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Karma Comes Around

by o_apollo_o


Are you good? Are you bad? I don’t know, I’m asking you.

Karma, it’s that one thing in life that you must love. Do you know what karma is? Of course you do, I just have to explain it. Karma is the total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny. I didn’t just get that out of the nearest dictionary. *shifty eyes*

Anyways, to make it simple, karma is “what goes around, comes around, what goes up must come down.” *begins to sing and dance* ‘K, done. Simply, if you do something bad, a bad thing will happen to you. If you do something good, a good thing will happen to you. Everyone wants good things to happen to them, right? Right.

For your viewing/reading pleasure, I have compiled a test for you to take to see if you have good karma. If you don’t want to take it, fine with me. Go read the comics, you illiterate buffoon. The test will work by points. At the end, there will be a score sheet which will tell you how your karma is.

1. During the “Hannah and the Ice Caves” plot, did you side with the Thieves’ Guild or Hannah’s Troops?

If you picked Hannah’s Troops… add a point to your score. Picking the evil side on the war, well, that shows bad choices. Picking the good side shows strong morals, because there will always be people telling you to do bad things, but you stuck to your morals, thus making good karma.

2. Did you ever donate anything to the Money Tree?

I sure hope you picked yes! Who doesn’t at least throw a rotten old shoe to the Money Tree every once in a while, honestly? If you did pick yes, add a point to your score. Donating to the Money Tree is a good thing; it helps out the poor and needy and greedy. It is very thoughtful to do it, especially if you do it for no reason.

3. Have you ever offered to lend an item to a complete stranger?

If you said yes, that is a good hearted thing to do. Chalk up a point! That is extremely nice of you, and I’m sure you are aware that you are taking a chance by knowing you that you may never get the item back, but you trust the person. Even if the person takes it and never returns it, you were still extremely nice, but sometimes being too nice is bad.

4. Did you ever adopt an abandoned pet from the pound?

Would you just look at all of those poor, abandoned pets… all sad and such. Adopting pets makes that adopted pet happy. Making a pet happy because of your actions brings good karma. Give yourself a point!

5. Who do you do more quests for: Illusen or Jhudora?

Jhudora is bad, anyone can figure that out. So what if she is misunderstood, no one cares. Doing quests for Illusen isn’t only easier and gives you better prizes, but it is also the right thing to do, since that Earth Faerie isn’t evil and maniacal like Jhudora. What do you think the two of them do with all of those items, anyways? By the way, if you picked Illusen, give yourself a point.

6. When playing Meepit VS Feepit with your friend or sibling, do you play the Feepit or the Meepit?

Give yourself a point if you picked Feepit. In that game, Feepits are “supposedly” the good guys, thus the Meepits are the bad guys. Everyone knows that isn’t true, and it is in fact the other way around, but just for this article’s sake, I’ll play along with it. So if you picked Feepits, that’s good; if you picked Meepits, that’s bad.

7. Have you ever sent a reasonably useful item to a friend for no reason?

If you have, give yourself a point. If you haven’t done that, send someone something right now so I can give you that point. Friends are very special and you should always want to cherish them. Being nice to your friends is expected, but going beyond that will bring you good karma.

8. Have you ever bragged about any accomplishment of yours, no matter how big?

Sure, a little mention of it here and there of your special accomplishment is fine, but blowing it out of proportion or just down right bragging brings bad karma. If you said no to that question, add a point to your list.

9. Have you ever backed up Brian the Scorchio in a game of Gormball?

Well, have you? If you did, bad bad bad! Brian is a cheater, and it has even been proven. Backing up him is bad and shows horrible integrity. If you answered no to question #9, give yourself a point.

10. (Final Question) Have you ever, ever done anything on Neopets that you regret, for any reason, to another person? Was it something you said in a neomail? Was it on the boards?

If you don’t regret anything that you have said to people while on Neopets, that either means that you have no conscience (bad!) or you didn’t do anything you even need to regret. Anyways, if you replied no to the final question, give yourself a point.

Now is the time you’ve all been waiting for! The results table:

0 Points: That’s just awful, you have horribly bad karma. You probably have so many bad things happening to you, you can’t see straight. I’m not even sure if you have a heart!

1-4 Points: You have generally bad karma. Well, you definitely have more bad things happening to you than good, but you still have hope. If you continue and expand on the little good things that you have done, you may find yourself with reasonably good karma.

5 Points: You have neutral karma. (Yay, that’s my score!) Good and bad things happen to you; you probably just don’t realize it, though. If you get something bad, something good will come along too and even it out.

6-9 Points: You have generally good karma. Good and bad things still happen to you, but mainly good things. Every time a bad thing comes along, don’t worry, many more good things are to come.

10 Points: Wow, you have perfectly perfect karma! Aren’t you the model citizen? Congratulations on being so perfect! Nothing bad should ever happen to you; you are the karma king/queen. Good job, Neopia needs good citizens like you!

Well, that’s it! Please note that this is just a rough outline to karma; it isn’t that in depth.

DISCLAIMER: Karma results from this test are not proven to have good random events or other things happen to you while in Neopia. This is just a guide to natural karma, if that makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, you need to connect with your inner self.

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