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Brains, Legs, Snot, Body Parts, Oh My!

by sparky63428


HAUNTED WOODS – There are many wonderful and exotic foods in Neopia, but there are a certain group of foods that are plainly gross and disgusting. This particular group of foods include (surprise, surprise) gross foods, body parts, snot, dung and many others. Many Neopets would turn away at the thought of Toe Nail Soup, Maggot Stew, Crunchy Snotball, Lice Rice or Dr. Backwash.

If you think those foods are disgusting, think about what happens to the lone Neopet who wanders too far from Neopia Central at night.

“Moonlight sneaks through gaps in the trees, the wind howls in agony, making the trees dance. He hears a howl, and jumps in fright. Something is approaching him…fast. The Neopet starts running, but it is too late. He is never seen again…or is he?”

What happens to that poor neopet? Nobody is certain, but it’s possible that he has been taken by something evil, or perhaps taken to the pound by Dr Death.

Dr Death takes care of the pets in the pound – the unloved pets. He has been driven mad by the heartlessness of some Neopians. Some of the Neopets in the pound find caring owners who give them hope. Others live in despair, not knowing whether they will ever be loved. It is important for all Neopians to help these poor Neopets and give them hope. You will find out why soon.

Unloved and lost pets are usually taken to the pound, but what about the ones who aren’t?

“They are never seen again…or are they?”

The evil denizens of Neopia lurk, waiting for innocent Neopets to come by. They strike and the Neopets are never seen again. That is, if the neopet comes across someone like Meuka. However, what if they come across the path of a little green Zafara?

Edna the witch is notorious for brewing foul and evil potions. Locked in her tower at night, she is always busy thinking of new recipes. Too busy, in fact, that she has to get help from Neopets to get her ingredients!

But what else does Edna do besides brewing potions? The following descriptions may give you an idea.

“Oh no, how horrible... looks like this particular Meerca bounced too close to the Witches home!” - Meerca Pie.

“What goes bounce...bounce...whirr... splat?” – Blumaroo Steak

“I don’t think the Grundo who became this meal did it willingly…” – Grundo Stix

“No, you can’t seriously make pies out of petpets... can you?” – Octornapie

I think you get the drift. What Edna does in her tower is not all potion brewing. Edna is also doing something more sinister. She captures unloved Neopets from around Neopia and turns them into Neopet foods, most of which are sold cheaply to the Spooky Food Shop.

A list of the Neopet foods is at the bottom of this article. Most of those are Spooky foods, which means Edna is responsible for the making of them. However, three of those foods are Medieval – 2 of them cheese and the other Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky may not be made from a Neopet but is highly likely. A further two are Tyrannian foods – Buzz honey and Stick-O-Mynci. Buzz Honey may not seem harmful to Buzz’s, but there could well be a Buzz honey farm where they rip out Buzz’z wings.

A further two are Normal foods (Grundo Stix and Mynci Mushroom Soup).

A lot of the foods in Neopia mention specific body parts, such as toe and eye. Where do these body parts come from? They must come from those poor Neopets who get turned into the foods mentioned above…and perhaps any other poor neopet that happens to wander too close to Edna’s den.

There are also many meats in Neopia that don’t specify a species. For example, some foods have pork, but many others just don’t say what animal or neopet the meat is from. Those are the mystery meat foods.

“The most frightening thing about this sandwich is where Edna got the meat from…” – Mystery Meat Sandwich

Since she already slaughters unfortunate Neopets who happen to cross the wrong path, Edna would not just throw the rest of the body away.

The meat from the Neopets will most likely end up in foods like the sandwich. Other body parts are also not wasted: Eye Candy, Mashed Eye Potato, Tongue with Veggies, Parts on a pizza, Intestines with Marinara, Pickled Eyeballs, Eyeball Slurpy, Knuckle Sandwich are just some of the other foods that Edna puts spare body parts in.

It’s not only food that contains body parts. Some other items of Neopia also contain have body parts, such has Battledome items. An example of one of these is ‘Eye of Mortog’.

If you are totally outraged and disgusted by the cruelty going on in Neopia, it is definitely worthwhile to check out NOPE, Neopians Opposed to Pet Eating, a group whose purpose is to ban all Neopet foods. They are a small group of Neopians who are horrified by Edna’s cruelty, and have decided to put an end to it. To find it, check out hituro or jayed’s lookup.

After reading this article, think how lucky your Neopet is. He or she has an owner to look after him, someone to love him. Make sure you take good care of your pet. If you’re ever thinking of abandoning your pet, think about what will happen to him. He may get unlucky and find himself in an unpleasant situation.

We can safely say that no lone Neopet or Petpet is safe from Edna’s evil. Make sure that your Neopet is well loved and is kept indoors at night…now, where did my Zafara go???

Here is a list of FOODS that have Neopet/petpet parts in them:

Alkenore Cheese, Beef Jerky, Blumaroo Steak, Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza, Bluna Burger, Buzz Honey, Eye of Mortog Soup, Grundo Stix, Grundo Toe Lint, Hair Stuffed Maggot, Jelly Finger, Large Grundo Toe with Lint Side Order, Meerca Pie, Quiggle Pie, Octornapie, Skeith Juice Cocktail, Snorkle Pudding, Snorkle Snout, Stick-O-Mynci, Sun Dried Techo Claw, Wing of Korbat, Grundo Stix Sub, Mynci Mushroom Soup, Smoked Snorkle Cheese.

Feel free to Neomail me about this article – your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks to jayed for letting me mention the NOPE guild and petition.

In this article, I have referred to Neopets as he or him. Please don’t pelt me with rotten tomatoes because of that! Referring to the Neopet as he just saves the trouble of writing he/she all the time.

You can also contact me about any aspect of Neopets – I’ll try to help out – sparky63428.

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