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A Sweet Tooth's Guide to Halloween

by playmobil_is_my_life


31st DAY OF THE MONTH OF COLLECTING – Otherwise known as… drum roll, please… Halloween! You know, that autumn holiday where you get to wear a cool costume at night, run around with your friends, and go door to door scaring your neighbors? Now, come on. What part of that isn’t fun? But you know what the best part is?

CANDY, of course!

Who doesn’t love those delicious Neopian candies? You know, the basics: white chocolates, dark chocolates, mint chocolates, Neodrops, jellies, gobstoppers, and anything else with sugar! Mmmm! Isn’t that the best part of Halloween? Well, yeah, the costumes are fun and scaring your friends is a riot, but that only lasts one night. Your candy, however, lasts for weeks… even months unless you eat it all in one night. In that case, I recommend you see a doctor.

You’ve got your mask, costume and a group of friends. Now all you need to know is what kind of candy is out there! After all, it is the tastiest part of Halloween! And just to think, only three simple words are uttered to get it: “Trick-or-Treat”. Seriously. I wish I could say, “Trick-or-Treat” every night and have my bag teeming with all sorts of sugary treats.

This Halloween, I decided to compile a list of all the different treats and the kind you should always look for when reaching for the candy bowl. There are so many different ones, so it may be hard to remember them, but I’m sure you’ll manage. It is a holiday after all. So put on your scariest mask and continue to read to find out my favorite candies. Be on the watch for them!


Yum, yum! The best part about chocolate is that there will always be at least one type you like to eat. Take me for example. I’m not a fan of white chocolate, but I love mint and dark! There are four different flavors that Neopian Chocolate comes in: Milk, White, Dark and Orange. Chocolate comes in bars, Neopet shapes, cakes, ice creams, brownies… but let’s just narrow it down to the wrapped kind that you’ll be getting on Halloween night.

There are many different flavors of chocolate that come in fun Neopet shapes. Wockies, Chias, Gelerts, you name it and they’ve got it in that shape! You also have the classic milk chocolate bars, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate Neodrops, and chocolate Neggs, all of which will take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride! They even have chocolate items in the Virtupets Space Station, (Double Chocolate Surprise, Chocolate Éclair Paste). See? Even Grundos and aliens know what one of the best treats on Neopia is.


Okay so lollypops are not chocolate, but they’re one of the next best things! Lollypops are especially popular with the younger Neopets. Because they come on a stick, there really isn’t any gooey mess or melting to worry about! Lollypops are also given to some Neopets to reward good behavior.

But, we’re not talking about proper etiquette; we’re discussing why they are great Halloween candy. Since you can suck on Lollypops, they enable you to use both hands white eating them! The most popular Neopian Lollypop flavors are cherry, lime, strawberry, blueberry, lemon and grape. Some of them come in fun Neopets shapes just like the chocolates mentioned above. If you’re daring, you could try sucking on a Lightning Bolt Lollypop, or a Lollypop of Doom. Who knows what might happen if you put one of these in your mouth?


Gobstoppers have an entire story behind them, which I am going to explain (using the shorter version, of course). So sit back, have some candy, and listen:

These candies were invented in Tyrannia. The Tyrannians are known to have very, VERY sharp teeth. Every candy they tried to eat could easily be bitten into or broken. It was no fun for the Tyrannians. They said, “Ugga ugh. No fun.” And if you don’t know what a Gobstopper is, it’s a hard candy that you suck on and it changes colors while it’s in your mouth.

The Tyrannians were overjoyed at this new creation. Who decided to call it the “Gobstopper” is unknown. They liked it because no matter how hard they tried to chew it, the candy would not split. I’m guessing they added the “color changing in your mouth” part for entertainment. Even the first Tyrannians needed some entertainment. Just remember that any Gobstoppers you get for Halloween were imported from Tyrannia. There are only a few flavors at the moment, including ‘Fishy Delight Grarrl’, ‘Fluff N Stuff Grarrl’, ‘Rotten Egg Grarrl’, ‘Chunky Cherry Grarrl’, ‘Mustard Mayhem Grarrl’… err… maybe you want to stay away from these after all.


