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Magax Made Easy

by aluminum_boat


HAUNTED WOODS - Magax Destroyer is, in my eyes, one of the best games on Neopets. Half of Neopia wants to be good at that game. Not many people play this game because they are not good at it. I can help you become good at this game if you can put aside 20 minutes every day for one week.

Objective and Background Information-

MAGAX: Destroyer

Another vile plot has been concocted by the evil Hubrid Nox.

Evil ghost Neopets that rise from the dead - they will make me an invincible army!!!! Soon the whole of Neopia will be my slaves!!

A little too cliché? Not for Hubrid, that's the way he likes it... but this time he has met his match...

In this game you control MAGAX: Destroyer, a protector of good with a dark background. Who knows why he has sworn to get revenge on Hubrid this time, but lets hope he succeeds. Use the arrow keys to move MAGAX around the night sky, and hit the Space Bar to fire his energy bolt. Destroy those ghosts before they destroy you!

Important Information-

Hubrid Nox has awoken 3 different ghost neopets. They are..

1. Ghost Jubjub

2. Ghost Chia

3. Ghost Aisha

4. Health Orbs

1. The Ghost Jubjub mutates into 3 smaller Jubjubs when you hit it. They have practically no speed and shouldn’t be a problem.

2. The Ghost Chia is my least favorite ghost. It will fire spitballs at you.

3. The Ghost Aisha is my favorite ghost. It just stands there waiting to be destroyed.

4. If you don’t know what health orbs do, they heal.

Hubrid Nox-

1. Comes out in various parts of the game.

2. No way to get rid of him.

3. Fires 3 spells.

a. Fire

b. Ice

c. Enlargement

1. When Hubrid Nox comes out, he might come out for a short period of time or long.

2. I have tried for hours and am positive that there is no way to get rid of him.

a. When Hubrid Nox casts a fire spell at you, you will be engulfed in flame and lost about 1/8 of your life. You can maneuver and shoot.

b. When Nox casts ice, you will be frozen and unable to shoot for a period of time. You WILL take damage when running into ghosts, but you can run into health orbs.

c. The enlargement spell is my favorite. The ghosts are enlarged, which makes hitting them easier.

Information that will make Playing Easier

1. Level number one- five monsters

2. Level number two- seven monsters

3. Level number three- nine monsters

4. Level number four- eleven monsters

5. Level number five- thirteen monsters

6. Level number six- fifteen monsters

7. Level number seven- seventeen monsters (Jubjubs get stuck on the map over here)

8. And so on until we lose. If there is an end to this game, I have yet to find it.

9. The pattern might not be followed in the later levels, but I cannot count all the monsters because there is not enough time.

10. I counted Jubjubs as 1 monster.

11. It is not possible to know what the different combinations of monsters can be.

12. Holding down the button to turn and just pressing it does NOT make any difference.


1. Always play on full screen

2. Always play on low definition

3. Always shoot the Chias first. They have long-range artillery.

4. Always shoot the Jubjubs last because there are actually 2 health orbs in each level, but 1 disappears after you shoot any Jubjub. Stop doing this on levels 7+ because there are too many monsters to kill.

5. Get in a habit of turning around when you shoot, so ice spells are harmless because nobody is behind you.

6. MASTER the map. Figure out how much distance it takes you to stop and so forth. This is the MOST important part of the game.

7. Practice 20 minutes everyday for 5 days and you will have it. (I practiced that much and found out what everything does and got 5000). After you start scoring 1500+, you will only be playing one game each day.

8. Get your health orbs when there are 2 monsters left.

9. Moving up and down to dodge spitballs is the best course of action, but sometimes you might be able to outistance it.

10. Don’t expect to get 1 million+ (it's an expression) on the first go; aim for 300, then 500, then 750, then 1000, then 1500 and so on.


1. You shoot a Chia and an Aisha or Jubjub dies. Rating: NOT TOO BAD. How to fix: Shoot everyone. :)

2. You finish the game with 1 monster left on the map. Rating: NOT BAD

3. At level 8 and over, the dot gets stuck on your map. Rating: VERY BAD How to cure: NEVER shoot a Jubjub before all the red dots are on the map and not to the side.

4. Shoot a Jubjub and the smaller ones are on the other side of the map. Rating: NOT BAD. How to cure: Shoot them.


1. Scores are reset at the first of each month. Play then and 3500 points are usually needed for a silver-bronze trophy. This should be no problem.

2. The longer you wait to get a trophy, the harder it will get because more and more people are getting the needed game scores.

3. 5 points are awarded for health orb.

4. 5 points are given for each monster, but 20 for the Jubjub because it separates into 3 smaller Jubjubs.

5.This game has been a Better Than You game twice that I am sure of. I know that 1400 points were needed to win the latter of the two times. 1400 is simple so when this game is The Game, you can win. Remember that now that so many people can get high scores at Magax, the needed score will be much higher than the last time it was on.

6. This game is not difficult; the reason people don’t have lots of points on this is because those people do NOT take the time to practice.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me make this article. I had to post many messages on the Neoboards asking questions about the game before I could make this guide.

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