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Neopian Foods that You Should Know

by gustking15


Throughout Neopia are strange foods, exotic foods, tasty foods, and rather disgusting foods. I, being the author, would like to warn you and talk to you about some of these foods and which species or color would prefer which food. So, let’s begin with what every meal starts with; Soups, Salads, and Breads.

Thornberry Noodle Soup

Thornberries are juicy and sweet with a taste that is in between the taste of raspberries and the taste of blueberries. Although, be careful not to hurt yourself from the points around the scrumptious, crimson berry. The noodles are purely egg noodles, rolled as they are spaghetti noodles. The liquid tends to be a Thornberry-type liquid, and the meat is the Thornberry Sausage, made from the wild Thornberry-eating Snorkles of Meridell.

Recommended: For pasta and Thornberry lovers.

Taste: A sweet and strong taste with a strange zing.

Goes great with: Thornberry Tea

Hairy Fungus Salad

“YUCK!” is constantly yelled when this salad is served. The most beautiful thing about this salad is the bowl. The Hairy Fungus Salad is made with random chopped mushrooms, usually baked, and fungi. A special breed of Neopian fungi, Hairy Fungi, which grows in the uninhabited portions of Neopia, earns its name well and gives the salad its name. Although the taste isn’t nearly as bad as thought of, most people refuse to eat it, for it seems rather gross.

Recommended: For adventurous folk.

Taste: A strange taste of hair certainly compliments the baked mushroom and fungi tastes.

Goes great with: Mushroom Pasty Puffs.

Flat Bread

Flat Bread is not very tasty at all. Its hardness demands it be cut up and have butter spread over it. Because of constant yeast famines, this bread is very common in Meridell and rather cheap, too. A lot of avatar seekers buy these, but to force their pets to eat it would be torture. If you want to eat it, make sure you have enough money for a tooth operation the next day.

Recommended: For Grarrls and other powerful-toothed pets.

Taste: An old cracker-type taste, although it’s hard to concentrate on the taste when you are chewing it.

Goes great with: Soft White Cheese

The second thing to a usual meal would be a drink. In the morning, usually, you may want coffee, but otherwise, you might want anything. So, here are two drinks in Neopia.

Spicy Mystery Island Coffee

Mystery Island is the biggest producer of coffee in Neopia; thus, they have gone above and beyond all the tastes of coffee. This coffee is wonderful for those cold, foggy mornings. Made with six different spices and eight different fruits, the coffee is so very tangy with a strange sensation of energy that’ll awaken anyone from being half-asleep.

Recommended: For sleepy creatures that enjoy luxury.

Taste: Spicy and tangy, of course.

Goes great with: Poogle Biscuits

Extra Large Fizzy Drink

Common in Neopian fast-food restaurants, this drink is a very dark tonic with a usual taste. You’ll also find out that many places, like the Tyrannian Music Hall, sell these for low prices.

Recommended: For cheap Neopians.

Taste: Very strong and Neocola-like.

Goes great with: Chilli And Cheese Hot Dogs

Okay, now you see the waitress come, balancing a tray of food on her hands. She asks you for a refill of your drink and gives everyone their wished-for meals. Then, she collects the appetizers and heads out to the kitchen. One night, when two friends and I went out to eat at the Neopian International Restaurant, I examined everyone’s meals. These were the meals.

Tyrannian Goulash and Hot Tyrannian Pepper

The friend of mine who seemed the most hungry that night had this meal. Tyrannian Goulash, she said, is very warm and meaty. She also noted that the Bone-forks she received with it made it seem like she was dining in Odh-Gugg, the largest restaurant in Tyrannia. Hot Tyrannian Pepper is very, well… hot, and you would have to cut some of the pepper up and then put it in the Goulash; otherwise, your head would blow up with heat. Nevertheless, she said that it was rather tasty indeed and that she would have to have it again.

Recommended: For hungry Neopians who love a good meal.

Taste: Meaty, luxurious and first class, although very hot.

Goes great with: A Tyrannian beef dip.

Fried Suwek, Sutek Beans, and Pyramid Potato Skins

This was my meal, and I did love it! The Fried Suwek, possibly one of the biggest delicacies in the Lost Desert, was decorated with Sutek Beans. I couldn’t wait to dig in! So, I did just that, and I was most certainly satisfied. The Suwek was strong-tasting and was just as marvelous and refreshing as lemonade on a hot day. The Sutek Beans complemented the Suwek in a nice fashion, and the Beans were full of flavor. The potato skins made the meal more interesting and tasted different than I would’ve thought. Overall, I was happy with my meal, extremely happy.

Recommended: For people who like dry foods.

Taste: Everything complements everything else in this wonderful dish.

Goes great with: Pitcher of Water

Brains a la Tree with Gummy Rat Stew

This is what my coo’ friend had. This was the most expensive and definitely the largest of the three meals. Despite the price, he told me that he was impressed by the dish, but would like to know what the ingredients are, but when he asked a waiter, he said nothing. He especially enjoyed the liquid of the stew which tasted way better than it smelled or looked. The Brains a la Tree he said was too good to resist, and that it almost messes with your mind so much that it feels like it’s brainwashing you. When a nearby chef heard him, he just blushed and said, “Heh heh…”

Recommended: For evil and coo’ folk, especially Darigan pets and Mutants.

Taste: A hard to explain taste that, altogether, tastes so very much better than it look or smells, like I said before.

Goes great with: Spooky Pumpkin Gateau

Well, after the meal, my two friends and I decided to have a dessert. So, we thought and thought, and we decided on something we had believed may be very ideal to the mood we were in.

Delicious Custard Brulee

We were sure in the custard mood! Custard Brulee is a creamy custard shaped and topped off with a smooth cream sauce. We also took note of the berries, which added a light touch, on the side of our dessert.

Recommended: For custard-loving Neopians and Neopians without custard pets.

Taste: Is so smooth, soft, and creamy, that just the texture emphasizes the taste and make the dessert spectacular.

Goes great with: Strong Berry Java

That was just to tell you about a few foods that you may see while traveling Neopia, so make sure to get to some of the gourmet restaurants out there! Here are a few restaurants you may like; Café a la Faeries (Downtown Faerie City, Faerieland), Frightened Gourmet (Spyterington, Haunted Woods), Odh-Gugg (Magguh Plateau, Tyrannia), and, if you’re feeling rich, Kelp (Maracitia, New Maraqua).

Note: If you’re reading this, I got into the NT! And yes, when I said I was out with two friends, those were two real neofriends I have. I also did use foods that TNT made. I would like to credit neoitems, a website of which I like, for helping me find some of these items. Thank you.

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