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50 Cheap Halloween Costumes for your Neopet

by frozen_fire_dragon


Halloween is quickly approaching and Neopets are all rushing out to get their own unique costume, but then again not all Neopians can afford a totally new, unique, embroidered costume for their own neopet. This just so happens to be the reason why I have created this lovely list of cheap things you can dress your neopet as that will still cause their friends to gasp in envy! (or run and hide in disgust)

50.) Dress your neopet as a milk carton! They’re easy to make! In fact, if your Neopet doesn’t mind a small diet you could just stuff them in the milk carton with some holes for the arms and legs!

49.) Mummies are always easy. Some toilet paper and a little bit of tape and your neopet is ready to get bags full of candy!

48.) A flash light! Stick a piece of glowing asparagus and watch it glow every time he or she opens their mouth!

47.)An omelette is super cheap and fun to make. Just ask Sabre X for an extra big piece of omelette and stuff *ahem* I mean, place your neopet in there gently!

46.) A pirate! Who needs the paint brush, just get a piece of black cloth and a toy sail boat and your neopet will be willin’ to walk the plank if there was a cooler costume. (For extra fun, why don’t you use a SUPER toy sail boat!)

45.) A pile on sludge. Easy way: Get on sloth’s bad side! Hard way: Roll your neopet in the dump.

44. ) A bag of Neopoints! Just find an extra empty sack that used to have NPs. in them (if you’re like me you should have plenty). Cut some arm and leg holes and watch you Neopet become the star of all it’s friends!

43.) A bag! Just in case you don’t have any Neopoint bags!

42.) A Bean Bag chair! Since everybody loves bags, who wouldn’t love... a BEAN bag! Just empty out some of the little bean things and stuff your neopet inside. Warning: Other Neopets may have the temptation to sit on you.

41.) A ghost. Okay, so it’s not unique, but it’s cheap if you have a pillow case!

40.) Dirt Pie! Just get a lot of dirt and rap it all with your neopet in a blanket!

39.) Dirt! If you don’t have a blanket to spare just cover your neopet in glue and throw dirt at it!

38.) A big piece of paper. Have your neopet hold a big piece of paper in front of it with one hand, and collect candy with the other!

37.) A small piece of paper. In case you have no access to big pieces of paper.

36.) A JubJub. They’re just big things of fur with feet, they can’t be to hard to make!

35.) An evil fuzzle. Basically for those pets who are to small to be a JubJub.

34.) A regular, nice fuzzle. For those pets who are to small to be a JubJub but don’t want to attack spaceships and other Neopets.

33.) A sludgy. Just cover them in mud and don’t let them take a bath for a few weeks and they have a completely icky looking and smelling sludgy costume.

32.) The letter ‘Z’. Imagine your Neopets friends looks when you neopet is the rarest seen letter in the alphabet!

31.) The Wheel of Mediocrity Flotsam! Simply have your neopet put a long snout like funnel on their nose, tape some paper fins to their hands, and have them complaining how boring everything is.

30.) A paper obsessed fan. Tape as much paper as you can get a hold of/afford.

29.) Sloth! Have your neopet say there will be a big fun plot about themselves, then take it back after everybody is looking forward to it!

28. ) A farmer! Give your neopet some vegetables and overalls.

27.)A rich neopet who doesn’t wish to reveal their true identity. Put a sheet over your neopet and have them yell out “I’m RICH!”

26.) Somebody who is obsessed with time. No dressing up required! Simply have your neopet yell out “what time is it?” when ever somebody opens the door rather then ‘Trick or Treat’.

25.) A cloud. Time to get out the cotton!

24.) A rainy cloud. Time to get out the cotton and a hose!

23.) Did I already mention a piece of paper? Oh... well how about an EVIL piece of paper. Draw a little evil face on the piece of paper, then tape it on your neopet!

22.) Give your Neopet a towel, tie it around the neck so they have a cape. You now have a super hero!

21.) A paint brush. I figure anything that can paint another pet is considered a paint brush nowadays so why not equip your pet with a bucket of paint and send them off throwing small blobs of it at people.

20.) An evil Blob of Jelly. Silly people, there’s no such thing as an evil blob of jelly that eats a small green jelly Chomby! In fact, there’s no such thing as an evil blob of jelly, or Jelly World. *cough*

19.) A homeless Neopet. Give your neopet a beanie, some ripped up clothes, and a box. Oh, and don’t let them shower for a little while.

18.) A crazy homeless neopet. Dress them up as a homeless neopet and have them ramble about crazy, impossible Jelly World!

17.) A negg. Well... it’s just a negg! Be creative.

16.) A piece of wood. Wood! Everybody loves wood!

15.) Bread! Even more people love bread!

14.) Moldy bread! Ok...not as many people like moldy bread.

13.) A dragon. Well... it’ll be cheap to Shoyru, Scorchio, and Skeith right?

12.) A lab ray experiment gone wrong. Sadly, this may come naturally to some.

11.) Simply have your neopet looking sad all the time and saying they have a strange name like ‘Good_ol_buddy423985___’

10.) A Kass fan! “Kass, Kass he’s our man, but he went crazy so I guess... he isn’t”

9.) A Jeran fan! “Jeran, Jeran, he deserves a pat, he fell off a floating castle and almost went SPLAT!”

8.) I could go on for ever with these fans so how about...a fan! Almost like the piece of paper, just in a more triangular shape!

7.) A walking snow pet. Not recommended for residents of the Lost Desert.

6.) A plushie is pretty easy. If you have a pen handy you could add a couple of stitches, and a patch here or there.

5.) For those of you who can’t afford a normal costume because you had to go out and spend all your Neopoints on a paint brush, maybe you’ve realized that your pet already has a costume,

4.) Or, you could always pretend you bought a pint brush and lost it so your neopet doesn’t have a costume.

3.) You could convince your pet that Halloween is overrated...

2.) Or, tell your Neopet that it’s actually Easter and that everybody else is just confused.

1.) Well... a Neopet in general is probably a pretty good costume. You won’t see many other pet’s dressed up as themselves during Halloween!

I hope these costume/alternative ideas have been helpful. If not... well you’re to picky for somebody who can’t afford a costume so stop complaining. Anyways, that concludes my 50 different costume ideas for your Neopet.

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