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100 Stinkin, Cheesy, Rejected Neopian Times Titles

by blubblub317


Also by sirussblack

DEEP CATACOMBS - Titles can make a big difference when writing an article or a series or a comic or a short story! It can also eliminate harmful run-on sentences as shown in the prior sentence (and blow up boogers)! Soooooooo, Sirius and I just luuuve being big helps to this fat, little world of ours! We’re here to tell you all the titles that you never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…

[5 years pass]

…ever, ever, ever put into an article or a series or a comic or a short story! So let’s get this musical started!

Sirius: Uh, Blub, this isn’t a musical…

Blub: …heh, good one!

1. And One, Two, Four, Six, Fifty, One, Ten, Nine, Be

2. This Is A Story of a Neopet Who Lost His Hair and Got It Back in the End

3. Cheese is Just Another Word for Turdle


5. Too Day

6. Hannah – The Little Usul who Tried to Eat a Tomato but Failed Miserably

7. Fact or Fiction – Smelly Asparagus is Smelly

8. Dis Arcle Iz Kool

9. Chicken and Liver

10. People and Things

11. The


13. OMG – the SCARY WORLD OF chatspeak

14. I Ate My Petpet

15. How to Eat Your Petpet

16. Sixty Ways to Pick Your Nose

17. Keep Laughing – The Myncis Will Attack

18. The 10 Step Guide to Admitting You’re a N00b

19. I Am a Scammer and Hacker – This is Not a Scam

20. Kass is a Big Loser Who Likes Neocola and Can’t Stop Drinking it Thus Gets Fat and Eats Me


22. How 2 Go 2 the Mony Tree


24. How to Make the Longest Article Name in the History of Neopia and Get Away with It (Also a Guide to get the Longest Article Name in the History of Neopia Published into the excellent newspaper called the Neopian Times) (Also Your One Way Guide to Famedom as you have the Longest Article Name in the History of Neopia) (Also a Guide to Earn Neopoints as the Person with the Longest Article Name in the History of Neopia and Make Lots of Money Because you are cool for being the Person with the Longest Article Name in the History of Neopia (And Like Cheese because you are the person with the Longest Article Title in the History of Neopia and the only one to have Gotten Away with it Because you are the person with the Longest Article Title in the Neopian Times in the History of Neopia)

25. Dubloons are the Next Asparagus

26. Borovan is Asparagus and Asparagus is Money and Money is Cheese

27. Kow Ki!

28. Talking on the Phone That I Bought From the Space Station

29. The Story That Breaks all the Rules

30. The !!! Tale

31. People Made Fun of my Pimple and I Cried

32. I Hate Snowflake! She Keeps Rejecting My Junk!

33. I Lyke Blu

34. A Pound and Adoption and Abandoning Story

35. How to Write a Pound and Adoption and Abandoning Story

36. Na-na-boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo!

37. The Truth about Marriag—AHHH! =is thrown down on the ground by two mysterious looking Techos=

36. Manual to Getting Yourself A Bruise

37. 10 Simple Steps to Getting a Life


39. I’m Stoneman3x. I Swear I Am!

40. I Can Count To Three! HA!

41. Crouching Kougra, Hidden Draik

42. Dude, Where’s My Carthatdoesn’tactuallyexistinneopia?

43. Meepits Will Take Over: Written By Anonymous (Ridergirl333)

44. NO, WEEWOOS WILL: Written By Anonymous (Laurensama)

45. How to Make Homeade Weewoo Dumplings

46. Martha Lennert: It’s A Terrible Thing

47. Nonsencical Verbiage (In Other Words: Just a Bunch of Weird Adjectives)

48. Really Confused: I’m Really Confused



51: Sirius and Rider, Sitting In a Tree…

52: N/A

53: Trust Me, I’ll Think of a Title Later

54: Adam: He’s Really Number 5!

55: Asparagus Chias Suck!

56. [is frozen]

57. Getting Away With Everything on the Neoboards

58. POOPY!

59. Hmmmm, Asparagus Makes You Smell Bad

60. DING DONG I'M...Alive?

61. We're Not in Neopia Anymore!

62. Thiz zdorri Rilz!

63. Blood and Gore and Death and Marriage

64. The Never-ending SERIES: Part 676421100364

65. I am Cheese - Behold my Neopoints

66. Catnip - The Poor Person’s Petpet

67. The Seventh Sense (No copyright infringement here...nope...*shifty eyes*)

68. Blubby and Char, Sitting In a Tree...

69. I Know What You Did Last Month of Running (Once again, there's no copyright infringement. -_-)

70. Blaming It

71. Henry Spooner and the Wizard's Ball (HAH! No plagerism...)

72. The Story of

73. [insert good title here]

74. BAGGY!

75. The Sarcastic Book of Wisecracks and Sarcastic Stuff...

76. Blubby is Fat!

77. Neocola Is Made with Dung

78. Kaus are Funny - The True Story

79. My Life as a Pro-Kau Killer

80. Merridel Pitchfork Massacre (Hmm...)

81. Free Tilly (*blinks*)

82. Eyelashes are People Too!



85: Learnin;g How To; Use Semicolons;

86. Sirius; Is; Jealous; Of; Blubbeh’s; Dashing; Good; Looks

87. Sirius and His Humanized Eyelashes, Sitting In a Tree…

88. A Series of Incredibly Fortunate and Happy, Wonderful, Fantastic, Splendid Events!

89: Lord of the...Rings?

90: Tips and Tricks for Putting Make-Up on Your Dung

91: The Losers

92: This Little Light of Miiine…

93…I’m Gonna’ Let It Shine…: A Sequel to This Little Light of Miiine…

94: ….Let It Shine, Let It Shine…: The Annoying 3rd Part of the This Little Light of Mine Series

95: …LET IT SHIIIIINE!: Can I Strangle This Book?

96: I luuuuuve dung!

97: Caaars

98: Kisses…

99: …are not allowed

100: 100 Stinkin, Cheesy, Rejected NT Titles (HAHA! IT’S NOT OUR TITLE! OUR TITLE HAS NEOPIAN TIMES, NOT NT!)

If you’re still reading this, you're a very brave person. I'd give you a million Neopoints if I wasn't as poor as a mop. Blubby would have been doing this but he went off to eat donuts. A lot of donuts. So, if you really are not asleep right now congrats! You've survived the worst article in the world. Anyways, that's it from...erm...the Neopian Donut shop. Feed your artichokes lots of meat! And be sure to get your Gelerts neutered! And...and...and...erm...Weewoos are evil! See you on the moon!

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