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A Grand Pirate Adventure

by anna_invincible


A lot of people tell me, "Chili, why are you so weird? You like Maraqua, which is water, and you like spicy food, which is fire! Water and fire don't mix!" Most of the time, I answer like this, "What would water be without fire, and fire without water? Eventually, if they couldn't cancel each other out, one would rule the world. I'm not the type of Shoyru who wants to rule the world, so I need something to cancel my fire out."

     Most people then look at me like I'm some psycho Shoyru from another planet or something at this point. Then again, all my weird notions go to my owner, Anna_Invincible, for she makes them up. However, they seem to make very nice comebacks, for no one ever bothered me after that. For the sake of Maraqua...Well, let's start at the beginning. First of all, I always liked the Pirates. I would find a stick and pretend to play sword fights and tie up my Plushies and make them walk "The Plank". My owner noticed this and didn't like it. So, she started influencing me to become a Maraquan.

     She started by taking away all my Plushies so I couldn't make them walk The Plank. Then, she made me stay inside so I couldn't find any more Stick Swords. I argued, but she said it was for the best. I snorted in disagreement, but didn't say anything more, for I knew I would be punished if I pushed too many of her buttons. Then she took the big step. She re-did the whole NeoHome so it was water themed. Being in such an environment changed me. I loved Maraqua more then ever now. It was just so wonderful, the sparkling water and shiny seaweed.

     That night, as I stared at the wonders of the sea, a.k.a my bedroom, I saw a Plushie that was out of place. I'm a major neat freak, so I rushed over to pick it up. I looked at the Plushie. It was a Plushie of the Evil Pirate Scarblade. I dragged him to my bed and slept with him by my side, unknowing of the danger it held for me. The next morning, my owner told me Maraqua was under attack. I was furious at her.

     "You are a liar! How could you lie to your own Neopet? I hate you!"

     "Chili, CONTROL YOURSELF! I am not lying. I love you too much to even speak lies around you!"


     I ran to my room. How could she lie to me? I'm her FAVORITE Neopet! She was so TERRIBLE! I drifted back to reality. My owner wasn't lying. Maybe Maraqua really WAS in trouble. If they were, they would need me on their side to help fight. I HAD to go ask my owner to join Maraqua's side. Then, I remembered the Scarblade Plushie. I squeezed him tight in my clenched fists. I said in a harsh whisper, "I'm not afraid of you, Scarblade, or your crew. Your crew of savages are nothing. You may have won before, but you will NEVER win again as long as I'm fighting for Maraqua."

     With that I stuffed the putrid plushie in my pocket and marched downstairs, face set, ready to fight for Maraqua. But something stopped me. I heard a shatter. Almost like breaking glass. I turned around. There was a hole in my window, but no one there. I was feeling very uneasy now. Maybe it was my brother trying to play a trick on me. HE is ever so mischievous. But I remembered... he was at a gormball game.

     My breathing came faster. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I edged over to the window. I slowly looked out. There was nothing down there but darkness. I calmed down, but then... SMACK! I felt something hit me HARD in the back of my head. My first thought was that my brother had come home from his gormball game and was in a bad mood, so he was going to take it out on me like always. However, the cruel face I saw when I turned around was NOT my brother's...

     The last thing I saw was some ugly yellow teeth, a sharp steel blade, a beard, and a face with one yellow eye, one hidden behind a dark hat. Then I saw nothing but shapes, then shadows, then nothing but darkness as black as night.

     My world became clear again as I opened my eyes. I was very tired, but I didn't know why, for I had slept for so long earlier. I looked around. My room was far away. I had no idea where I was now. There was a steering wheel, a rope ladder, and a crow's nest, and some funny guy with a hat. All of a sudden it came back in a SNAP! This was Scarblade's ship! I was doomed to a life of piracy! Oh, I felt like crying, but I stayed strong. Little did I know that I had more to worry about than not crying.

     As I was still absorbing my surroundings, some pirates walked towards me. They seemed to be going for my arm. I backed away, but one stopped me and held me still. I tried to squirm away but I couldn't. I tried to scream but the pirate covered my mouth. Then Scarblade himself came with a small knife. The knife was small, dull, and rusted. He couldn't possibly hurt anyone with it. What was he playing at?

     I soon found out. He came about two inches from my face and said softly,

     "Your owner is a fool. She thought she could convert you into a Maraquan. Taking away your toys, keeping you from playing Pirates with your little friends, and she never told you the truth...But she could never take out your piracy, which you truly are..."

     I bit the pirate's hand HARD and he yelled, pulling his hand back and giving me a chance to speak. I shouted, "NO! My owner never lies to me! How dare you!" I fought as hard as I could to get free, but I could not, all the time staring at that Captain's evil face.

     "Oh yes," he said, laughing at my effort. "You were meant to be a pirate all along. You know why? Lift up the sleeve of your shirt."

     The pirate let my right arm go, and I rolled up my sleeves. There, on my shoulder, was a skull and crossbones. My pupils went so wide, it was as if headlights were two inches from my face. But not for long, as they were soon full of tears. For a couple of seconds, I had totally forgotten I was in the company of a dozen evil pirates. I wept like I was in the privacy of my own room after I figured out that Maraqua was being attacked.

     Suddenly, my tears evaporated. My face burnt so hot that my tears were steaming on my face. I used my right arm and punched that Pirate holding me HARD! He swaggered and fell over. Scarblade and his crew simply stared at me. I looked at my now freed hands and thought, How did I do that? Scarblade voiced what I was thinking.

     "How did you do that? His strength's 120!! Yours is only 22!"

     "I don't know, but I bet I'll be stronger then you!" Then I punched him as hard as I could. He went flying back. I started at my hands. They had fire on them. Then I looked at his face. It had a burn mark where I punched him. I thought aloud, "Oh no. I've finally let my fire out."

