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Rage Alone II: Solitary Retribution - Part Two

by nomad2


When Jyrados and Simpha woke up the next morning, they both went to Gorrem's room. Draicus was awake to their surprise, but Gorrem was still motionless as expected. Simpha asked, "How is he?"

      Draicus, who looked very tired, said, "Beyond breathing, he hasn't moved all night. Think you can look after him while I get some sleep now?"

      Simpha kneeled down next to Gorrem's bed quietly while Draicus headed off to his room. Jyrados looked upon his friends for a moment in silence before he walked out the door. Though he was concerned about them, he was also somewhat anxious to see Miermah.

      Upon arrival at the next neighborhood over, he heard the wind whisper unknown words into his ears. He paused to try and listen, but didn't know if it was quite the same as before. After a moment of standing still, the whispers died down and he continued on his way.

      He came up to the house where Miermah lived. It was a simple one-story house, but it was well-kept and clean. There was sky blue paint over the trim of the brickwork, and the flower bed looked cared for.

      Jyrados knocked on the door quickly and eagerly. When it was opened, a red Poogle stood at the doorway. Jyrados smiled and said, "Hey, Tumarche. Miermah around, or is she checking out the shops?"

      Tumarche stepped to the side, "She's in the living room. Didn't feel like going out this morning since she was expecting you."

      Jyrados stepped in and closed the door behind him, "Thanks, man. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to stay long."

      He walked straight ahead to the living room, where a blue Shoyru sat on a couch. She jumped up and exclaimed, "Jyrados! It's good to see you. How are you?"

      Jyrados walked over and gave her a small hug. They sat down on the couch and he answered, "Good seeing you as well, Miermah. I guess I'm alright for the moment. I probably won't be here too long though since I have things to take care of today."

      Miermah gave a frown, "Aw, but do you think you can stay for a while? How are the others doing?"

      Jyrados sighed and answered, "Well, Draicus is healing well, I suppose. Simpha is his usual self, so there's rarely any worry about him. Gorrem, on the other hand, isn't doing well. The others are looking after him."

      Miermah responded, "Well I hope he gets well soon. What's wrong with him, is he coming down with something? We told him not to eat those omelettes when they're not looking right."

      Jyrados cracked a smile and said, "No, it's not something he ate. It's kind of the reason I'll be going out today. I'm sure I'll be able to help him. So where's Depthcharge? I didn't see him when coming in."

      Miermah smiled, "He went to the shore. You know how those Peophins love to swim. Though I often wonder how those front legs don't get in the way. One would think they wouldn't be as good as flippers."

      Jyrados' smile widened. Suddenly, another scream filled his head. That time, it was worse than before and he didn't even have time to scream before he fell into unconsciousness.

      Like before, he awoke under the tree, accompanied only a gentle breeze. This time, he jumped up immediately to find he wasn't alone like he thought. In front of him stood Draicus and Simpha, who also had their eyes glazed over. Jyrados stared, but said nothing to them.

      Simpha's mouth fell open and an echoing voice yelled, "Soon it will be you. You are almost out of those you hold dear."

      Jyrados screamed to the sky, "There's no reason to bring them into it! Let's finish this one on one! This time I won't be so nice!"

      Draicus' mandible opened as the voice said, "Your rage went too far. It can go no further than it went. Now you will pay for your destructive rage. It ruined everything. You can't imagine the harm it caused."

      Jyrados yelled back, "Your rage was the destructive force. It had to be stopped. I did what I had to. Don't blame me for your misery."

      "I blame you for all misery," the voice echoed. "You didn't let Fethva end the suffering of everyone. You must suffer for all our misery."

      Jyrados cried out, "Enough of this! You don't know what the world is like! There is happiness and good in the world!"

      The voice replied, "You haven't looked at the world. You haven't seen it for true. You are blind and naive. The last thing you will ever see is the true world."

      Jyrados was about to speak, but before he could, Simpha and Draicus both jumped at him. They hit him in the chest and pinned in against the tree. He tried to push them off him, but found himself to be too weak. As he struggled, they applied more pressure, nearly collapsing his lungs. After a short amount of time, he blacked out from the pain.

      With a deep breath, Jyrados woke up laid across Miermah's couch. While he coughed a few times, he looked up at Miermah and Tumarche looking down at him. They both looked upon him with concern, but he was thinking more about the headache and chest pain left by that nightmare.

      Miermah quietly said, "Jyrados? Are you alright? You just suddenly fell over."

      Tumarche added, "You were out for a few hours, and you occasionally cried out."

      Jyrados turned his head towards them and quickly said, "I have to go." When he tried to get up, however, he grabbed his chest in pain and fell back down.

      "Don't think you're going anywhere soon," Miermah told him. "Now what's going on?"

      Jyrados took a few breaths of air before he answered. "Well, someone from my past has come back, and he's trying to torment me. I think Simpha and Draicus are in danger, and I don't want to put any of you in danger. Now help me up so I can get back home."

      Tumarche helped Jyrados sit up, but made sure to be careful not to cause him discomfort. Jyrados took in a deep breath and stood, and clearly ignored the pain. Miermah helped him walk to the door at a slow pace. He felt even weaker needing so much help, but didn't say anything.

      Once they got outside, Miermah asked, "Why not I go with you? You shouldn't go out by yourself like this."

      Jyrados shook his head as he stretched out his wings. "I feel much better, thanks. I can handle myself, and I don't want to put you in harm's way. I have to deal with my own demons at this point."

      He flew off, leaving Miermah standing there in worry, but he knew there were more important things to do. It was higher on his priorities to make sure the friends placed in his nightmares were alright.

      He landed in front of his house and rushed through the front door without hesitation. At first glance, the house was quiet and empty. The first room he went for was Gorrem's, but found nothing there. Simpha wasn't there, and neither was Gorrem. When he checked Draicus' room, he found that Draicus was also gone.

      Jyrados called out to them, but was only accompanied by silence. He knew better than to expect the best out of the situation. It was clear that he was too late before he had even woken up.

      The door was left open, and a breeze blew in from outside. Again, he heard a faint whisper as it passed him, this time compelling him to the south. He didn't like this game, but if it meant saving his friends, he was going to play along anyway. Before he left, he made sure he had the energy to use any abilities he was capable of.

      As it was the middle of the afternoon, he took off to the sky with the intention of reaching his destination before sundown, wherever it may be. Once he got into the sky, he had a feeling it was going to be a very long distance.

      When the sun began to set, he still heard the whispers leading him south. Because it was dark, though, he decided to ignore the voices with all his will and stopped for the night. He found a cave, and a familiar one to his eyes. It was then that he figured out it was the one he visited when searching for Fethva. He came to the realization at that moment that he was being led to the chamber where the Legacy of Fethva was before it was destroyed.

      He curled up at the entrance of the cave, not wanting to descend because he knew what was living down there. When he curled up on the ground, the whispers ceased, as if they knew he wasn't going to listen to them. There was now enough silence for him to rest, but he also hoped his dreams would not be invaded.

To be continued...

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