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Look Closely

by dottie27a


"OK, I've got my money, my Flotsam plushie…yes, I think that's everything." Fleír was pacing around her room, waiting for the perfect moment to leave. She'd been planning this for days. She'd get everything packed, and then leave right under her uncaring brother and sister's stuck-up noses. They wouldn't care--they'd probably be glad she finally decided to leave. She could tell they didn't really want her here; that they didn't really care about her. This was her little way of freeing herself from them. Peeking around the corner of her room, she saw her brother napping on the sofa, and her sister was nowhere to be seen. This is my chance, she thought. Quickly, she grabbed her knapsack, placed her earlier written note on the bedside table, and began towards the door. In the threshold, she took one last glance at her room, and the life she was leaving behind.


     Dear Aurora and Jagger,

      I wanted to start off by telling you that I'm leaving and never coming back. Because you're reading this means that I've fled the house, and I am currently finding my way off of Mystery Island. Thanks for trying to raise me, but it's just not working. I'm sure you two will find my absence very wonderful. Maybe we'll meet again someday.



     A tear rolled down Aurora's face. "My little Wocky!" cried Aurora, beginning to sob uncontrollably.

     Jagger walked into the bedroom. "Is everything alright?"

     "No! Fleír's run away!" cried Aurora.

     Jagger, noticing the letter, quickly picked it up and scanned for any clues. "Come one, let's go search the Island. There's no way she could have gotten very far. She can't swim, and the ferry back to the mainland doesn't leave for another two hours. If we get going now, we can find her!" Glancing at Aurora, he saw the tears stop.

     "Well then, why are we still here? Let's go find our baby sister!" And with that, they set off to find where Fleír had gone too.


     The three siblings live together on the western edge of Mystery Island, close to the Market Place. Stepping outside, Aurora questioned Jagger as to where they should look.

     "Well," said Jagger, "let's start at the Trading Post. Then we'll go from there."

     A few minutes later, Aurora and Jagger arrived at the Trading Post. Stepping inside, they sensed a change in the atmosphere. Inside, everyone that worked for the Trading Post was running around absentmindedly. Stepping up to the Mynci standing behind the desk, they asked him if he'd seen their sister.

     "No, no, haven't seen her. I've been too busy with the latest shipment of Paint Brushes to notice anyone. Right at my lunch time the shipment arrives. It always seems to happen that way. I get my nice Triple Carrot Sandwich in front of me, I'm about to dig in, when all of a sudden…"

     "OK, well thanks anyway, sir." Jagger and Aurora left as fast as they could. They could hear the Mynci screaming as they were leaving, "Hey! Don't you want to buy a Paint Brush?"

     "Well that was a waste of time. And Fleír's still out there someone!" said Aurora. She began to cry again.

     "Come on, don't lose hope. We'll find her. We just have to look harder. Let's go ask the Island Mystic for some help. He does know all," comforted Jagger.

     "Great. Fleír's missing and all you can think about is that stupid avatar?" yelled Aurora.

     Jagger looked hurt. "This is not about the avatar. He should be able to help us!" Together they walked to the Mystic's Hut. As they entered, the mystic told them of their fortune:

     Keep a keen eye out, for the fortune you seek is closer than you think.

     Jagger and Aurora stared at each other. "What?" asked Aurora.

     "That's all he'll say about it. He gives his fortune, and then he's done. He rarely even knows what he's saying, let alone what it means," explained Jagger. The Island Mystic nodded his head in agreement.

     Aurora scoffed and walked out of the hut. Jagger, following behind, followed Aurora all the way to the beach without a word being exchanged. Aurora walked over to a bench and sat down quietly. Jagger walked over, and put his arm around his sister.

     "I know you miss her. I miss her just as much as you do. We're going to find her, eventually. We just have to keep looking."

     Aurora's eyes became teary again. "Did you realize where we are? Fleír loved this beach. We used to come down here and play for hours and hours. And now we won't be able to ever again. Why did she have to run away?" Aurora leaned her head on Jagger's shoulder and began to cry. Through her sobs were just a few audible phrases.

     "Why…miss her…great house…loved her…"

     Jagger picked up his head. He stared out over the ocean, hoping it would give him the motivation he needed to find his sister. She was so young, out in the world all by herself. He wanted to hold her and keep her safe forever. But he couldn't do that until he found her…

     Jagger quickly turned around. He thought he heard something rustling in the bushes behind him. Seeing nothing, he turned back around, trying to listen to the ocean over Aurora's sobbing. Suddenly, something touched his shoulder. He turned around, yet saw nothing. He jumped up, fearing he'd seen (or hadn't seen) a Ghost Neopet.

     "I'm so sorry!"

     Aurora stopped crying and turned around. She just heard Fleír! But, where'd it come from? She couldn't see her anywhere. It was obvious Jagger had heard it to, because he was looking around, trying to find where Fleír was. Aurora watched as Jagger looked in on something over near the bushes. She glanced in that direction but couldn't see what he was looking at.

     Jagger walked over to the bush. "Fleír? Is that you?" he questioned.

     Just then Aurora saw what he was talking to. There was a vague outline of a Wocky standing there. Was this really her sister?

     "Yes! It's me! I'm so sorry I ran away! I'll never do it again," exclaimed Fleír as she jumped into Jagger's arms.

     Excited, Aurora jumped off of the bench, and ran over to her newly found sister. Standing there, she flung her arms around Fleír, tears beginning to fall again.

     "I'm so sorry Aurora! I'll never do it again." Fleír began to cry, also.

     A few more minutes passed, and then Aurora and Jagger began to question Fleír as to what happened, and why she ran away.

     "I started planning this a few days ago. I was starting to feel really bad, and I thought you two didn't care about me anymore. I thought it would be better if I just left. I thought it would be better that way.

     "So, this morning, I woke up, wrote out that note, and gathered my things. Around noon or so, Jagger was asleep and I didn't know where you were, Aurora, so I left. I didn't know where to go, so I decided to visit the Trading Post. There, they had a new shipment of Paint Brushes, so I bought a Camouflage one. I went back to the house, and watched both of you all day. I followed you all around the Island, also. I thought the Mystic gave me away with his fortune, but I wasn't discovered.

     "Then we came here. I saw that you both missed me, and I couldn't take it anymore. It took you long enough to see me though." She giggled. "I really am sorry for running away. I know you both care; I just had this silly thought in my head. But now we're all together, and that's all that matters, right?"

     "Right," agreed Aurora and Jagger.

     "Good. So I guess we'll head back to the house, and we'll get back to our normal lives. Do you want to go to the Market Place? Maybe we can find some food there, my treat." She smiled sweetly.

     "No, I think we'll go home, and you can go to your bedroom. You didn't really think you wouldn't be punished for this, did you?" joked Aurora.

     "Yes, I knew it was coming. I was just hoping I could butter you two up enough that you'd forget." They all laughed.

     The three siblings began walking back to their house, once again all together.

The End

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