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Faerie Fanatics: Part Three

by matjake44_3


I was gobsmacked. What did Sloth want with my father's father's father's (etc. etc.) inherited necklace?! But I was so red (redder, I'm already red) with boiling rage that I struggled to speak.

     Galvanise, Sloth's miniscule Grundo assistant, came towards and tried to grab the necklace from around my neck.

     "NO!" I screamed. I clutched my lucky necklace; Sloth wasn't going to get it! There is no way I will ever let him have it! I wasn't going to ask why he wanted it; because I was sure Dr. Sloth wasn't going to tell me. He was too busy fiddling with the controls of the spaceship.

     So that was how the rest of the trip to Virtupets was. Galvanise trying to steal my necklace, me barricading it from his rubbery hands, and Dr. Sloth grinning evilly and controlling the ship. It seemed like days before we got up to the Space Station. It probably was; you can't really tell from space.

     I had always wanted to go to Virtupets, but not as a prisoner. I was hauled into the main part of the station where all the restaurants and shops were and the chicken-head shoved me around. I was so embarrassed; however, the citizens seemed used to this kind of thing so they just ignored me.

     Eventually, we came to a secretive room which seemed to be a questioning room where Sloth took all of his captives. But I was going to ask him a question first.

     "What do you want with my necklace? WHAT IS IT?!" I shouted in pure malice. I leered at Sloth silently after that. Sloth just grimaced. It was hard to imagine this Usuki-lover to be so diabolical.

     "What, don't you remember that day with me and your father?" he jeered. Of course I remembered. I'll never forget it. That fateful day, years ago, replayed in my memory…


     I was only a small child walking alongside my father. He had the lucky necklace, though back then it wasn't as ruined as it was now. We were looking at the attractions in Meridell, and I was having the best time of my life. Then, a misty fog gathered, the sky became blotched with blackish-grey clouds, and- typically- it began to rain. We panicked and joined the crowd complaining to King Skarl as giant Spyders and hideous beasts were roaming around.

     The King simply replied, "I don't know how to sort out your problems, but for now we just have to try and work things out with Lord Darigan." Thus, the war against Darigan Citadel and Meridell began. My father and I began to flee. But a spaceship loomed above us. Dr. Sloth seized my father, but he fought.

     However, he failed. As my father was being dragged into the ship, he clutched his necklace, and he seemed to go into a silent chant.

     "Oh, please rope,

     Come to me,

     Without you I'll not cope,

     And continue the family tree."

     I always thought my dad was funny like that, I always thought he was just trying to amuse me through my sadness of his capture. I never saw my father after the ship zoomed off into the distance. And also when a strong rope followed on behind…


     Sense was flowing into my brain like a Virtupets vacuum cleaner on reverse. The necklace was a summoner; it magically brought things to you. But how to use it to my advantage? First, I have to work out what Dr. Sloth's plan is.

     "What is your idea this time, Dr. Sloth? What's your idea to take over Neopia?" I asked. I figured if I asked relatively politely, even an evil mastermind would exchange the information I needed to know. But quite the contrary.

     "I'm not that dumb, Enemy," sighed Dr. Sloth in a bored tone. "Now, if you want to see your father again, give me that necklace."

     I gaped at Sloth. My father? I could see him again, if I just give him the necklace…

     NO! I can't do it. It would be a selfish thing to do, put Neopia in mortal peril for me…

     I have to think of something, I just have to work out his plan, how? Something that happened, something strange… Of course! This is it…

     I watched Dr. Sloth sigh in annoyance. He leapt up, left the room and locked the door. This was probably the only chance I'd get to make everything work out. To save Neopia from almost certain destruction. I grabbed my necklace and muttered a spell.

     "Oh, please crystal ball.

     Come to me

     Without future information we will fall

     There will be nowhere to flee."

     I concentrated hard, making the image of the Island Mystic's crystal ball inside my head. Almost immediately afterwards, there was a loud smash from somewhere else in the Station, the crystal ball coming to me. There were shouts and screams and finally, the crystal ball smashed the door and landed on my lap.

     "What did you do?!" gasped a voice nearby. I gasped too. I was expecting to see Dr. Sloth rush up towards me, but Galvanise was locked in the room also.

     "No time for that now. I need to work what is going on," I mumbled. I remembered when I was in the Island Mystic's seat and I was thinking of Baby Kikos and there was one there. So, this must be the Island Mystic's secret in fortune-telling. I could look into the future and discover what Dr. Sloth was up to. Then came a different idea.

     "Galvanise, do you know what Sloth's plan is?" I asked, pretending not to be TOO interested. If anyone (except Dr. Sloth) knew Sloth's plan, it would be his closest assistant.

     But Galvanise looked quite embarrassed. "No, Dr. Sloth never tells me anything." I gasped. Dr. Sloth didn't show this poor soul any respect whatsoever! Imagine the things this Grundo had to go through, with absolutely nothing in return. As cruel as this sounded, I had to push these thoughts out of my mind and concentrate on the crystal ball.

     "How do you work this thing?" I wondered out loud.

