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Mastering Hannah and the Pirate Caves

by siriusblack__


GAMES ROOM - Have you ever been on the neoboards and seen those lucky Neopians with the Hannah and the Pirate Caves avatar? Or have you ever visited someone's user lookup and wondered: 'How on Neopia did they get the trophy?'. Well now you can stop wondering and get either the avatar, or a shiny trophy, for this great game. Here is a guide to boost up your points in Hannah and the Pirate Caves. It will tell you how to enter the secret areas and acquire the gems. The gems are each worth 5000 points!

Firstly, I'll do the tutorial levels. These levels are easy and I find you get an extra 60,000 points if you do them first. They also have gems in them which makes it better :)

Tutorial One (Basic Training): Near the end of the level there are a lot of jumps that you have to get across. When you reach the last one, jump down and you will probably notice a few boulders to the right. Push the loose one to the LEFT and it will fall down and break the wooden floor. Jump down after it and you will be able to fall down the hole it made. That's the secret level! Start walking right until you come across the gem. Then make your way back, jump out and head left to continue the level.

Tutorial Two (Arrows): When you reach the very end of the level there will be two wooden ledges. Jump up onto the first one, then onto the second. Jump RIGHT into the wall and you will enter the secret level. Crouch down under the ledge and continue right until you reach the gem. Then just go back to complete the level.

Tutorial Three (Boulders): When you reach the part where you have to make all of the boulders fall, DON'T run. Just stand out of the way and wait for all of them to fall. When they stop, start climbing to the top. Jump to the left and you will enter the secret area. Keep going left, collect the treasure and then get the gem. Fall down the gap, collect the last treasures and exit the level.

Tutorial Four (Dynamite): When you get the SECOND dynamite, make it explode by jumping up and making it fall down (don't forget to get out of the way). Then jump down after it and jump LEFT into the wall. Continue left until you get the gem. Then head back and continue the level.

Tutorial Five (Water 1): At the very end of the level, don't go into the exit. Instead, jump left over it and into the secret area. Keep jumping up the stairs then run left to get the gem.

Tutorial Six (Water 2): There doesn't seem to be any known way to access the gem for this level. I can't find one anywhere.

Level One: At the very beginning of the level, don't go right. Instead, jump left over the spikes and into the wall. Drop down the gap and continue right until you reach the gem. Then climb up the ladder. When you reach the top, crouch down and go left to get out.

Level Two: Jump into the brown water and swim into the wall by the second pair of spikes. Walk left until you come into a water filled cave. Grab the gem and go right to get back.

Level Three: This ones slightly harder. You have to hurry because the water is rising pretty quickly. Collect everything at the bottom half of the level but when you come to the ladder that leads to the exit, DON'T go right!! Not yet anyway. Climb the ladder (watch out for the purple bird thing) and activate the arrow on the right. That will cause another arrow to drop down. Hit that as well. Wait for the boulders to destroy the spikes then jump down and push the loose boulder on top to the left. Then drop onto the floor next to it. You will fall into the secret area. Go right until you reach the gem then head back left until you are below the wooden floor. Jump up and swim up to get some air. Then continue the level. (You can go to the right of the ladder now).

Level Four: This level is pretty easy. After you have completed the level and all of the metal boxes have dropped down, DON'T exit the level. Instead, go back left because some more boulders will fall. Climb up the boulders and keep jumping until you get the gem.

Level Five: When you see the extra life (the heart), climb to the very top of the ladder. Then jump onto the heart. Try to bounce RIGHT, into the wall. Fall down the gap and you will land on the gem. Go left until you are under the small piece of wooden floor (which shouldn't be underwater). Jump onto it, then onto the one above it. Swim up and continue the level.

Level Six: When you finish the level and have reached the exit, do not go through it. Instead, jump onto the ledge above it. Keep jumping up onto the ledges until you reach the top. Run left to where the gem is. You can keep going and fall down and just swim back to the exit.

Level Seven: I’m not sure how to get the gem for this level however, when you drop into the water, you will come across 3 caverns. The first one you drop in will have some treasure and the other will have lots of crates. Brake through the crates then go right. You’ll probably see the secret area but I don’t know how to get the gem.

