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Dako and Mr. Discreet

by larenbeka


A cascade of rain plummeted down. A blurred neopet looked up. It stood there, just standing. It stood there getting soaked to the bone, not moving.

      The ghost Gelert smiled as the torrential storm beat him. It felt so good; like a massage, but wet. The sky lit up with one crack and in a split second it had vanished; the faint light chasing the thin, vein-like rupture. A vibrating roll of thunder tapped the Gelert on the back and shouted its loud message in his long ear. The scream got inside his chest and started a quake of his heart. As he felt the rain pound on him, he lost semi-consciousness and adjourned into happiness. For a moment, he felt liquid his self and let his face be painted with the magical droplets. And it didn't matter that he had stopped breathing, because the rain was warming his blood and wrapping him in a blanket of pleasure. He could hear his heartbeat and feel the tranquility pound in his ears. And then it was over. As his surroundings came back into focus he let a smile play at his lips.

      As the large drops splattered hurriedly, the Gelert listened attentively to the quiet of the gale and the passivity of the insomnia. It was so calming and soothing to feel the water rush over you and to twirl in its shower. It was a wonderful past time…

      His paws faced upward and he seemed to be enjoying the squall. Finally he looked toward the sky a final time and edged away, refreshed, replenished and laissez-faire.

     * * * *

      They called him Mr. Discreet. But, he was so much more than that. They didn't know it, but he was the person who made sure the sun was always shining for all of Neopia. He provided them with small necessities, just because. He was a Neopet of humble charity, and pure jovial activities.

      "Um, excuse me, do you sell bowties?"

      The owner of Unis Clothing looked up. He cleared his throat as he rummaged for a box. "Why, yes we do." He presented a small selection of all different patterned ties. There were ones with stripes, polka dots, argyle patterns, solid colors, vibrant colors…

      He selected a certain red-and-yellow striped bowtie, paid for his purchase and walked out with the wind as if the whole affair was just a lift of road dust.

      The owner of the store looked at one of the customers he had been talking to and exchanged a queer, questioning glance. He asked him, "What does he want with a bowtie? Gelerts don't wear bowties!" The green Techo simply shrugged, amenably.

      The ghost Gelert skulked along. He didn't really like daytime. He clutched the bowtie and proceeded on his way. When he came to a red-and-yellow house with a nicely trimmed lawn he stopped. He walked up the path to the door and gently placed the bowtie (which was carefully wrapped inside a small box) on the doorstep. He made sure no one had seen him do it with a few furtive glances and then he rang the doorbell. He quickly dissolved into the nearest tree and looked on.

      A roly-poly Bruce opened the door. He glimpsed the yard for the caller and failed to see anyone. As he went to close the door, he averted his eyes to the doormat. He stopped, bent down to pick up the box and inspected it. He lifted the lid cautiously and chuckled at the gift. A warm smile spread across his face as he left his doorstep. The Gelert heard him say, "One more for my collection…" and the door clicked shut.

      Mission accomplished.

     * * * *

      The next day, the ghost Gelert stepped into a local shop called Whimsicality and shopped for a plushie. He came across a green Poogle one that he liked very much and purchased it.

      He ambled down a crowded lane towards a shanty with several small Kacheek children. A tired-looking mother watched them from her perch on the porch swing. The Gelert slipped in a side window, unnoticed and scribbled a small note on a spare slip of parchment. He wrote:

To the merry children of this house,


      As the mother called her children in for supper, the Gelert heard a piercing squeal of delight erupt from the bedroom.

      "What is it, darlings?" the mother rushed in.

      "Mommy, look!" the children were beside themselves with jollity. "It's for us!" they bounced around the room with glee as the troubled mother, queried aloud, "Who-?"

      His task was a success.

     * * * *

      On a dusky day in the middle of the week, the ghost Gelert confronted the Shop Wizard. He needed a yellow puppyblew. He found the username of a shop owner who had one, and thanked the confused Wizard.

      With the hyper and squirming Puppyblew in his arms he strutted down the avenue. He had tied a purple ribbon around the petpet's neck and set him down to prevent any further damage to his face from friendly licks. "Now, I'm going to send you in there and you need to find a red Lupe…got it? He's just a little boy, but he's lonely and needs you. Got it?" the Puppyblew licked him, nonetheless and wagged his tail.

      The ghost Gelert gazed into the small shanty of a house and let his thoughts toy with him. He had first heard of the secluded Lupe boy when he had overheard some gossip in the town square. They said his owner had tried to avoid the humiliation and shame of taking a pet to the Pound. He had done worse, though. He had left the boy home one day and…never returned. You could call it, desertion or neglect, I guess. The poor pet needed some unconditional love to enhance his rejected days.

      After he had investigated the sad case himself, the ghost Gelert had found out that the Lupe's name was Dako.

      The Gelert rang the doorbell and told the petpet to stay. The door was opened fairly soon and a small, skimpy, red Lupe looked out. His face broke out into a grin too big for his young face. "WOW! I can't believe it!" he hugged the Puppyblew around his scruffy neck and picked him up, gingerly. The boy Lupe glanced around the yard for the giver. At that very moment, the ghost Gelert sneezed. The boy spotted him…the minute they were experiencing seemed frozen. The Gelert didn't know what to do. The Lupe didn't know what to say.

      Suddenly, the Gelert faded into the air, escaping the Lupe's gaze and realization.

      But it was too late.

     * * * *

      The black curtain of night had been closed on Neopia Central. The stillness was thick and humid, never being stirred by a soul. It hung, densely and emitted a hushed breeze. Its breath was hot and sticky and dark, swathing everything in a dank, dense shadow.

      "Listen, I can't stay here anymore. If you've found out then soon others will, too. I can't let that happen under any circumstances. I'm going to Mystery Island." The Gelert's voice draped over the copious night air. The little Lupe he had pleased earlier, was trying to get him to stay and live with him

      "When I decided I was going to inconspicuously give people gifts that brighten their days, I vowed to myself that I would never let anyone know about what I was doing. That makes it even more special when they receive the present. I've already broken that promise by accidentally revealing myself to you." He dropped his gaze, disappointed in himself but it was so dark, that no one saw.

      "I understand," the little Neopet huffed.

      "But, to make it up to you…" the ghost Gelert paused, suspense fully, "you can come with me and be my assistant."

      "Really?! Oh, thank you!"

      Later on that night (or should I say, morning?), the two partners discussed their plans for anonymous presents in their new destination.

      "So, Dako, what did you name the rascal?" the ghost Gelert nodded in the Puppyblew's direction.

      "I named him Lemon," the Lupe replied, proudly.

      The pair walked into the dying sunset, unnoticed and discreetly. Just how they liked it.

The End

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