Yay, jellybeans! They’re the chewy candy that’s about the size of your fingertip and you can take them anywhere! They are small enough to fit just about any place and discreet enough that you can fake a yawn while putting one into your mouth. If you get the assorted kind, be prepared to sift through hundreds of different flavors to find your favorite (Sour Apple for me!).

Let’s talk about all of the different flavors. I mentioned the assorted, which comes in all of the colors of the rainbow (and, like, 12 times more!), but there are also bags of jellybeans that come in one flavor. There are some that look very good, such as Blueberry, Double Chocolate (CHOCOALTE! :D) and Lemon Sherbert. But like some of the Tyrannian Gobstoppers, there are also flavors like Charcoal, Brussel Sprouts and Sporkle Leg. Yuck! Eat at your own risk.


Now toffees are really awesome because they stick to your teeth! XD Okay, that’s not the reason why. Toffee is probably the chewiest candy and makes anything taste good. Literally, you could put it on broccoli and it would taste like… well, I’m not sure, but I imagine it’d be good!

To be honest, you probably won’t get much toffee for Halloween unless it’s small and wrapped. Don’t count on a Toffee Apple going in your bag! If you don’t Trick-or-Treat, you can probably find things like (Deluxe) Toffee Apples, Lime Toffee Apples and Strawberry Toffee Chokatos at parties. My personal favorite is the Fruitmallow Toffee Apple. Delicious! Toffee candies come in regular and deluxe. Deluxe means that it has an extra ingredient, such as nuts or gummy worms.

Candy Canes

Come on, did you really think that Candy Canes were only for Christmas and winter holidays? No way! Remember: candy canes can be Halloween candy too, which is why there is a Halloween Candy Cane. The traditional Candy Cane is white, red and peppermint flavored. But this Halloween Candy Cane has pumpkin, chocolate, and, er, Cobrall venom. Ignore the last ingredient…

Neopian Candy Canes don’t only come in Blueberry, Peppermint and Lemon Sherbert. They also come in exotic flavors such as Ummagine (from Mystery Island) Jazzmosis Seasonal (for all you music lovers!) and, for the Borovan fan, Asparagus Candy Cane. Who would want to eat an Asparagus Candy Cane is beyond me. I guess if you have a sweet tooth, then you’d eat just about any Halloween candy!


No, I’m not talking about the jelly that you put on a piece of toast or between two slices of bread with peanut butter, I mean the more sugary jelly that is given out on Halloween night. This isn’t the type of jelly you get from the Giant Jelly or the kind that you can use for furniture. I’m talking about the Neopet-shaped jelly.

You may not think Jelly is a very appropriate Halloween treat. It’s not actually considered a candy, is it? Well, it certainly does have a lot of sugar, so I think that counts for something right there! Jelly can come in three dominant flavors: Lime, Strawberry and Poisonous (ugh!) Jelly is useful to get for Halloween because if you don’t feel like eating it plain, you can mold it into a piece of furniture for your Neohome or put it on some toast. Caution: Don’t confuse jelly with jellybeans. Ironically, they are two very different things!

Gummy Treats

Gummy treats, somewhat like toffee, will get stuck in your teeth if you eat too many at once! That’s the only real flaw in these chewy and stretchy candies. If you are a fan of the Toffee texture and sweet Jelly taste, I guarantee you’ll like these gummy treats.

Candies like these are convenient because they are small and easy for younger Neopets to hold. It is my assumption that the gummy treats were invented in Maraqua. Aquatic foods such as the Gummy Star and Gummy Amoeba were found growing on the ocean floor. Gummy tails are fun to eat! So far Korbat, Skeith and Kacheek tails have been created. Gummy Quiggles are also a must-try. Look for the different flavors and shapes!

All in all…

This Halloween I hope you get all the candy you could ever dream of! It’s good to get an early start, right when the sun is setting. Remember to keep moving, don’t stand and chit chat. Keep those feet going strong. The more houses you visit, the more candy you’ll get! Because who cares about the spookiness of Halloween? I mean, yeah, the costumes are neat, but what is it that you should really be after? If your answer was the candy, then good, you seemed to have understood the point of this article.

So that’s about it! I wish you a Night of Frights and Sugary Delights. Happy Halloween!

Author’s Note: Of course it’s all about the candy; who doesn’t like the stuff? Mmm… sugar! Oh, and feedback is appreciated. Edited by beewitched2. –Playmobil

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