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A Guide to Halloween: Neopian Style

by angeldustrial


DOWN THE STREET - Halloween. The infamous holiday is quickly approaching. Although it’s not one that everybody may celebrate, it can be a lot of fun to get into the spirit. For those Neopians who are hopelessly lost on how to go about creating the best costume, planning the coolest party, or simply decorating for those cute little trick-or-treaters, I am here to help! When silly string and toilet paper just isn't enough, here are a few tips from a seasoned Halloweener:

Luckily, there are many different costumes for your pet. The favorite seems to be vampires, followed closely by devils and witches. No matter which you choose personal touches make it all the more special. Try dressing your petpet to match. There are Babaas and Mortogs in devilish costume, or Kadoaties and Symols that bewitch. Or bring along a Halloween Aisha bucket to catch all the goodies when making the candy rounds in your neighborhood. If your budget is tight, a simple empty pillow case will do.

Not sure what candy is best to give out to these creative little goblins that will be at your doorstep? Take a trip to the candy store and stock up on goodies like milk chocolate Korbats and bags of Halloween sweets. Stop by Spooky foods for gummi worms and Halloween candy canes as well. Don't forget candy corn, a Halloween staple. For those wanting to play a ‘trick’, chocolate covered eyes or pumpkin cookies are perfect! If all this seems a bit too pricey there are a few cheaper alternatives. You just need to shop around. It’s best to start early in order to get good deals. If you happen to be one of the many Neopians who have too many things to do and not enough time, peanut butter spiders and gummy rats are a good substitute.

Is the thought of decorating your home getting you down? Here are a few tips on how to get it ready for this festive holiday.

Front yard – Halloween garden gnomes add a nice touch. Spooky patio furniture works wonderfully as well. Throw in a slimy tree or some oozing tulips and it’s done. A yard like this is sure to catch some attention.

Entryway/Living room – This is another important area, since it will be what many see as you open the door to scare the pants off your guests! With lots of pieces to choose from, it’s best to come up with a theme, or even mix and match. Don’t forget the oozing candles and a variety of pumpkins to add an eerie glow to your ‘house of doom’. Fill an eyeball cauldron with your candy and set it down on an equally scary place. A spooky tree table, perhaps?

Of course you could continue the theme to other parts of the house as well. Many of the furniture themes include bedroom and bathroom items to match, although, it may not be wise to install a spooky sink and toilet. Accidents do tend to happen with those things. You may want to steer clear of the Deserted Carnival bed as well. Clowns are not only creepy, but it looks as if that bed might swallow you whole while you are sleeping!

With the costume and decorations completed it is now time to move on. What in the netherworld will you be eating? In order to scare up a dinner party that will be talked about for years to come, make sure the menu is to die for. Not only does it have to look pleasing, but adding a touch of fun to your food is even better. Some scary goodies that can also be very amusing are:

Fright Pop - Not only is it fizzy, but it emits a cloud of smoke upon opening.

Spooky Ghostbeef - Your guests will have a hard time figuring out where their food has gone to!

Haunted Milk - Fun for all ages! Lots of calcium in a glass that floats.

Spider Liquorice - The first guest to find the real one wins a prize.

Mashed Eye Potato - It stares! If only it screamed too...

Apple Lantern - Makes a great nightlight 'til you need that midnight snack.

Mystery Meat Sandwich - Everyone will have a ball trying to guess what exactly that meat is.

Ghost Pancakes - More floating fun. Goes perfectly with the milk.

Pink Spooky Floss - Finally! A food that screams when you eat it. Muahaha!

Crypt of Spaghetti - Yummy! And it has its own take-home carton as well.

The Stuff - It doubles in size. Your dinner party will never run short of food.

Spooky Flying Doughnut - A treat to eat… if you can catch it.

Spooky Jelly Brains - Watch it jiggle!

Add a few of these with other scrumptious delectables and your guests will be screaming with delight! After treating everyone to a fabulous meal why not take the party outside? Start a campfire where you can tell spooky stories and roast ghost marshmallows. There are so many creative things to do out under the stars.

If all else fails take some tips from a few frightfully famous Neopians such as Edna the witch or the Ghost Lupe, if they can be bothered to spare a moment. Edna is quite the spooktacular host. Her castle is decorated beautifully year round. If you can manage a peek you won’t be sorry. As for the Ghost Lupe, I'm not quite sure how helpful he could be.. but his costume is marvelous, isn't it?

After all this, if you are still not feeling very 'halloweeny', pack up the kiddies and get yourself to The Haunted Woods for some fun. Take a tour of the haunted house, or visit the Brain Tree. Don’t forget to test your strength to win some goodies, or ssscratch a few cards with Sssidney. Whatever you choose to do it’s bound to be a blast! Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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