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Eyries: Good or Bad?

by dragonlover8560


Eyries are undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved Neopets ever created. These amazing fliers impress everyone around them with their courage and cleverness. The average Eyrie is a fun-loving and cheerful Neopet who wants nothing more than to have as many friends as possible.

But not all Eyries are as ordinary as our everyday friends. Some are truly heroic, inspiring generations of young Neopets with their courage and valor. Some are self-centered, arrogant, and greedy. And some are truly evil, and are only spoken about in whispers because their evil deeds still cause fear in the hearts of Neopians.

But why is there such a great difference between the heroes and villains? Are Eyries inherently good or evil? Each person must decide for himself after reading the deeds of each extraordinary Eyrie that is famous...or infamous.

Without a doubt, Talinia is the greatest Eyrie hero ever to have roamed the lands of Neopia. This clever fighter uses her sharp eyesight and steady hand to send a stream of arrows into her enemies in the game NeoQuest II. Along with her comrades, she tirelessly fights hordes of dangerous monsters within the computer simulation, and helps to free her starship from the control of a mysterious evil mastermind. This heroine can deal major damage to enemy fighters, and can even hit multiple targets with a single volley. For her bravery and dedication, Talinia will be forever revered by Eyries of all ages.

Don't let his gruff appearance fool you. Cap'n Threelegs may act fierce, but no one else in Neopia is better at introducing young Neopets to the thrills of the Battledome. His Swashbuckling Academy trains beginning battlers to fight, and shares his wisdom with them with inspiring phrases. He is even generous enough to give free lessons on certain Neopian holidays.

Okay, to be honest, Branston is too self-absorbed, egotistical, and arrogant to be viewed as a truly great Neopet. But even people who don't like him admit that he throws great parties. When he isn't playing a game of Cheat, he is usually admiring himself in the mirror, polishing his golden medallions, or dancing to disco music in the nightly parties he throws at his mansion.

The Neopedia Article about him sure did wonders to his already inflated ego. He carries a copy in his pocket in case he meets somebody who hasn't read it. If he tries to read it to you, I recommend that you run away, or hide, or pretend have a momentary attack of insanity, or else he will spend an hour bragging about himself until you scream from boredom.

It's best to keep a sharp watch on Deadeye inside the shady taverns of Krawk Island. This cunning Bilge Dice player won't hesitate to use a little slight-of-hand to his advantage, and woe to the gambler who turns his back on the dice. Deadeye is the sneakiest opponent of his group of pirate friends, and is rumored to use secret signals to direct them in fleecing their mark. Deadeye is the reigning champ of the game, and only a few people can claim to have beaten him in Bilge Dice. Of course, those who have beaten Deadeye won't come near a tavern after he and his friends have a little "discussion" with the unfortunate player.

If you're feeling lucky, you could try your luck at a game of Bilge Dice. However, if you do happen to win some neopoints, leave the tavern quickly and avoid dimly lit alleys.

Jahbal may only be a fictional villain in NeoQuest I but he is certainly the most difficult opponents many Neopians will face. He was once the leader of the Council of Twelve, but was thrown from power by the other wizards after he became consumed with the lust for power. He was imprisoned inside the Two Rings Mountains, but over the centuries he was able to send his monsters though the magical shields to wreck havoc on the unsuspecting world.

As the final boss for the "normal" level difficulty, Jahbal's towering form is the final sight many unwary players see before they are defeated with one final blow from his glowing staff. Only the strongest players can successfully defeat this evil wizard and claim their shiny bronze trophy and the neopoint reward.

Ruthless, ambitious, sinister...all of these words describe Lord Kass. Once a general in Lord Darigan's army, he seized power after his commander's defeat. He sold himself to the darker powers in exchange for unlimited power, promising that he would succeed where his former master had failed. With their help, he began to create his own empire, and purged those in the Citadel who were still loyal to Darigan. Kass's preferred methods of creating his empire included bribery, intimidation, and blackmail, but he never hesitated to use force on his enemies. He even deceived his own people with propaganda to lead them into war.

Kass's ambition proved to be his downfall, though. The unexpected return of Lord Darigan brought about his defeat when his former master severed the tie between Kass and the dark beings. Lord Kass ran into the heart of the castle while pursued by the vengeful specters, and was never seen again.

Kass's heinous crimes against the people of Meridel and the Citadel have rightfully earned him a place in the Gallery of Evil.

So, what have you decided? Do the great and noble deeds of Cap'n Threelegs and Talinia outweigh the crimes of the NeoQuest villain and Lord Kass? Should Deadeye be numbered among the great criminals of Neopia for his petty thefts? Why haven’t Neopians gotten sick of Branston’s never-ending boasting and driven him out of his home? Only time will tell how these powerful Eyries will be recorded in history.

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