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The Pirate Writer: Part One

by czenko28


Note from the author- So you know, this is the sequel of my other series, The Pirate Letter. This doesn't mean that you have to read the other series. All it means is that if you start reading from here, a bit has already happened. I believe that you can know what's going on without reading the first part with a little bit on confusion. You can read the first part if you wish. Nobody is stopping you. There is hopefully a lot of enjoyment in this series that you will hopefully read. Thank you all of you fans and super_turtle_2006 for all of your encouragement. I have held you back with the boring stuff for too long. Enjoy the piece I have worked so hard on.

      428th day as a Pirate

Today was a truly amazing day. You would think it would be a total fantasy after reading all I have written, but this is all true. Prepare to be amazed.

     I saw Kera again. Isn't that amazing? Well, she has changed quite a lot since last time. She is a Starry Shoyru now. I find it a lot prettier actually. It matches her perfectly along with the water faerie token around her neck. Out first I didn't even recognize her, and now I am ashamed that I didn't, but after she told me who she was, I totally believed her.

     Do you know how Kera got here? It was because of the letter I sent her. I thought it was amazing that she got it and flew all the way to Brightvale to save me from the monsters. She actually got the letter. She read it. I don't know how I thought she wouldn't even get to read it in the first place. Maybe it was because I wasn't there in over a year. Kera could have moved by now.

     The sad thing was that we weren't able to catch up on things at all. She just had to grab me and go. We were in Brightvale Castle at the time, trying to find the treasure. Our crew nearly knocked her out, but she managed to introduce herself at that moment. That was great because everything stopped for a minute so she could take action.

     Captain Woodbeak nearly forced me into slicing Kera with my fire sword. That was horrible, but we managed to get away. It was while we were leaving the castle when Captain Woodbeak told me why he-

     "Ahoy," Captain Woodbeak said through the locked, wooden door. He unlocked it and opened it. "So, how is me pirate doin'?" he said, with much joy in his voice.

     I stopped writing, and shoved my journal in my desk drawer. I had no time to chat to Captain Woodbeak. He never liked having conversations with anybody. He just liked ordering his pirates around. "Where's Kera?" I said exactly what I had on her mind.

     "Yer friend ain't here," Captain Woodbeak said with a chuckle. "She was thrown overboard a good few minutes ago. She was quite a pest. She actually managed to tire me out a bit." I could tell that the captain was trying to be nice to me, even though he had just said that he had thrown my best friend overboard.

     "What?!" I yelled. I was speechless. What was there to say? "Where's me friend?"

     The captain looked confused at my anger, like there was nothing at all to be angry about. "Don't ye worry, Firaga. Everything will be better." He seemed to act like my father at the moment. I couldn't stand the thought of even being related to an Eyrie with a wooden beak.

     "How many times have I told you? I want to go home with Kera. I'm useless on ye crew without me weapon." I knew no matter what I said, I couldn't go anywhere.

     Captain Woodbeak chuckled again, "You can't do that, me matey. You're on me crew and ye ain't doin' nothin' about it. I have plenty o' weapons."

     Tears began coming to my eyes, so I turned away from him, trying to wipe them away with my paws. "I ain't workin' for ya without me fire sword."

     My fire sword is a sword that forever has fire burning on the blade. Having this sword was my favorite possession on the pirate ship, and I couldn't live without it. I dropped it when riding Captain Woodbeak's back to the ship. I had learned how to use the sword better than any other weapon, and it never disappointed me. It was the best friend I had on the ship. It may sound silly to have an object as your best friend, but it was better than a pirate.

     "Okay then," Captain Woodbeak said. He thought for a second before saying, "We can go to Neopia Central to steal ourselves a fire sword. How'd you like that?"

     It was now that I got an idea. "No! I am not going to have some silly sword with fire on it. I want me fire sword. You're the one who made me drop it back there. Ye have to go back there and get it."

     Captain Woodbeak walked over and sat on a hammock. Luckily, it wasn't mine. "Look, I really don't want to go back."

     "Do you think I care? I want to go back. I'm useless without me weapon." My voice was strong and demanding, not like how it normally sounded. I was normally a scaredy pirate.

     Captain Woodbeak sighed. "Ya know, lassie, you're such a pain sometimes."

     Captain Woodbeak stood up and walked upstairs out of the room. Echoing from upstairs, I could hear Woodbeak say, "Turn me ship. We be headin' back to Meridell."

     Those words sung in my ears. We were going back. We were going back to Meridell. The thought was wonderful. Hopefully Kera would be back there. We could find each other again and get out of this dump. The thought was more wonderful than when she had come to rescue her before.

     With joy, I took the journal back out of my desk and started scribbling what seemed to be gibberish at the first glance. If you looked closely, you could read the writing.

     It happened that Kera wasn't able to save me from the pirates, but we are going back to get my lost weapon and hopefully Kera.

     I slammed the book shut without even looking at my unfinished sentence. I knew that there was much that I didn't say, but I didn't have time for any writing. More was coming too fast. I couldn't record it all now. I had another job at the moment.

     "Cap'n, I'm doin' lookout," I said to Woodbeak. He turned around quickly to find me already climbing to the lookout's post. I could tell by his dull expression on his face that he didn't think much about it.

     When I got up, I did what any pirate would do, use my eyes. All I saw was ocean for a few miles. I twirled around. There was nothing. Kera was out there. Being thrown overboard meant nothing. Kera could easily overcome any water that came in her way. I'm sure of it. Kera wasn't in sight though. I thought this would be easy, but it wasn't. Instead of looking out at the ocean, I looked up. The sky wasn't clear anymore. Clouds were beginning to cover the sun.

     Shocked from not doing my job, my eyes turned back onto the water, straining them to see anything. It wasn't long before land was starting to rise over the water. With a huge breath, my voice sounded over the boat. "Land ho!"

     We were almost back at Brightvale, where my weapon lay. I would have my weapon again, and I would feel protected by the blazing blade. I continued searching for my friend that was somewhere here. Where was Kera? It would be so much easier if I knew. Kera wasn't an unpredictable Shoyru, or at least last year she wasn't. She's a strong Shoyru that would always get her way, so what was her way?

     Looking out into the sea, I saw nothing. I could hear Captain Woodbeak yelling at the pirates down below. I couldn't hear what he was saying with the wind crashing against my face. He wasn't yelling at me though. Maybe Kera was on land somewhere, possibly recovering from the water she had swallowed. She had to be somewhere nearby, how long have I been locked in that room?

     The land came closer. My eyes kept scanning the ocean. Nothing was to be seen. I didn't see any sparkling Starry Shoyru in the sky with her glittering wings. I didn't see any Shoyru moving at the speed of light like I normally saw her when she flew. In fact, there was no Shoyru at all. The ocean was very empty this day. Looking out into the sea, I saw nothing but the land of Meridell, which was coming closer with each passing second. There seemed to be no point in doing this silly job. There was nothing to see out here, and there was no Starry Shoyru to save.

     Save Kera? I thought. She was trying to save me. Why would I try to save Kera if I was the one that needed to be saved? This was a very interesting question that bothered me horribly. Kera was tossed overboard, so did she need to be saved? Why was I looking for her? I could just drag her into more trouble. This was very hard for me to answer as I looked out into the ocean where the sun began to set. What was my destiny? Where was I to go?

     I was so lost in my thought that I didn't feel the anchor hit the sea floor. The ship stopped suddenly, and I felt my paws slip out from under me. I flew in the air, out of the boat. It took me too long to realize what was going on. I was falling.

To be continued...

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