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75 Ways To Get Rid Of That Tombola Junk

by oceanwoman2000


TOMBOLA JUNK, something we all loathe. Every day we go to the Tombola man hoping for a faerie or codestone, but all we get is sand or a rock. Don’t worry, Jen (me) will help! I’ve spent hours on this so you could get rid of all your useless junk! I present to you... [insert cool music] 75 Ways To Get Rid Of Tombola Junk!

1. Give them to random users.

2. Eat them.

3. Eat them with ketchup.

4. Put a little note on them and send them out to sea!

5. Throw them in the cooking pot. I'm sure Jhuidah wouldn't mind...

6. Send them all to Adam.

7. Tell Snowflake you'll send millions of Tombola prizes to her unless she puts your pointless-yet-funny article in the NT... It really works! Not...

8. Hire a Skeith to eat them all.

9. If the Skeith charges too much, hire a Grarrl.

10. Glue them together to make a giant Adam statue.

11. Give them to chibi_chan_01.

Chibi_chan_01: NO! Don’t give it to me! I’m Jen’s friend!

12. Don't give them to chibi_chan_01. Instead, give them to an annoying n00b you met at the chat boards.

13. Dump them at the Rubbish Dump.

14. Throw them at Jhudora.

15. Drop them all because you'll be running from Jhudora.

16. Give them to the Igloo Garage Sale. They always say they are out anyway...

17. Keep them till their value goes way up, and sell them all.

18. Bury them in the Lost Desert.

19. Toss them at King Skarl.

20. Run like crazy when he sends his guards after you, occasionally dropping an item or two.

21. Make up a crazy story on the chat boards saying you have no NP, you can't play games, so you get NP by selling Tombola junk. Someone might believe you...

22. Make a guild for people who love Tombola junk, and give it all to them.

23. Make your NeoHome out of Tombola junk!

24. Make an article about how to get rid of junk. Maybe some rabid fan will take it all!

25. Set them on fire.

26. Use them as practice targets for the Battledome.

27. Throw all that junk in the Fungus Cave.

28. Lie to Fyora, telling her they are the best items ever. Then run.

29. Send it all to Maraqua.

30. Feed it to the Esophagor.

31. Send them to all your Neofriends as Christmas presents.

32. On Easter, go around dressed up as a Cybunny, and hide it all.

33. Send them to that n00b that asked for your paintbrush a week ago.

34. When your brother or sister bother you too much, send all that junk to their account!

35. Donate it all to the Money Tree.

36. See if you can get your pets to read them.

37. Tie them to a Pteri’s leg and send him flying away.

38. Have a Giant Malevolent Chomby crush it under its feet.

39. Throw it into the Lair of the Beast.

40. See if you can make it float across the ocean to Mystery Island.

41. Throw the junk at the Ticket Booth till they let you in the concert for free.

42. Dump all your junk at -blocked-. It really exists, you know.

43. Launch it into your neighbor’s NeoHome and blame a Shoyru that flew overhead.

44. Get someone to take it all so they can feed their starving pets.

45. Give all that junk to the Shop of Mystery. Then wait outside to see people get mad that they spent 1,736 NP on a volcanic rock.

46. Put sparkles on all your junk and sell it to someone, claiming its magical.

47. Stuff them inside food and give it away to poor Neopians.

48. Throw them at people pretending to be celebrities.

49. Toss them over the edge of the Plateau.

50. Go to Pick Your Own and leave all the junk there. Then hide in a bush to see who finds it.

51. On Christmas, dress like Santa and hand them out to ‘bad’ Neopians.

52. Bury them in the snow of Terror Mountain.

53. Hide it all in the Snowager’s cave. While you're there, get some neggs and weapons too.

54. On Halloween, give it to trick-or-treaters.

55. Hide it in the Hidden Tower.

56. Make jewelry out of junk. It’s all the rage.

57. Make your own personal beach in your Neogarden.

58. Convince TNT to make a junk avatar, and sell it all at a high price.

59. Dress the junk up so it looks like asparagus and give it to Adam.

60. Write a song about it. It won’t get rid of it, but it sure would be fun! ^_^

61. Discard it all. Then you'll have no problems.

62. Force your pets to eat all your junk.

63. Force your friend's pets to eat all your junk.

64. Go to the Smuggler's Cove and dump it all there.

65. Ground it up and make it a nice pie topping.

66. Make a machine that uses junk as fuel.

67. Feed it to your petpets.

68. Feed it to your petpetpets.

69 Attempt to flush it all down the toilet. Keyword: ATTEMPT

70. Toss it all into your other neighbor's NeoHome Then move very, VERY far away.

71. Put it all in a time capsule.

72. Taunt the Pant Devil till he takes it all.

73. Post a rumor on the chat boards saying there's a junk avatar and that you'll give away junk to those who ask for it.

74. Become a famous Neopian and tell rabid fans you'll only be happy if they take all your junk.

75. On April Fool's Day, tell someone you're going to give them a paint brush, but instead, give them that annoying junk of yours.

There you have it! 75 ways to get rid of all that junk! I’m going to thank chibi_chan_01 and rainbow_yoshi_10 for helping me think of ways when my mind went blank! I’m gonna thank chibi_chan_01 again along with my guild members for being great friends! ^_^

Feel free to send feedback about my first article. I may start sending comics, so look for that in the future! ^_~

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