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Your Complete Guide to The Buzzer Game

by windkitaki


GAMES ROOM - One of the most tedious games in existence in Neopia, The Buzzer Game, is quite unpopular. When I thought it over, it didn’t make any sense, though. The Buzzer Game is a quick and easy way to make Neopoints, get the avatar, or get the trophy.

If you are an avatar collector, it should be very easy to get the avatar, as it only took me two tries, once I found out the avatar was available. It’s quite straightforward to accomplish, especially with this informative guide.

If this is your first time playing The Buzzer Game, I’ll have to start with the basics because it wouldn’t be fair to all of you avatar collectors, trophy hounds, or Neopoint fiends out there who have never heard of the game. First off you need to know how to play. It’s really very simple. All you have to do is guide the metal hoop across the black wire, up to the red dot there. BUT it’s not half as easy as it sounds.

First of all, click the green dot with your left mouse button. Then a bell will sound and the game will start. There is no time limit but there is a bonus, which counts down as you go. It will not be very necessary to go super-fast in order to get the 300 points needed for The Buzzer Game avatar, but if you are going for a high score or a trophy, it will be essential to each each level rather quickly.

In order to get the most of every game, you should probably never even bother continuing your game if you accidentally touch the wire with your hoop on the first level. What I did, was I did the first and second level as fast as possible, relying sometimes on luck to get me through with out losing one of the three “lives” you have in this game. After that, I was very careful and slow, because I wasn’t really interested in getting the trophy.

After the first two levels you should have a few good points. Now, the tedium of the game starts to kick in. If you haven’t lost one of your lives yet, you should probably turn down the volume on your speakers, because the annoying buzz it makes can give you a headache. It even made me give up for a few hours and then try again.

If you haven’t noticed already, some annoying things are going on in the background of the game, and they can become rather distracting. The Techo, who is standing behind the wire, will sometimes be a nuisance. For example, I lost one of my lives because of the great jolt he gave me when he stuck his tongue out near the end of one of the levels. Some other distracting things that happen in that mind-numbing background are:

-The Techo's eyes turn red,

-the Techo's eyes widen suddenly,

-a chokato may suddenly fall from the top of the screen (I find this one the most distracting),

-sometimes the leaves will even change colour.

Anyway, watch out for those and try to pretend that the metal loop and the black wire are the only things that exist.

One of the hardest things about The Buzzer Game is the fact that your cursor is that loop. If you were to be able to view the regular white cursor it would make the game much easier. So, you should try to visualize the cursor being there right in the middle of the loop, and all you have to do is guide it across the wire to the end. Try to keep the imaginary cursor in the centre of the thick, black wire, to avoid accidentally touching the outside of the wire with the edge of the loop.

One of the other major aggravations for me was my mouse. It drove me half to insanity and back again, but I did manage to get the avatar, didn’t I? Well anyway, if you can try to use a bigger mouse pad. I almost lost all three of my lives, simply because my mouse pad is really small, and once I pushed the mouse to the edge of the mouse pad, I had to move it back to the bottom without moving the ball at all. If you have an optic-mouse that’s even better (supposedly, optical mice can roll over any surface, so it doesn’t need a mouse pad).

If you are in fact looking for a fetching trophy for your user lookup, I’m afraid it seems rather hard to get from my perspective. My high score was only 486 and it didn’t even get onto the high score board for October/04! If you do want the trophy though, you will have to speed through the game ad fast as possible. I believe the maximum score for The Buzzer Game, (in October/04) is 840 points! I only got just over half of that! I guess if I try again I might be able to improve, but that’s another story.

If you are just collecting the avatar you don’t have much to worry about because, like I said, it only took me two tries to get the avatar, and I’m downright hopeless at all the games in Neopia! Heh… but in any case, chances are you’ll get it if I can!

If you are only looking for Neopoints then you’re in luck, because you can get 1000 NP for scoring a mere 250 points! Unfortunately, some games (like The Buzzer Game) stop giving you points once you’ve already earned 250. For example, if you scored 600 points, you’d only get 1000 Neopoints instead of 2400 (because for every 100 points you earn, up till 250 points, you get 400 Neopoints). But that is only a minor setback! If you played The Buzzer Game 3 times a day, you could get up to 3000 Neopoints per day! That's 21000 per week, and 84000 per month! Of course, you will probably get much more NP than that from other games, or restocking, but for about 10 minutes per day, that's a lot of Neopoints to add to your annual salary!

I hope this guide has been of help to you, fellow Neopians, whether it has giving you access to a nice avatar, or a rare trophy. Good luck with The Buzzer Game!

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