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The Darkest Faerie Rises: Part Two

by ewagon


Drakar stared at Jhudora; she seemed to be crazy. "What do you mean, 'It is finally beginning?'"

      "I mean that as you say that, you are solidifying your position as the darkest faerie ever."

      "And why is that?"

      Jhudora laughed at her. "Just LOOK at you. You are young, arrogant, and you have a strong will power. The very same will you have now to NOT be the darkest faerie will one day motivate you to control Faerieland. Do you not understand? YOU, Drakar, YOU will rule Faerieland one day, and I will train you all you need to know in order to do so."

      Drakar stared at Jhudora with an icy glare that was full of evil, though she was unaware that it existed. "If I am to be so evil, why do you want to teach me? Since I will be more powerful than you anyway."

      "Because, Drakar, no dark faerie alone is strong enough. But together, with you as our leader, we cannot fail."

      "What makes you say that?"

      "Is not it obvious? You are more evil and cruel inside than me, though you may not yet know it."

      Drakar, becoming move angry and evil by the second at Jhudora's predictions, glared at evil with her evil glare and asked icily, "Then teach me so that one day I will be powerful enough to change what kind of faerie I am."

      Jhudora snickered, "By then, you will want to be powerful to defeat Fyora, not to be some other silly kind of faerie."

      Drakar simply replied, "We shall see."

      Jhudora looked at her with a hint of admiration and a hint of annoyance, "Then let it begin."

      As the months and years wore on, Drakar turned evil. Not intentionally, and not all at once. But a gradual change overtook the young girl in Jhudora's care. Drakar no longer helped a faerie that dropped her books. She no longer introduced herself to the new faerie, and she no longer wanted to be someone else. She was now dropping other people's books, she was taunting the new faeries in school, and she was loving every minute of the attention she got from the council and Jhudora.

      Then a fateful day came when Jhudora summoned Drakar.

      "Today is the day, Drakar. I have been warning you about it for a while. Are you ready?"

      "I have met your strength and nearly overcome you. I have been waiting for this day for a long time."

      "So you have, but I have one last thing to teach you. Whenever you bless someone, make sure that you are also blessed, at least indirectly."

      Drakar rolled her eyes at this instruction. "You REALLY think that you have to tell me that?"

      Jhudora replied, "Of course not, but that is a lesson that needs to be said, not because it is not obvious, but because it cannot be ignored."

      "Well, DUH!" replied Drakar as they flew off towards the dark faerie council.

      "And what do we have here, Jhudora?" asked the oldest council member.

      "Wise council members, Drakar has met and exceeded my expectations for her. She is now my match and has nearly overcome me. She has yet to do so only because I end the lesson when that occurs, and that is her cue that she has won. Her only task left is to be tested and to devise a plan."

      "Very well Jhudora, you have done well. You are indeed a great teacher and we are indebted to you for your service. May you receive the highest position in Neopia when Drakar leads us into the battle and wins."

      Drakar, hearing this, stepped into the conversation. "So you think you can use me? You think that because I am the darkest faerie you can manipulate me?!" Drakar started screaming with rage, "I will show you to try to treat me like a puppet!!!" Drakar looked ready to take on the entire council and Jhudora with ever ounce of her power.

      Jhudora stepped in and grabbed Drakar's arm while hissing into her ear, "Do not be foolish! Just because you can defeat me in battle does not mean you can defeat them."

      Drakar looked up at Jhudora and nodded. She was right. She looked up at the council and spoke to them, "I will not apologize, because I am not sorry. But I will NOT be a puppet of yours to take control of Faerieland. Do not forget, it will be ME who leads you into battle and ME who does the real fighting. I will decide what honors will be rewarded to who and who shall be in what position under me. Just because you are members of the council does not give you that right."

      The council looked at each other and the oldest council member spoke again, "You are right; we apologize. When you defeat us in battle, we will be your humble servants. Until then, you are still subject to us, but you still deserve our respect, and you shall have it."

      "That is more like it," said Drakar as she nodded at his words and bowed before him. "Until then, I am subject to you, but when that day comes, it is I who will be in control, not you."

      "Very well, now go and train and learn. Jhudora will still mentor you, but you are no longer under her command."

      When Drakar left, two of the council members spoke with each other. The wise member said, "We cannot let her control us! Who knows how much power she will have! She is so young still and has already defeated Jhudora, one of the most powerful dark faeries!"

      The older replied, "I am not blind, I realize that, but what choice does she have? Either we can willingly submit to her, or she could destroy us with one blow soon, which do you prefer? I'd rather be her servant than be forced to endure her power, what about you?"

      The wiser thought it over and had little to say. "You are right, we knew this day would come, so now here it is and we have to deal with it properly."

      "I think our main problem will be with her anger. She obviously does not like opposition, though she does think things through when someone encourages her to stop and think about it. That is good; perhaps we can use it to our advantage."

      "We can only hope."

      When Drakar joined Jhudora for more training, she was seething. How dare those council members try to treat her like a puppet. She'd show them. As soon as she used them to control Neopia, they would be the first to live in her royal dungeon. They would be kept alive, of course, but she hoped that they would wish otherwise.

      As she was training, she accidentally muttered out loud, "I do not know who they think they are."

      Jhudora heard her and stopped short. "Drakar, they are the council. They are the ones who instructed me to teach you, and you heard what they say. Until you can defeat them they still have power over you."

      Drakar started seething with rage again. "Yes, but it is not right. I will NOT be subject to people who think they can use me to fulfill their desires." Drakar seemed to be done, but then she looked up with an afterthought, "Oh, and Jhudora, that includes you."

      Jhudora looked at her with admiration and spoke, "I would never use you, you have become like a daughter to me."

      Drakar just looked at her with a hint of disgust. "Do not give me that, you are as power hungry as the lot of them and you know it. Being humble is no better than being high and mighty like they are."

      Jhudora looked at her with nearly full admiration and bowed before her, "You are right, I am sorry. It is true that I do hope I will get a good position, but I most certainly do not think I can overpower or use you in any way other than a position solidified for myself when you rule us all."

      Drakar looked over Jhudora, as if staring inside Jhudora to determine whether she was telling the truth or not. "I believe you, but I warn you. Crossing me would be a fatal mistake. As much as you've done for me, it'd be a pity to imprison or torture you."

      "I would not ever cross you, Drakar."

      "I believe it is time that you start calling me master or show me some form of respect when you refer to me as Drakar, because I am more powerful than you and am growing more powerful even as we speak."

      "Of course, Drakar," said Jhudora as she once again bowed low.

      Jhudora noticed a change coming upon Drakar, her skin was turning purple, and her wings were becoming more leathery. She was becoming an image of pure beauty and evil all at once, and Jhudora knew that her time with Drakar was rapidly coming to an end and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

      "Oh, I have come to love you like my daughter, I hope that you will fulfill your deepest desires and goals."

      "Oh I will, and I hope that I can count on you to help me fulfill them."

      Jhudora looked upon Drakar with respect and admiration. "I remember you came here as a miserable faerie wishing you were someone else, and I am happier than most people could imagine that you are leaving here as what you were destined to be. The darkest faerie."

To be continued...

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