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Advent Calendar Prizes You Won't Recieve

by cyneo_masters2


Ahh, the advent calendar. Who doesn't love getting free prizes (or at least the feeling of getting free prizes) that are given out during each day of December? I do! I mean, think about it... cool items + neopoints = immediate awesomeness (in case you've never been to the advent calendar before, ever). But not everything that was suggested to be released for the advent calendar gets accepted. In fact, the truly astonishing reality is that a lot don't even get close. What exactly are these items and why weren't they released? You're about to find out the hard way...

Summer Snowball: Makes about as much sense as Winter Sunscreen or a Spring Rake. (If they ever existed).

Melting Chocolate Ball: By the time you brought it back home, it was gone. And this time, it wasn't the Pant Devil's fault.

Raindork: A new petpet based on a typo seemed like a good at the time...but, sadly, not too many Neopians saw it as 'cool'.

Top Security Cardboard Box: Great if you ever wanted to prevent people from stealing your Christmas presents. A sequel to the popular Top Security Lunch Box.

Snow Oven: Perfect for heating up things from your snow fridge! (Not guaranteed to last for more than two days after use.)

Waterproof Water: The problem with this one was that every time you tried to drink it, you didn't drink anything, because in reality, waterproof water means no water. So, you just got a cup.

Maraquan Snowglobe: The people behind this one suddenly realized it's impossible for it to snow in Maraqua.

Chatspeak for Beginners: OnG!!!111one1!onetwo Lyk ths bok is th grtst!!onetwo!11one

Evil Snowman Decoration: It would come with a "Let's be friends" T-shirt. Or, if you preferred, the popular "I *Heart* Sloth" T-shirt.

Winter Paintbrush: Because the Snow and Christmas paintbrushes simply weren't enough...

Siamese Twin Negg: Great for those who like two-for-one bargains! Or for sets of twins! Or those who like...connected things...

The Meanest People in the Gallery of Heroes: An Attempt to appeal to everyone that just failed.

Rotten Fruitcake: Rejected because of two reasons: One, it would take too long for the fruitcake to become rotten and Two, who eats fruitcake in the first place?

Rainbow Fountain Faerie Quest Card: Rejected because there originally was no such thing as a 'quest card'. And nobody was considering making one, either.

Christmas Cupcake: Much better than the original birthday cake. And a lot smaller, too.

Jazzmosis Christmas Carols II: Eventually, they'd run out of carols to sing. Or at least ones that they could easily make jazzy.

Ice Snowickle: Why or how anybody would want to freeze an already frozen petpet was not entirely made clear.

Iced Ice Cold Coffee: If anybody (mainly coffee lovers) ever wanted below-zero temperature coffee, this would be perfect. But, we haven't found anyone who wants to try it anytime soon...

Super Super Super Super Super Icy Negg Deluxe: Rejected mainly for the reasons why the Iced Ice Cold Coffee was rejected.

Neopian Times Issue 250: Making up for all those other 247 NT editions that Issue 3 somehow missed. Plus, now it's easier to shred, a perfect gift for those who love and hate the Times.

I *Heart* Tyrannia T-shirt: Somehow, this shirt contradicted the fact that the advent calendar is released every year in no place other than...Terror Mountain.

Map of Qasala: People still have harsh feelings about the place ever since Razul and Jazan destroyed nearly half of Sahkmet.

Pack of Assorted Vegetables: Incidentally, this was suggested shortly after the waterproof water was suggested. However, this made more sense than that waterproof water.

"I don't like Christmas" T-shirt: Why anybody would get this at the advent calendar was beyond this shirt's designers. Plus, it was in red and green, which also didn't make sense.

Brian the Scorchio Gormball: A Gormball with a picture of the game's most famous cheater on it made quite a few people uneasy (I’ll admit, it even made me quiver).

Dice Escape: The Board Game: It just didn't go with the game's story that all the board games in Neopia were captured.

How to Collect All the Avatars and Easy Ways to obtain the Items You'll Need for Them: Then there would be no competition. And the title was waaaaaay too long.

Sarah the Zafara Plushie: It turns out more Neopians wanted the "Sarah the Zafara Voodoo Doll" than anything else in the whole world...

Pickled Olives: Neopia's most unfavorite food in an impossible-to-open jar. Besides, getting it through the Tombola or Shop Wizard is much, much easier, anyway...

Springtime Fun Usuki Playset: This time, it wasn't rejected because it was released at the appropriate time. It was released because of its purpose: to "ensure that when winter is over, Neopians have something to play with". The wait for winter to be over would take too long, or so they thought.

Plastic Miniature Fire and Ice Sword: It really just wasn't, well...firey and icey. Besides, many Neopians wanted the original Hidden Tower item.

Faerie Crossword Answer Book: Hundreds of magical crossword answers that keep changing so you never get bored! (A sequel to Faerie Crossword Book.)

Miniature Gigantic Decorated Tree: Something so small, yet so gigantic...that just didn't quite work out. But it still looked pretty nice...

Adam-Shaped Cake: When it was originally intended to celebrate Adam from the staff (and all of his neopoints), some people thought the idea of eating his likeness was repulsive.

So, as you can plainly see, there are just some advent calendar prizes that will just never quite make it. Maybe you do want to see or have some of these items. Maybe you don't. Most likely, though, you don't. So, every time you think you've gotten a lousy prize from the advent calendar, stop for a moment. Think of just one (or more, if you wish) rejected prize that could be much, much, much worse that the one you received. Then, you'll probably smile and have a great day. Happy holidays to all! And to all a good advent calendar year (we hope)!!

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