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Working for Jhudora

by xxnekoninjaxx


Let me tell you, being on Jhudora’s good side can get you pretty far when you get into a pretty bad predicament, or in my case, put you into a bad predicament. But I guess I should start from the beginning, shouldn’t I?

    Hi, My name is SasukeTheStrange. I am a Tyrannian Peophin who managed to successfully complete a few tasks for the dark faerie Jhudora and win her rare trust; which can receive you quite the reputation among your fellow neopets. But before I go on, I would like to clarify that just because one works for the dark faerie doesn’t necessarily mean that one is a bad neopet; I am a very kind individual; but anyway, where was I?

    Ahh, yes, my last task to be completed was a little... well... "peculiar" to say the least. I was asked not to retrieve an item, but rather to investigate something that Jhudora herself couldn’t do without drawing too much undesired attention upon herself. She asked me to dive to the depths of the Ruins of Maraqua and investigate a strange occurrence concerning the Mysterious Statue near the underwater fishing area.

    She informed me of an odd light that had begun to circulate about the stone of the ominous appearing faerie periodically, and that I was the most capable and trustworthy being for the task. It was an honor to be trusted with such a job, but also quite nerve-racking (but of course I never would have let Jhudora know that; she would have been very disappointed, and more than likely, furious with me).

    I swam to the depths of Maraqua where the Mysterious Statue lay dormant and seemingly... how do I put it... statue-like; nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but I knew that I couldn’t go back to Jhudora with no information to relay back to her. She was counting on me and trusted me with this task, so I had to do something. All I could do was wait around for a bit, hoping that something would happen to either liven up the situation, or give me something good enough to go home with... not to mention that eerie statue gave me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    It was nearly night time before something finally happened, and even though I had been waiting all day for something like this to take place, I knew that I really didn’t want to witness anything happening, so it goes without saying that I was a little more that nervous when a gleaming light started to circulate about the amulet around the faerie’s neck. Was the mysterious faerie waking up?! It couldn’t be?! Would she be nice? Or like Jhudora?

    I heaved a great sigh, knowing for a fact that I had no other choice but to investigate. Against all odds and proper thoughts, I somehow managed to force my body to venture nearer, and to my astonishment, the light started to dance about in a festive manner, as if it was getting more and more excited as I crept closer. I wasn’t too sure what to do, so upon a whim I pulled out a small glass container and edged even nearer.

    The light began to move very unnaturally, in what appeared to be circles and then zig zags. What on Neopia was happening, I wondered. But I really didn’t have too much time to ponder the thoughts, because as it came within range, I swiped my container in its direction and felt a satisfying "thump" as the strange light hit the bottom of its glass prison. I quickly sealed the container and rushed back to Faerieland before anything else could go wrong or take place. I was too anxious to get back to Jhudora to even think about checking the contents of the glass bottle; the last thing I needed at that time was for the light source to escape, forcing me to return with no evidence of what took place. Jhudora would have my Peophin head within seconds for that one without a doubt.

I kept up my racehorse-like speed for some time until I thought that my heart was having trouble keeping up with me and I was struggling for air. I decided to slow down and think about what I would say to the dark faerie upon reaching the ink blot of a cloud that Jhudora reigned over, but all I could think about was how she would react to my findings... but since I thought about it, I wondered how I would react to it as well, especially as I hadn’t even checked the bottle yet.

I came to a halt and pondered what would happen if I were to check the bottle. The lid was on tightly, so there was no escape, but I was still a little worried that something awful would happen all the same. Curiosity getting the better of me in the end, I decided to take a timid peek at the contents of the glass container. Needless to say, I was a little astonished at what I saw, and wondered what Jhudora would think, say, or *gulp* do when she found out.

    What was in the bottle, you ask? I’ll leave that suspense for you to find out when Jhudora does. I don’t want to ruin the surprise now, do I?

    Anyway, as I was saying, I wondered if I should take my time to the castle since I was nearly there, or rush as fast as I could to complete the task I had taken from Jhudora. I figured it wasn’t good to keep the dark faerie waiting for too long. She was never in a pleasant mood to begin with, nor was she a patient person, so I decided to hurry along to the castle that she resided in on her purple cloud.

When I finally arrived, the castle doors seemed even more intimidating than before. I carefully entered the dark faerie’s lair and found her sitting on her usual throne, tapping her fingers with irritation, and presented to her the glass container and watched her reaction as she peered inside. Her eyes widened with amazement and she let out a loud cackle.

    "This is what has been causing the phenomena in Maraqua?!" she bellowed in a voice containing annoyance and amusement simultaneously. She hurtled the glass across the room and stormed away as it shattered behind her.

    I watched in the vacant room as a small luminescent creature reoriented itself with up and down after being tossed about and floated away on the gentle air currents.

    The mysterious light of the Mysterious Statue was only a harmless little animal. I guess my task can be considered completed; it's just too bad Jhudora was never in a good mood. But now what on Neopia do I do with that little glowing creature?

I figured that I should most likely take it back to Maraqua... but that was such a long distance away, and I was tired from my hasty trek back to Faerieland, not to mention I would have to go about recapturing it once more, and since Jhudora not so delicately tossed the container against the wall, I would also have to go about finding a new bottle.

    Life was never just simple, was it?

The End

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