     "I know!" squeaked Galvanise. I looked pathetically up at the Grundo. He was sitting there with a small smile on his face, as if he wasn't Sloth's assistant.

     "How?" I asked in interest. It was hard to imagine this diminutive Grundo would know how to use a complex thing like this. If it WAS complex, I just might be stupid.

     "Well, you need a chair owned by its creator," explained Galvanise.

     Ah, now it all made sense! Every other time when I went to the Island Mystic I couldn't see a foggy thing in that chunk of crystal. Except when I was in the Island Mystic's chair… My necklace to the rescue again. I wonder why Dr. Sloth hasn't noticed anything yet.

     "The Mystic's Chair

     Come to me

     Please help up pair

     To complete my destiny"

     The reason I said 'pair' because I was convinced Galvanise was on my side. This, thankfully, was true.

     More screaming, more smashes, and a sore back because the chair turned out to be very clumsy. But it was the Mystic's chair, just as I remember it. The elegant carved marble with a tinge of green inscribed into it. Dr. Sloth- strangely enough had not tied me to anything, the fool. How gullible does he think I am?

     I sunk into the rather uncomfortable chair and stared into the crystal ball. Almost at once, a picture and some wavy text appeared into view. The image was just a lump of cloth, and underneath the text was, "Look underneath, and you will find what you desire to become knowledge."

     Great, more soppy comments of this stupid sphere. Surprisingly, the hunk of cloth wasn't so hard to find. Dr. Sloth highly underestimated me.

     It happened to be right there in this dingy room I was in. It was in a far corner, but the white cloth was extremely easy to see in the dark. As I stumbled towards it, I noticed how big whatever was under this was. It almost reached the ceiling of the room, and I didn't have much chance of lifting the leathery cloth by myself. Again, Galvanise could be of use.

     "Galvanise, could you help me lift this up?" I called. He was right beside me all the time, but he was very quiet. He was sitting on the concrete floor, gaping. He had obviously never even heard of this before.

     But he hobbled over and helped me lift the cloth. It revealed a huge, elaborate piece of machinery. There were metal, pointy things sticking out everywhere, motionless cogs, and two slots. One was bigger, about the size for a normal person to fit in, and another tiny one which you could fit an average playing card into. There were also two domed chambers. They were black so you couldn't see what was inside.

     I had no idea what this was, or what it could be. Helpful crystal ball, my tail!

     Then I heard a noise. A horrible noise I never wanted to hear when I was in here.

     Footsteps. But not normal tapping footsteps, booming footsteps, just like someone with enormous feet.

     "WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT THAT?!?!?!" Dr. Sloth bellowed.

     I turned around, terrified. Dr. Sloth lunged at me, but I dodged. Then I noticed that all the drama was abruptly over.

     I looked down at Galvanise, and he looked back up (WAY up) at me. Sloth had… simply vanished!

     I heard a tiny gasp. "Look!" squeaked Galvanise, pointing at the machine we found earlier. The cogs moved for a few seconds then stopped again. And some of the pointy things were slowly jabbing into one of the black chambers.

     Galvanise and I both realised what had happened at the same time. When Sloth jumped at me, he must've fallen into the large slot of the machine!

     I laughed heavily alongside Galvanise. We had foiled Dr. Sloth's plan, we had saved Neopia! But of course, I couldn't have done it without Galvanise. Or the Faeries. Or even robot Shara!

     Or my father.

     But now I wanted to do one more revengeful thing to Sloth. I looked around the machine. I learned that Sloth liked to label everything he built. Like his spaceship. So maybe I could find out what this contraption did and use it to my advantage.

     My heart skipped a beat as I noticed with utter excitement, the words COMBINATION CONTRAPTION 2450. Hmm… Dr. Sloth must've wanted my necklace to summon things to combine into one, to make an ultimate weapon and take over Neopia.

     I couldn't be sure, but I guess no-one will ever know Dr. Sloth's plan. I tried to look for something- anything- to put into the machine, but the room was virtually empty.

     Oh well, I guess this speculation is finally over. Back to living by myself, in Faerieland…

     Galvanise was sitting on the cold ground, staring up at me and smiling widely. I wonder…


     "Galvanise, wake up!" I shouted. The tiny Grundo groaned, and stomped out to the breakfast table.

     Sure, I've gotten used to living with Galvanise, but it beats being lonely- for me OR him- any day.


     This is SO boring, the cheeky Usul thought to herself. She was having a tour of Virtupets Space Station with another bunch of tourists. She knew it would be a snore-fest, but not THIS monotonous.

     So the Usul snuck away from the group, and explored restricted parts of the Station. She came to an uninviting room, which she thought she MUST see. But she was scared, so she clutched her Usukis tighter to her chest and walking into the room.

     The first thing she noticed was a huge machine in the far corner. On it was labeled, COMBINATION CONTRAPTION 2450. She giggled in wonder.

     What if I put all my Usukis into the machine and then I could make a super-Usuki! HA! My friends will be so jealous! she thought, snickering.

     So then, with Dr. Sloth in one of the chambers, the Usul put her Usukis into the small slot in the machine…

The End

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