     Scarblade looked at me with a look of pure, cold, HATRED. His eyes gleamed with cold hard fire. Stone was softer then the Captain's evil glare. For a few seconds, I knew why he was the most feared pirate to ever sail the seven seas. He advanced on me with that rusted old knife of his. I slowly walked back, but tripped over a bucket and landed in the freezing water.

     He stopped right in front of me. I was confused. Why did he stop? He raised the dagger near my pocket. Oh no, he was going to slash my leg! But he didn't… he ripped open my pocket. My Scarblade Plushie fell out. He gazed at it with a longing yet puzzled expression. We stood like that for five minutes before he finally spoke.

     "Where did you get this?"

     "I bought it, Mr.… I mean Captain… I mean… oh no…"

     "Calm yourself, lassie, I'm not going to hurt you. Just come inside…"

     I was puzzled but interested, so I slowly attempted to get up. My bottom was stuck in the bucket and I couldn't get up. I fell and the bucket rolled over. The pirates laughed, and I turned even redder then I already was. Scarblade, however, shushed his men and help his hand out for me. I was nervous. He could be tricking me. His face was so reassuring though, so I grabbed his hand and he helped me out.

     That had to be the dumbest thing I could have done. He grabbed my other wrist and tied them together. I screamed and he gagged me. All the pirates laughed, and I felt SO stupid. He was such a terrible Lupe, why did I fall for his trap? He then roughly pushed me onto a wooden plank hanging over the side of the ship.

     I grunted as I fell backward onto the hard wood. Scarblade laughed even more. His whole crew chorused after him dutifully, although I don't think even half of them truly thought it was funny.

     I had a flashback. I remembered when I was young and I pretended to make my plushies walk the plank. I remember that I had no thought for the plushie, but just for my own selfish enjoyment. Basically, that's what Scarblade was doing.

     It didn't occur to me until just then, when I was trembling on the edge of the plank, inches from life and death, that I was the only girl on the whole ship. Therefore, the pirates were all whistling and catcalling.

     As I hung there, seconds from life and death, I thought of all the mean things I said and all the things I should have done. Why did I ever want to be a pirate, be such an evil creature to destroy such a wonderful place? I thought of how rude I was to my owner. She was telling the truth all along, and I didn't believe her. And...WAIT! It was HER fault I was here. If she hadn't told me about Maraqua, I wouldn't have run upstairs. I would be by her, and the pirates wouldn't kidnap me. I felt a mixture of guilt and anger.

     The plank bumped and I felt a sharp sting. Scarblade had poked me with his sword. I felt a tiny drop of blood ooze down the back of my neck.

     "Get a move on!" Scarblade was getting impatient.

     I hesitated.

     "Too long!" one pirate shouted, jumping on the plank and making me fly forward into the icy water. My body hit the freezing cold water and I gasped.

     I struggled to get loose, but the ropes got tighter as I pulled. Oh, I wish I could have screamed. I was stuck there, underwater, about to drown, and no way to escape. And I had the most unfriendly thoughts of Scarblade, standing near the plank, laughing, and his crew jeering at me. Oh, I never hated anyone as much as him. Soon, I felt that someone was watching me. I looked up and saw a beautiful Aisha swimming toward me.

     "Help me!"

     My words came out in a gurgle, followed by a few bubbles. But her intention was to rescue me. She put a necklace around my neck, and I could breathe again. She un-did the ropes around my wrists, and I pulled my gag off. As soon as I could talk, she spoke.

     "I shall take you home. Follow me."

     She seemed friendly, so I followed her. We passed magnificent coral beds and a beautiful, old cave. The mermaid pointed out that it was an underwater fishing cave. I kept thinking to myself, wow. I can't believe that there is a whole other world down here. Pretty soon, we were at Neopia Central and the mermaid spoke.

     "This is your stop."

     "Wow, thanks… uh, what's your name, anyway?"

     "I am Isca. I bet you are wondering why I rescued you. No, no… don't answer, I will. I received a mission from our King of our city, Maraqua."

     My heart skipped a beat. I was talking to a Maraquan!

     "King Kelpbeard is his name. He told me all about you. He told me about how you acted as a young Neopet, how you played with toys and acted like a pirate. He told me all about how you were converted into a Maraquan. You are one very lucky Shoyru. Your owner cares so much about you; I heard her crying when she found out you had been kidnapped. My owner was never like that. You are lucky to even be alive. Most Neopets die in Scarblade's evil clutches."

     "Wait a second; my owner was SAD when I was gone?

     "Well of course, she's your owner. You're the only sparkle in her life."

     "Wow, and I was so rude to her this morning..."

     "Chili, no matter what, your close ones will always love you. None of us are good to our owners ALL the time."


     "Anyway, I hope you will call me any time you need help. Here is a whistle."

     Isca handed me a purple-green shell.

     "Just blow in it whenever you need me. But be close to water. Bear in mind that only I can hear it, so it's not broken."

     "Thanks for everything, Isca."

     "You're one very special Shoyru. Never let anyone make you think otherwise. Your owner loves you so much."

     With that, she dove back into the water and out of sight. I walked back home, thinking of all the adventure I've had, and all the adventure that is yet to come.

     I say the familiar sign, painted in red letters by my owner that said "212833 Soup Alley, Neopia Central." I almost screamed in delight. I opened the door quietly, despite my excitement, for my owner might be sleeping, and looked in front of me.

     My owner's familiar, warm face lay ahead. Her arms were outstretched, and she said is a non-serious tone, "You're in BIG trouble, Missy."

     I ran into her arms and broke out totally in tears. She got me some hot chocolate and we both sat down in the Living Room. I answered her questions for hours and I ended with "And that was my grand Pirate Adventure."

The End

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