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Oh No! The _______ Are Attacking!

by baby_kitty2000


Neopia- Gallery of Evil

What a great time to do this, right around the month of Scariness! So we've all heard of the great evil things, Lord Kass....Dr. Sloth....evil lint....err, I mean Fuzzle, Evil Fuzzles. But what more are there? There have been gossips about this on the board, like Meepits *shudder* and more. So to keep you all aware and on your toes, I have created this list of evil creepy creatures. Mua ha ha ha-erm...excuse me, I have a slight let's begin with the list and all move on with our lives.

55 Evil and/or Scary Things in Neopia: The List:

1. Evil Meepits....eep.

2. White Weewoos. YES they just might exist maybe.

3. Evil Fuzzles. I mean just look at their names. Come on people.

4. Fangies. Yes they are rarely noticed and odd, but they have sharp fangs. Yet again just look at their names, people!

5. The Chia Clown.

6. And any evil clowns or friends of the Chia clown or any other clowns at all.

7. Dr. Sloth. No need to explain why.

8. Snowager. Why? Because he just blasted my neopet and I. So THERE Mr. Snowager!

9. Kadoaties, they are CONSTANTLY asking for Draik eggs. Really, there's got to be something behind that, like a secret war.

10. Slorgs, ever since the new game "Attack of the Slorgs".

11. Abonimable Snowballs. They just look creepy. And Turmy hardly ever eats them too.....

12. The Ghost Lupe. Except when he's uberly cool and growls, so your pet's hit points are better. B)

13. The Pant Devil. He's just odd... and has a weird deal for stealing our awesome stuff, man.

14. Malkus Vile. 1. it's in the name AGAIN, people! 2. he has to get something done about those warts.

15. Shadow Usul. Not fun when you're walking home by yourself late at night, and you see a shadow. *shivers*

16. Spider Grundo. After looking at him, you will become arachnaphobic no matter what.

17. Jelly Chia. I mean the "mythical" jelly world was one thing, but this is creepy...

18. Meuka. One way to describe how creepy he is: snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot booger snot snot snot snot eyes mouth nose snot snot snot body snot snot snot snot snot snot tail snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot.

19. Commander Garoo. Trust me, you DON'T want to get him mad. And he's probably going to come back soon....*shudder*

20. Balthazar. Well, he's not really that mean, unless you're a Chia or a faerie, or if you make him mad. But other than that he's pretty nice! (OK, he's terrifying in the Battledome though....)

21. Count Von Roo. I mean here's a real blood drinking vampire, I mean how can you say that's not scary?!

22. Hubrid Nox. Just play the Magax game, and you will totally find out why. Plus he has that pure-evil cape, what more could you ask for?

23. Vira. She is really cool and gothic and all, but she's way too gothy and just's like a really scary curse....thingy. I advise you to stay away.

24. Lord Darigan. He kind of looks like a deformed skeleton with giant ears in the Gallery of Evil. Plus there was that evil war thing, and all of that stuff you probably already know about and I'm just sitting here boring you to death.

25. The Tax Beast. This guy is cute, but he'll take your hard earned cash! Oh no! Keep away from this guy...

26. Lord Kass. Just look at the entire Meridell and Darigan war! Destructive, he is. If you value your life you should steer clear of Lord Kass.

27. Morguss. Yet another reason not to trust an old hag if they look like this. Or smell like this. Or cast an evil curse on you.

28. The Court Dancer. Sure, she's a great dancer and can put all guys in a trance with her beauty and horrid curse, but she's pure evil! One of Darigan's right hand dark ones for sure.

29. Any of those evil creatures in Neoquest 2...gosh they can practically give you nightmares.....

30. Jhudorah. Stay away. Big time.

31. Any evil dark faeries that are grinning and have the evil eyes....

32. "Your Master" in the game "Fetch!". And you wondered why they only let you see his hand....ack it's hideous....

33. Any mutant/Darigan/any colored pets that have tried to eat the Wintry Petpet's store. No wait...that's about everyone. O.O

34. Anyone with an obsession for asparagus. Frogs are an exception. I know, I checked.

35. Evil Marblemen....

36. Gnomes. Beware their teeth.

37. Because of popular demand I shall place JubJubs in. *hopes evil JubJubs will not form an angry mob and throw rotten tomatoes at me*

38. Usukis.

39. Yes, Usukis are scary. Maybe not as scary as what they are based on in real life, but they are evil. If you read the box.

40. Certain things in Tarla's Shop of Mystery...well, you never know what you're going to get, you could get a giant sloth, for all we know.

41. Punchbag Sid. There's just something not right about him....

42. The Stuff. That is seriously alive. Just ask the Island Mystic, he'll tell you your sense of direction will change unexpectedly.

43. The Island Mystic, for the above matter and more.

44. Walking Carpets. I had a rug for 10 years, and suddenly it walked out of my room. Really, it was the day I spilt orange juice on it! ;) But these are truly evil....

45. Edna, if you catch her in a bad mood....

46. A Sludgy. It's a bit creepy the way their right eye doesn't quite fit in its socket....

47. A Spardel is pretty creepy, you gotta admit....try to have a staring contest with it *shudder*

48. Psimouse, with the orange umbrella, and the three eyes, and everything....

49. Eliv Thade. I hate anagrams!

50. Anything that moves in such a creepy fashion in the Deserted Fairground....

51. The Brain's sort of creepy the way it moves...

52. The Esophagor. It makes you wonder WHY he was implanted in the earth, for what reason....

53. Ssssidney....trussst me, thatssss a creepy lissssp or whatever he'sssss got there....

54. Arnold. Don't you often want to take his mallet and bash him?

55. The lair of the beast....what could be worse?!

Well people, there you have it. 55 evil things running about Neopia. Yes, I know I did not list all the evil creatures. Do not ask me why there are so many bad things. You're all lucky I didn't just babble on about frogs. Feel free to Neomail me, or whatever. Thank you for reading this, but if you're reading this far look in the mirror and check that you aren't insane.

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