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Rage Alone II: Solitary Retribution - Part One

by nomad2


The world was back to the way it was. The disasters were a thing of the past; a five month old history. Everyone had gotten back to their lives, including Jyrados, the shadow Shoyru. It was like everyone forgot the events as if they were nothing more than a dream. With the problem unable to return, it was just as well.

      Jyrados spent the time afterwards just relaxing. He felt he deserved a long rest, and his friends all agreed. Jyrados seemed a bit tense, but nothing a vacation wouldn't remedy. At least, that's what everyone said.

      Once again, Jyrados was taking a nap under the tree in an open pasture. The shade kept him from being disturbed by the sun, and a gentle breeze kept him cool. Although, being the fall season, it wasn't too warm to him.

      While flying over in his direction, a red Buzz yelled, "Hey Jyrados! Wake up, will ya?"

      Jyrados slowly cracked his eyes open and said, "Draicus, you don't have to yell. I wasn't in that deep of a sleep."

      Draicus landed to the left of Jyrados. He looked down at Jyrados and asked, "Have you seen Gorrem anywhere? He was suppose to meet up with me and Simpha at the Battle Magic Shop. Problem is, that was an hour ago."

      Jyrados stood up and stretched out his arms and wings. He followed it up with a soft yawn and replied, "He hasn't been by here. Did you check any of the other weapon shops? It's not like there aren't enough of them spread across the lands. He might have just gotten confused."

      Draicus answered, "Well, I get the feeling he knew which one we were talking about. I'm starting to get worried, and I can't fly too far on these wings since they're still a bit sore from months ago."

      Jyrados just questioned, "Why not just have Simpha look for him? His feet should be able to carry him far."

      Draicus said, "Because he went to check back at the house, and after that he's going to the market place. I'm suppose to just find you and then go back to the shop in case he shows up there later."

      Jyrados stepped away from the tree and said, "Fine, I'll go looking for him. You go back to Simpha and tell him I'll bring Gorrem home."

      Jyrados took off into the sky while Draicus walked back towards town. Although he didn't know where to start, Jyrados figured he should start around the outskirts of Neopia Central.

      From the sky, there was little he could make out. Thousands of people were out and about, obscuring his vision. It was very busy on the ground, and the air traffic wasn't too much better. Jyrados kept to the border of the city where it wasn't as busy. He didn't expect to find Gorrem straight away, but it was a start.

      While looking down at the crowds, he could have sworn he heard a whisper in his ear. He figured it was just the wind, but it had a constant, drumming rhythm to it. Oddly enough, he felt compelled to head east, even though there was nothing on the map around there.

      Jyrados flew for nearly fifteen minutes before the sound faded from his mind. He snapped back into reality and slowed his pace nearly to a halt. He looked around, but saw nothing at first. On his second glance, however, he noticed a red Eyrie laying stomach down on a large, flat rock.

      Jyrados quickly flew down to the Eyrie's side and exclaimed, "Gorrem! Gorrem, what's going on?"

      Gorrem was unconscious, but breathing. From the looks of him, he didn't have any physical wounds, but he wouldn't wake up. Jyrados looked around with caution to make sure whoever did this wasn't still lurking about somewhere, ready to attack. Without anyone else around, Jyrados attempted to pick up Gorrem, but he was too heavy for Jyrados to easily handle. Flight was impossible, and walking was very difficult. Jyrados didn't want to just leave him out there, so he tried to walk with Gorrem on his back anyway.

      Jyrados attempted to hurry as he said, "Come on, Gorrem, you'll be alright. Why do you have to be so heavy?"

      He wasn't able to get very far before something odd occurred. In an instant, Jyrados heard a scream inside his head loud enough to reduce him to his knees. He screamed as loud as he could to try and cover up the sound, but he couldn't drown it out. It became so unbearable that he fell into unconsciousness himself.

      When Jyrados awoke, he was under the tree he had fell asleep under before. He jumped up, but there was no one around him. There was only the gentle breeze to accompany him as he rubbed his aching head. If he had a nightmare, it sure took its toll on him.

      He heard the grass behind him rustling, and he turned to see Gorrem slowly walking towards him. Gorrem took slow steps with no expression on his face, and his eyes seeming glazed over. Jyrados asked, "Gorrem? Are you alright?"

      Gorrem stopped in front of him several feet away and opened his beak. Without moving it any more than he just did, his voice echoed out, "You ruined it. It was almost time, but you ruined it. All of it was for nothing. You fool."

      Jyrados jumped to his feet and spread his legs out in a defensive stance. He yelled, "Who are you? What have you done to Gorrem? Answer me!"

      The echoing voice continued, "You went too far. Now you will suffer as I have. Your friends will be taken from you, and you will be as alone as I."

      Jyrados knew it could only be one person at that point. "Show yourself, Kacheek! If it's me you want, I'm right here. I'm more than ready for a rematch."

      Gorrem jumped at Jyrados right as he finished that sentence and slashed his claws at Jyrados' face. Jyrados took the hit and fell back with scratch marks left on him. Gorrem jumped again, but this time, Jyrados blacked out before being hit. In his mind, it was as if reality itself blinked into nothingness.

      Jyrados awoke again to find himself east of Neopia Central with Gorrem still unconscious and rested on his back. He still had a headache, but he reached up to feel his face to find there were no scratches on it. At that point, he was unsure what was a dream and what was real, but since he was here now, he slowly stood to carry Gorrem home.

      As he moved back towards the west, he thought about the dream. Could the Kacheek still be alive? After the entire incident, he never thought he would face that enemy again. The thought of one so angry and hateful scared him.

      During the entire trip back, he couldn't help but feel he was being watched. There was no one else for miles, yet it felt like every time a breeze went by, it was a glance at him. He was looking to the sides as he moved, making sure he wouldn't be jumped in his vulnerable state. Especially by that old nemesis.

      At the home of Jyrados, Gorrem, Simpha and Draicus, Gorrem was laid down in his bed. A few hours had passed since Jyrados came home, and he had told the others what had happened. They could hardly believe it.

      Jyrados and Simpha sat back in two chair in their living room while Draicus laid across a couch. They were silent for a moment before Draicus broke the silence by asking, "If the Kacheek died in the explosion, then how is he still around? And if he's able to knock you out so fast, how did you defeat him?"

      Jyrados, with his voice showing his exhaustion, answered, "I don't know, maybe it's because of Fethva. Considering it kept the planet in balance until he corrupted it, maybe it gave him powers he didn't know about. How am I suppose to know?"

      Draicus then asked, "You think Gorrem will be alright?"

      Simpha responded, "Don't worry about Gorrem. He's tough, so I'm sure he'll be up and about by tomorrow."

      Jyrados shook his head, "No, this wasn't a simple attack on Gorrem. I think finding and beating this Kacheek is the only way he'll recover."

      After another moment of silence, Simpha changed the subject, "Oh, Miermah came by earlier. She wanted you to stop by her place some time. Might as well go see her before looking for this guy since you don't know where he is."

      Jyrados smirked, "I guess so. Though he might find me in the end. You guys just stay together and watch your backs. Don't underestimate his rage; it nearly killed us all."

      They all nodded to one another before they left to different rooms. Jyrados and Simpha went to their beds while Draicus went to look after Gorrem.

To be continued...

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