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Lookin’ For the Hip Beat at the Concert Hall?

by twirlsncurls5


CONCERT HALL - Hey, its not easy to be a jive talkin’, street walkin’, beat boxin’ gig hopper, you dig? If not, then you probably need to read this most of all. So for all you squares here’s the top twenty-one accessories that no pet should make the scene without:

1. Triangular Sunglasses- They’re flattering, they’re outrageous, and there’s no way that you’ll blend in with all those other screaming fans when you’re wearing these stunning shades.

2. Star Compact Mirror- Face it babe, when you’re at all the happenin’ scenes you ARE a star. All the more reason for you to make sure you look like one when you see the lead singer of M*ynci heading your way.

3. Superstar earrings- The right mix of glamour and funk for any starlet.

4. Disco Print Styling Gel- All those dance numbers are bound to do a number on your careful grooming, and you’re gonna wanna keep every hair in place for all those rockin’ after parties. While hairspray fumes are an instant repellent, gel goes strait from your hands to your fur, and no one has to know about it but you.

5. Snazzy Moon Comb- For all those pets with a little more mane to tango with, you’re gonna want to detangle your locks after head banging to Sticks N Stones.

6. Blue bandana- Just in case the extent of damage to your tresses is beyond the repair of products or brushing you can just sweep it back into this funky fabric. Always be prepared for the worst of hair days!

7. Strong Mints- There’s nothing like having bagguss breath when your crammed in close to everyone around you, BLEAH! All the coolest dudes and chicks will think its super fly when you smell minty fresh.

8. Eau de daisy- Don’t mistake pets bumping into you for rudeness when you wear this summer flower perfume, they’ll look for any excuse to get a whiff of your enticing scent.

9. Tyrannian Jacket- The best styles always come back, even the prehistoric ones. With funky furs and crazy stripes you’ll be as wild as Tyrannia itself.

10. Black Jewelled Collar- The description says it all, black goes with everything, darling.

11. Gold lipstick- Sometimes something so crazy just has to work and this makeup definitely does. Your lips will shine bright enough to make the light faerie jealous!

12. Scorchio Glitter- Apply over your eyeshadow to give your eyes that extra twinkle and/or apply to your fur to make yourself shimmer in the stagelights. Nobody will be able to keep their eyes off of your body!

13. Gold eyeshadow- To match the lipstick, uh-doy.

14. Pink blush- Nothing brings out cheekbones like a good blusher. This shade is just a suggestion, if you find that you look better in red or tan then go with that. Experimenting with makeup is an absolute must!

15. Electric notebook- When you want an autograph from all the coolest bands there’s no better place for their John Hancock. All you’re Neofriends will get such a shock when you show them proof of all the rockin’ celebrities you met.

16. Mechanical Pencil- No one can autograph your notebook without something to write with. But how horrible would that be if you waited in line to get a signature from your favorite band only to find your pencil broken? Thanks to this handy writing utensil, plenty of lead is always on hand.

17. Two bottles of water- After hours of screaming lyrics, you’re throat is bound to be hoarse and dry, and you’re not going to wanna wait in line to buy one of Tyrannia’s overpriced concert beverages. Besides, water is much better at quenching your thirst and clearing your throat (not to mention healthier). You wouldn’t wanna lose your voice when Wock Til You Drop asks you if you want a backstage tour now would you?

18. Three Red Roses- What better way to get the bands attention than to throw these beautiful flowers on stage? Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone special to give them to instead :) You never know!

19. Dollar Menu Snack Size Fruit and Yogurt Parfait- If your watching your weight (and what pretty pet isn’t?) this is the perfect snack to munch on during intermission.

20. Rock Candy- Okay so forget sugar and calories, you’re at a concert for goodness sake! Give your sweet tooth a treat with some candy that ROCKS!

21. Song Flower Print Beach Towel- After spending a night on your feet, you’re probably gonna wanna give those tootsies a rest on the slow songs. But chance getting dirt stains on your new outfit?? I don’t think so! While a chair is bulky and a pain to carry around, this music inspired towel can be folded into a small compact square and then spread out one the ground whenever you need it.

22. Island lighter- So why is it that everyone pulls out their lighter at concerts? I guess the only reason I can give you is because it’s the cool thing to do. So when the tone is sad and slow, pull out your lighter and let the flame burn on.

*WARNING: Lighter may be hot, keep away from face and articles of clothing. Contents are highly flammable. If swallowed contact the Neopian Hospital immediately.*

23. Golden Kougra Ear Muffs- Trust me, when the lead guitar is really out of tune, it won’t matter to you that these are Battledome items.

24. BIG book of Puzzles- Just in case you accidentally bought tickets to the Neopian Philharmonic.

25. Fire faerie back pack- You didn’t expect to carry all this stuff in your back pocket did you? With this flaming hot bag you can groove to the beat without worrying about finding a place to put all your jive necessities.

Now you’re ready to be the hippest pet rockin’ out at the concert hall! Remember to always add your own touch of personality to whatever style you’re trying out and to never try to blend in with the crowd

Stay sizzling you wild think, you!

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