Level Eight: Near the beginning there is a ladder you must climb up, then another you must climb down (next to the stack of metal crates with one treasure in them). Climb down the ladder until you reach an area where it opens out left and right a bit. Drop down left and then crouch left into the passage. Be quick when you get to the secret area because it’s filled with water. Crawl left under the dynamite, and then hit the arrow. Then crawl right really fast so you don’t get caught in the explosion. Wait a bit, and the gem should drop down so you can get it. Then make your way back to continue the level.

Level Nine: When you go down the ladder that leads to a wall of dynamite and an arrow, jump left from the ladder and onto the arrow. Then continue going left and drop down into the water. Go down to collect some treasure, then swim up and right a bit. You’ll find another passage. However the arrow is JUST out of reach so you can’t get the gem.

Level Ten: After you have completed most of the level and ended up at the exit, jump left onto the boulder, then drop down and left. Keep dropping down and left until you drop into some water with a boulder to the right. Swim and crouch left until you reach a ladder, then climb up the ladder to get the gem. Go back to the water and swim and crouch right. Get some air, then push the boulder all the way to the right. You’ll end up back at the beginning, so just work your way back around.

Level Eleven: When you drop into the water with the skull swimming left and right, push the loose boulder left until it drops. Swim to the other side to get some air. There will be another loose boulder. Push it left over the spikes until it drops and you can’t push (be careful of the monster there). Keep heading left until you drop down to the gem.

Level Twelve: For this level you must activate each arrow in order. Make sure the one you hit won’t set of any others. Wait until you have collected everything in the level, then drop into the pit on the far right (right of the exit) and crawl right. Crawl along and set of the arrow. Crawl back and the gem will fall at the exit door.

Level Thirteen: After you have collected 19 chests DON’T go and collect the last four. Run and jump left and up to the exit, then jump to the exit door which will be closed. Jump right again and crawl through the wall. You’ll drop down into the secret area. Run right and activate the arrow crate. The gem should drop, then crawl back to complete the level.

Level Fourteen: When you get up to the part where you have to set off an arrow that goes right and sets off dynamite, quickly follow the arrow and collect the treasures behind it. Then run as fast as you can to the left and duck under the gap (3 arrows will be behind you so HURRY!) After they pass, run right and you’ll be just in time to see the gem fall.

Level Fifteen: When you drop into the water, swim down and past the first set of spikes. Before you reach the second swim left into the wall. Quickly swim left to dodge the spikes and get the gem. Then quickly swim back through the passage to get more air.

Level Sixteen: Another arrow level. Firstly, go up, collect the stuff there, set off the arrow, drop down again and run left as quick as you can. The arrow should break the passage free. Drop down and crawl to the bottom as everything explodes around you. At the bottom, don’t go to the exit, instead, climb up the ladder. Climb up to the very top of the level and there will be a heart block (extra life) there. Get and then run and jump all the way to the left and you will fall by the gem. Jump to it then set off the arrow to get back to the exit.

Level Seventeen: This level has fast rising water, so try to be quick. Collect all of the treasure up until you get to the exit. Swim over the door and go down and left into the wall. Once you have collected the gem swim back to the exit to finish the level.

Level Eighteen: Climb down the first ladder to collect all the treasures, then climb back up as the water rises. Continue to collect the stuff and you will eventually go up two sets of ladders. Keep going up and follow the level around. You’ll come to an opening that has three wooden ledges. Climb the big ladder up and collect all the treasure there. Keep heading left until you reach the wall. Jump into it to get the gem.

Level Nineteen: When you reach the arrows that trigger the boulders, you will see three arrows that will release the last treasure. Jump down after the first arrow and move up right. There’s an arrow that will release the gem.

Level Twenty: At the very end, jump over the exit and crawl left. You should drop into a small tunnel. Run left and you will reach a few small edges. Jump all the way to the top and turn right to get the gem. Then make your way back to the complete the level!

Well, that’s most of the gems in the game. I hope this guide helped you in some way. If you have any questions, please feel free to Neomail me.

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