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Cool (and Cheap) Toys to Buy for your Neopets

by lissie1118


You and your pets are sitting inside your neohome, completely and utterly bored. So one of them asks you: "Hey, owner, (OK, I know that your Neopets wouldn’t actually only call you owner, but I can’t list every person in Neopia so this will have to do) could you buy us a new toy or something? Pleeassseee?" Your Neopet looks up at you with such pathetic (and bored) looking eyes, that you can’t help but say yes. So, you're in Neopia Central, and you just realized: What in the world should you buy your pet?! There are tons of toys out there in Neopia!!! Well, I’m here to help. I will list some really great toys that will keep you and your Neopet busy for hours. What’s that? You're too old to play with toys? How can you say that...? Toys are the very essence that brings out the kid in us all!!! How could you question the very pwnfulness of a plushie!!?? How?? H...

Oh, where was I? Oh, yes, I was just about to list the really great toys that will keep you... erm... your Neopet busy for hours. These go by what my pets care for (and toys that are just too cheap to forget), and yes since you are too lazy to look it up for yourself I will also list the prices. Here we go:

Potgatkerchi Plushie - This plushie is for unique pets who want something more than your average plushie. My Pteri loves it; But be sure your Neopet isn’t afraid of it first. This is also a good buy because it is only 10+ NP, good for the stingy cheap people out there. =)

Island Native Techo Plushie - This is also a very unique toy, but it has the added benefit of not completely terrifying and freaking a Neopet out with how, well... terrifying and freaky it looks. But with that added benefit, the plushie is 150+ NP. That is still pretty cheap, though, you’ve gotta admit.

Geraptiku Snowglobe - Ah, another stingy cheap person toy! This one is really cool, I mean who doesn’t like snowglobes?! Really pretty, and most are really expensive in Neopia. Only 10+ NP for this.

Green Poogle Toy - Ermm... well... ok so there isn't anything special or unique (which both mean the same thing) to say about it, but it is still very cute, right? And that little sticking-out tongue makes it look cuter. Plus green fans will like it. Now that I'm done trying to think of really interesting and cool things to say about it... it's usually 120+ NP.

Colouring Book - This great toy might cost a bit more than the others that are listed above, but it is very good for the Neopets that love art. And who would you be to take away the pricelessness of you watching your Neopets’ love for art grow?! I mean, your Neopet could grow up to be the next great artist or something! Shame on you! –coughs- Anyway... it usually costs 350+ NP.

Tombola Key Ring - Hey, it’s the really nice dude who runs the Tombola stand and gives out free items! How cute. And it’s only 1 NP!!! Now, I'm sure that even the CHEAPEST Neopian on the face of Neopia could buy this! Isn't that cool? You can spend only 1 NP and it'll make your pet happy. ^_^ Except for the really snobby high maintenance pets that everyone dislikes.

Neopian Times Usuki Set - Ah, another toy that will bring out the artist in any Neopet. And this one only costs 25+ NP! A great buy, especially considering it comes with alot of supplies. Besides, your Neopet may thank you by making a special Neopian Times issue dedicated to you. Oh wait... sorry, I'm mistaken. I forgot that pets are so ungrateful these days... or maybe it's just the fact that you either only went to the advent calender or spent only 25 NP on it.

Cloud Ixi Plushie - Perfect for the Neopet who is tired of the normal old boring yellow, red, blue and green plushies. Most painted pet plushies are usually above 5,000 NP, but this one is a steal at only 600+ NP. Just tell your Neopet you spent 10k on it, and she/he will be very pleased. Just don't let him/her go to the shop wizard any time soon. That way if your Neopet goes like 6 months from now, you can say they gave it out some where on Neopets, which is true! I figure if you have to lie, than you also have to stick as close to the truth as possible. Which is probably how your Neopet's mind works too.

Sparkly Wocky Ball - I love this one. See, it is good for a female Neopet who loves to be active and likes pretty things. She can have fun, be active and be stylish all at the same time. No more worrying that your Neopet isn't getting enough exercise! Now THAT is the perfect toy; 125+ NP.

Dieter Action Figure - Awww, this one is SO cute! Perfect for playing Snowmuncher at home. Usually around 80+ NP.

Added tip: Try freezing water into little ice blocks, then use food dye on them to make it realistic! Really cool, huh? But if you make a mess... please don’t tell your owner I gave you this idea, OK? OK.

Rainbow Doughnutfruit Plushie - This is a favorite among rainbow painted Neopets, like my rainbow Gelert. Also perfect for playing Hasee Bounce... if you also have a Jimmi and Woogy Plushie Set, of course:) The price is 300+ NP.

Well, hopefully you have some ideas for what to buy your Neopets now, right? Well, I really hope you do, because I don’t feel like listing anything else. Yes, I realize this is a very short list, but it has details, right? And that’s the important thing. Every good article thrives on details. Oh, yeah... these prices may not be the same on the shop wizard as I said, due to unexpected inflation or my not refreshing on the shop wizard enough. So please do NOT send your Darigan pet with about 1 million hit points after me. Thank you and enjoy your new toys.

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