned, sometimes even multiple times. The pets cry in their small cages at the adoption center until a loving owner comes to pick them up. It’s not nice having somebody you don’t even know take you home. It’s not nice at all. I, the best NT reporter that existed, is here to tell you about us pets and the adoption center we all know and hate.

The flaw in the adoption center is that so many pets get abandoned, and so many people create pets that are born to be abandoned. They are sometimes created for an avatar or just for the fun of creating a pet and seeing what will happen to the pet in the pound. You don’t know how many times I have seen pets with almost the same exact names in the pound. People are creating pets to be abandoned. How sad is that? This is a pretty tragic thing going on, so since I am here at the adoption center right now, I will talk to some of the pets that are here.

Silver: I am here with a pet named muncher300340 the green Techo. So, how are you, Muncher?

Muncher: What?! Huh? How do you know my name?

Silver: It’s on your cage, Sir.

Muncher: Oh.

Silver: So, how are you doing?

Muncher: I’m hungry. Do you have any food?

Silver: Nope, I don’t have any food with me. I’m sure that you don’t get much food around here.

Muncher: Much? We don’t have any at all. You would think that they would just feed me with a name like Muncher.

Silver: 300340?

Muncher: I can’t even remember those numbers, so don’t even bother saying them.

Silver: Mr. Muncher, about how old are you?

Muncher: What do you mean?

Silver: You must know your age.

Muncher: Nope.

Silver: Okay, let’s move on. Who was the last owner you had?

Muncher: I had an owner. All I remember is being in this dump. Some world this is.

Silver: There are so many better places outside of here.

Muncher: I doubt that. Now could you leave me alone? I’m a bit tired.

That was my conversation with muncher300340. It wasn’t very pleasant and Muncher didn’t seem the slightest bit happy. He doesn’t even know that there’s a better life outside of the adoption center it’s so sad. I guess I will talk to one more pet. Let’s see, this one’s name seems to be…muncher0983? Two pets named Muncher are almost right next to each other. This should get interesting.

Silver: Hello there, young Grarrl.

Muncher: Oh, hello there.

Silver: You seem much nicer than that Techo over there.

Muncher: You mean my sister? She’s not the strongest in the world.

Silver: So you two are related?

Muncher: I guess you could say that. I only saw her for about two minutes when I lived with my owner. She was always a timid little girl, only a couple days old. She was put in the pound right after she was born.

Silver: Wow! What about you?

Muncher: I had to wait a little bit before being abandoned. It wasn’t fun though. We didn’t even have a house. I just wandered the streets with my owner.

Silver: He abandoned you not too long later, huh?

Muncher: That’s right. I don’t mind, though. I don’t like our owner. Now we have a chance to get a better one.

Silver: That’s the good thing about the pound. You know, I was in the pound once myself.

Muncher: Really, you’re lucky your owner kept you. I’ve seen pets that were thrown in the pound multiple times.

Silver: You've got to be kidding me.

Muncher: Nope, I’m not kidding. I’m not the luckiest either. The people think I’m some kind of monster or something.

Silver: I’m sure you will be adopted soon.

Muncher: Yeah, I hope so.

Those are two examples of abandoned pets. That shows that some pets can handle the pound more than others. I sure couldn’t handle the pound for very long. Now it’s time for your lesson on how to adopt.

Getting a pet of your own

Now here is the part of my article where I tell you the best way to get a fun, loving pet of your own. An example of a good pet to adopt is muncher0983. He is a kind young green Grarrl, but there is more to adopting than that. Let me explain.

I wouldn’t create a pet if I were you. If you wanted a really awesome pet, there is one already created sitting in the pound. Go to the pound and look for a pet before creating your own. Search for awhile, maybe multiple times a day. If you don’t find the kind of pet you want, or if you’re really picky about the kind of pet you want, then go ahead and create a pet of your own.

When you're looking for a pet in the pound there is a certain way how you should adopt. When walking down the moldy halls of the pound be sure to look for the following.

1. You have to have the kind of species that you desire. If you see a species that you like, they passed part of the inspection.

2. You have to just rely on your gut on what pet you want. When there is a pet that you want to adopt, then it wouldn’t just have the species and color you want but you would also just kind of want it in a way you can’t describe. The pet is like a magnet to you.

3. The name is considered one of the most important things. To me, it is not the most important. This is only because I don’t like my own name, and I turned out to be pretty handsome guy. Don’t pick a name with two many numbers. If you really don’t like the name, then leave the pet. All pets have nick names, so you can just give an ultra cool nickname to your pet that they will use all the time.

4. You should look for the color you want, but it’s not necessary. You could always change the color of your pet if you want to, so there you don’t have to get a specific color. Get a painted or limited edition pet if you want one and come across one, but just look for a basic colored normal pet. They need to be loved more than the painted pets, because there are swarms that want them.

After you find the right pet for you, bring it home and introduce it to your family. It normally takes your family a little bit of time to get used to the new pet, and it’s not uncommon for them to pick on each other. Make your pet feel at home and be sure to take care of it forever.

The funnest part of getting a brand new pet of your own is to make up a cool personality for your pet and draw it. There is an endless variety of personalities and hobbies you can choose for your pet. This I leave to you, and I’m sure that there is another guide that would tell you how to do just that.

The possibilities are endless for your pet, and I’m sure your new pet would love you for taking it out of the pound. Love your pet back, because they need all of the love that they can take.

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