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Store or Sell - Completed World Challenge Maps

by _ozark


Please Note: This is a guide for those who are familiar with the World Challenge; there are many other guides that go over the main concepts of the World Challenge.

So, you’ve spent twenty-plus long hours working your little fingers off and drying your eyes out like prunes? What to do now? Well that’s where I’m here to help. After you have successfully completed your twenty-piece World Challenge Map you have a hard decision ahead of you. You can do one of two things: convert your map, hoping for a great gift, not to mention the two-thousand Neopoints you also receive, or you could remove all the pieces from your gallery and put them into your inventory. Why remove them, you say? Why, to put them into your store and sell them, of course! In this guide, you will reveal the goods and the bads of both converting and selling your World Challenge Maps. We’ll also take a trip to ask some of the best World Challengers a few questions; trust me, these users are the best, each completing over ten, yes ten, World Challenge Maps! That’s around two-hundred hours worth of playing games and competing.

Your first choice is to convert or take a leap of faith, which usually ends up pretty good, if you say it in my words. To convert, after getting all twenty map pieces, you would click the link which says Add/Remove/Convert Picture Pieces, and then you will scroll down, under your completed map, and click the wonderful convert button. You will then be taken to a page which states what prize you win. When you convert a completed map you win an item, which is usually pretty valuable, plus two-thousand Neopoints. Here are some prizes that users have received from converting their maps: Pirate Paint Brush, Maraquan Paint Brush, Tyrannian Paint Brush, Mystery Island Paint Brush, Snowickle, Reptillior, and the list keeps going. So, if you’d like to take a chance and hope for the best, you may want to convert your completed map today!

There’s also a downside to converting your completed map. The only thing for sure that you get is the two-thousand Neopoints. The rest is luck. Although the majority of users who have converted their maps have gotten items over one-million Neopoints, some have not been so lucky. A few of the prizes, that let’s say weren’t worth it, are as follows: Bri Codestone, Bearog, Tai-Kai Codestone, Ghostkerchief, and a Ten Dubloon Coin. If you didn’t notice, each and every one of these items are under fifty-thousand Neopoints. So is twenty hours worth of playing games really worth around thirty two-thousand Neopoints? You decide.

The second option for you is to sell your twenty pieces. To do this, you click on the Add/Remove/Convert Picture Pieces link. You’ll see your completed map in a grid style and under each square there is a link which says Inventory. To get them to your shop, click the Inventory link under all twenty of your pieces. After that, go to your inventory and send them all to your shop. Now most World Challenge Pieces are sold for twenty through twenty five-thousand Neopoints. If you were taught math correctly, and multiplied twenty two thousand five-hundred Neopoints, which is the average if you didn’t know, by 20 (for the number of map piece you are selling), you would get four hundred forty five-thousand Neopoints. Not as high as you might get from converting, I know, but there’s no gamble here.

Yes, as you probably guessed, there are also many contraries to selling your pieces too. Selling the pieces in your shop can take a lot of time, so you who can’t stand in line for lunch, you better go for the convert. Or, while pricing your pieces, you may forget a zero or two on the price and sell a piece for two-hundred or two-thousand Neopoints. Trust me, it happens; when I looked my sales history and saw two pieces were sold for twenty one-thousand Neopoints, I went “Jeepers, creepers, weepers!” Then I congratulated the user for being observant and a fast buyer, all because I’m nice of course! So now the next question is, is twenty hours of playing games really worth selling some of your pieces for bargain prices, on accident? What would you say?

Ah hah, now there’s also a secret third way to deal with your pieces that I did not mention at the start. So if you’ve stayed with me this long I believe you should now be rewarded. You see this may not be a big secret, but still, keep it close; many people may not know. This third way can be done now since the greatest group of programmers redid the World Challenge ways. When the World Challenge first came out, there was only one map per world, or twelve maps in all. But, these powerful programmers made the World Challenge bigger, and better, way better, than one could have imagined! Now there are two, yes two, t - w - o maps for each world. That makes twenty four maps in all that you can complete. Now this is where the third way comes into play. You could complete your first map and then convert it, most likely receiving over one million Neopoints for the item you get. Then, yes here’s the big part, you could complete your second map and sell, did you see that, sell the twenty pieces for some pretty nifty profits. You could keep completing and selling your map pieces until you get tired of that world’s games, and you can then convert the second map, getting a wonderful, or maybe not so wonderful, prize. Then if you start to curl up in a dark corner because you’re having World Challenge withdraws, you can restart the whole process in a different world! This little trick can get you a lot of Neopoints; aren’t you glad I told you? Just remember one thing, even if the world knows about it, it’s our secret!

Now it’s time to ask Neopia’s World Challenge Elites a few questions. I found these three masters in, where else, but the Games Message Board. Below are a couple questions that these World Challenge Elites happily answered for me.

How many World Challenge Maps have you completed?

Nibs: I’ve completed twelve maps.

Moocoweatsfire: I’ve completed twelve.

Game_master_tim: I have completed thirteen maps.

How many maps have you converted?

Nibs: I’ve converted all twelve of my maps.

Moocoweatsfire: I’ve converted eleven.

Game_master_tim: I have converted zero.

How many maps have you sold?

Nibs: I’ve sold none.

Moocoweatsfire: I’ve sold one, I don’t like selling maps.

Game_master_tim: I have sold all thirteen.

Have you ever converted the first map and kept selling the second map (The third way I talked about)?

Nibs: Nope, I’ve never used the third way.

Moocoweatsfire: I usually just finish both sets of a world.

Game_master_tim: No, I have not used the third way.

What do you prefer to do after completing a map, convert, or sell?

Nibs: I’d instantly convert.

Moocoweatsfire: When I complete a map, I usually convert it.

Game_master_tim: After I complete a map, I always sell it for four hundred-thousand Neopoints.


Nibs: I like to gamble with the prizes, and getting the Neopoints from selling them just seems like a waste.

Moocoweatsfire: It’s more fun I guess.

Game_master_tim: Because it’s a sure price, and I like Neopoints.

Ok, so we’ve covered everything about completed World Challenge Maps, or so I hope. We talked about why converting and selling can be with you or against you, we went over the secret way, wait what is the secret way (catching on?), and we’ve talked to some of the best World Challenge players. If you’ve read this guide and still can’t make up your mind on what to do, pick a number, one through three, no really! Ok, if you picked one, you’re going to use the secre- I mean the non-existent way, if you chose two, you will convert, and for three, you can sell. Now if you still haven't made you decision, I just don't don't know what else you could possibly do!

Author's Note: If you have any questions, feel free to neomail me.

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